Rosemary ‘to remember’ Infused Oil

Wylde and Green

Rosemary is one of my favorite herbs, and it has a lore stretching back to the ancients, so maybe it is fitting, that more than any other this is the herb of ‘remembrance’.

It is such an attractive plant, with long, slender limbs of the darkest green, and delicate, pale blue flowers that the bees absolutely adore. If anyone has a large rosemary bush in their garden, you will know well the smell on a hot summers day, as it releases its essential oils into the air – it is truly magical. It is what I imagine ancient Rome smelled like, I am not sure why!


Rosemary has always been used when events needed special remembering and so it is associated with birth, weddings and deaths. Guests at weddings could be greeted with a branch of rosemary and the famous herbalist Grieve talked of it being weaved into bridal bouquets…

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Birding and Chasing Here and There…


This is a down period between my 50/50/50 trips which will not resume until I head off to some of the prairie states in September.  While not as goal oriented as in previous years, I have been filling in some Washington species not yet seen in 2019 and also chasing some special birds hoping to add to year or life lists for either Washington or the ABA area.  There have been some disappointments and some very happy successes.

On June 23rd, I had a chance to add Heerman’s Gull to my 2019 lists visiting the fishing pier in hometown Edmonds where they visit each summer.  Bonus photos were of a pair of Marbled Murrelets, one with a small fish in bill.  Not really a chase – just some nice birds.

Heerman’s Gull

Heerman's GullMarbled Murrelet

Marbled Murrelet with Fish2

Two days later there was a chase.  Cindy and I went over to Sequim to…

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Alle Antennen auf Empfang stellen – Teil II

Im Leben unterwegs

Eine Leserin schrieb mir, dass sie sogar zu müde sei, um in die Natur zu gehen. Ich selbst möchte das noch erweitern. Ich hatte in den letzten Tagen regelrecht keine Lust, mich zog es einfach nicht hinaus. Und das will schon was heißen 😉

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Trees Provide 5D Activations Of Our Sacred Humanity

SoulFullHeart Healing

By Jelelle Awen

I’ve spent so much glorious time connecting with nature and Gaia in the last few months, filling back up again after the long winter months spent indoors. The big, ‘ancient’ (at least to our 3D timeline, up to 1,000 years old) trees have been huge teachers for me. With each one that I’ve touched, as my flesh meets their bark, whether clear or moss covered…I feel a reunion and a remembrance. 3D filters these magical BEings as ‘just trees’ and I’ve watched as so many people stopped to ‘take a selfie’ with them yet never extended their palms to actually take in their energy or wrapped around them to get a wonderful tree hug.

As I was communicating in light language with my palms facing flat on the bark of a particular chatty Douglas Fir in a popular grove here on Vancouver Island, I could feel people…

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Summer Bubble & Squeak

Wylde and Green

I love to find recipes that use what I have growing seasonally in the garden, and at the moment I have a crop of potatoes, kale, fresh herbs and a few peas and beans. My peas and beans have not done well this year at all, and seem to have been a target for every slug and snail in my garden. My herbs have also had a bit of munching from my rabbit who escaped his run…he was absolutely delighted when I found him knee deep in basil, parsley and coriander, he gave the chives a miss.

This is a wonderfully versatile recipe, based on a bubble and squeak, and you can mix and match some of ingredients as below…you can also play around with the quantities, which is great if you have an unreliable crop like me.


  • 500g potatoes
  • 250g cabbage/kale/spring greens etc
  • 3 Spring onions
  • a giant…

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SIRIUS MAP, July Energy update, LIONS GATE Preparation

New Earth Unity Foundation

It feels like a lifetime from last year July and August Energy activation and movements. At the time I was on Vancouver Island and on a same day 7.7, Sirius Energy began showing visions and maps of New Earth. The link below will take you to the download and pot made at the time.
This Galactic year feels something completely different, for a change, Serena has been more inward, silent and deeper into breathe of one. Aloneness as One, has been a theme of 2019, especially after her vessel was moved to Bali in March, a new inner cycle has began. It is about two weeks from her return to Brighton and England. It was a huge clearing individually and collectively in her three days in Singapore/ 17-21 June, it felt like blood infusion within body of…

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