January – A Month Out of Time

Wylde and Green...

January is a month stepped out of time.

In my tiny part of the Northern Hemisphere it can sometimes feel like the seasons are racing down hill, ever faster into and after one another. Whereas January is a pause.

You know in January the trees are bare, the earth is quiet, the sky is cold. There is no pace to the season, no momentum, it is just clean and cold and still. As refreshing as a long, cold drink. A deep breathe.

I often believe I do not like January, but it arrives, and I find that just isn’t true. I love its stillness, its cleanness, its reliability to be the same. It is not fickle like the months of Spring and Summer with their changeability and unbridled energy.

There is nowhere to hide in January. When the leaves are gone from the trees, you can see the  shape of…

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2019: Year of the Golden Circle

Heart Star

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Dear All,

Fresh into a new year in the western calendar, the brightest star in the sky, Sirius, is at its annual zenith ~ its highest point in the sky occurring at midnight on New Year’s Eve (which may be direct overhead or slightly angled, depending on where you are on the planet). The vibrational ‘flow’ from this star to Earth aligns strongly at this time (as well as during its mid-year peak during the Lion’s Gate period, calculated on the heliacal rise of Sirius from the Ancient Egyptian era and calendar).

We’re also coming into a ’12’ year (2019 = 2+0+1+9 = 12) vibrationally, and 12 represents the ‘circle of life’…expressing through western astrology as the circle of 12 zodiac signs, in Chinese astrology the 12 year cycle, the 12 months of the solar year, 12 lunar months of a lunar year, with a day being 2×12(24 hours). The…

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