Unity in the Eclipse Weekend | Sandra Walter – Ascension Path


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Blessings Beloveds ~

I AM still in my retreat passage, honoring this sacred time when new timelines and intel on the year’s possibilities unfold. Quite a lot to share when I return January 20. Kindwhile, it is a blessing to be mostly offline and in service with the Gates.

Source: Unity in the Eclipse Weekend | Sandra Walter – Ascension Path

One Affects All ~ Theresa Crabtree, Energy Healer, Paranormal Expert

One Affects All

One affects all, when one person has a thought, it becomes an energetic field that floats outward. Higher frequency thoughtforms, such as love and gratitude, simply pass through dense masses.

Source: One Affects All ~ Theresa Crabtree, Energy Healer, Paranormal Expert

A Sense of Oneness Leads to Greater Life Satisfaction, Research Shows | Galactic Connection

A Sense of Oneness Leads to Greater Life Satisfaction, Research Shows


July 25th, 2019

By Nikki Harper

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

As humans have become more ecologically and environmentally aware over the last century or so, we’ve come to understand that a small change in any particular ecosystem can have important – and unexpected – consequences for another.

Source: A Sense of Oneness Leads to Greater Life Satisfaction, Research Shows | Galactic Connection

Current Energies of Intervention of the One | Ascension Energies

Jennifer Templeman. – We have crossed great thresholds within the progressions of the Arrival. The Arrival being the sequenced field adaptations occurring to birth forward Light Orders in to a material reality of a New density model to reflect the combined attributes of soul spirit light fields.

Source: Current Energies of Intervention of the One | Ascension Energies

How Love Dissolves Borders: The Story of a North Korean Defector

How Love Dissolves Borders: The Story of a North Korean Defector

By Ashleigh Wilson on Thursday February 28th, 2019

Image: Unknown

Transcending Fear and Hate

Can we live with peace and love in our hearts no matter what? Hyeonseo Lee’s powerful story is proof that no matter the hardships that may be thrown our way, it is always possible to awaken to the light within ourselves and the world.

Source: How Love Dissolves Borders: The Story of a North Korean Defector

Spiritual Inspiration from Albert Einstein

Spiritual Inspiration from Albert Einstein

By UPLIFT on Sunday February 10th, 2019

The spiritual wisdom of Albert Einstein

Pondering the Unknown with the World’s Most Famous Scientist

Though he was the most famous scientist of his time, Albert Einstein knew we could never fully understand the workings of the world within the limitations of the human mind. Experiencing the universe as a harmonious whole, he encouraged the use of intuition to solve problems, marvelled at the mystery of God in nature,

Source: Spiritual Inspiration from Albert Einstein

Our Immaculate Home Coming – The Path To The One | Openhand

Our Immaculate Home Coming – The Path To The One

Submitted by Open on Mon, 02/18/2019 – 07:12

You and I are continually blessed with an incredible opportunity. Everything we ever yearned for, wanted, desired or needed is answered by the hallowed space of The One, right at the core of us,

Source: Our Immaculate Home Coming – The Path To The One | Openhand

Angel Message For The Week #51 – In5D

Angel Message For The Week

by Elise Cantrell,
Contributing Writer, In5D.com

You are in God and God is in you. Just as the body keeps the heart alive and the heart keeps alive the body. You are an inseparable part of the ONE. It is a new era where you begin to see yourself in all things,

Source: Angel Message For The Week #51 – In5D : In5D

The Power of One: You Are Me and I Am You

The Power of One: You Are Me and I Am You

The Power of One: You Are Me and I Am You

One of the more amazing and beautiful aspects of the internet is that it is becoming the most powerful tool ever to spread ideas instantaneously worldwide, including a growing sense of one world consciousness and our oneness with all life.

Source: The Power of One: You Are Me and I Am You

Polarity Will Bring You Together ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council | Blue Dragon Journal

Courtesy of Blue Dragon Journal

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are expecting a gigantic movement towards the unity consciousness that we have been telling you about, and we expect it to occur because of how polarized you have been,  Please continue reading

Source: Polarity Will Bring You Together ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council | Blue Dragon Journal

Angel Message For The Week #47 – In5D : In5D

Courtesy of in5d

by Elise Cantrell,

Contributing Writer, In5D.com

When you move beyond your small yourself into your grandest self, the whole Universe becomes your beloved. When you open to the ALL, you are embraced by all! God reaches out and caresses you through all of creation. The closer you move to God, it becomes clearer that you were always ONE. Take delight in all before you, and allow life to delight in you.  Please continue reading

Source: Angel Message For The Week #47 – In5D : In5D

The Council: Contribute Your Part – Era of Light

Courtesy of Era of Light

https://dreamweaver333.files.wordpress.com/2018/11/ascended-beings.jpgWe ask that each of you now contribute your part. Know that you are able to do this no matter where you are or what your own circumstance is. If you are able, reach out whenever you can and support… Please continue reading

Source: The Council: Contribute Your Part – Era of Light

Sophia’s Blog

Courtesy of Sophia’s Blog

And now this, from a decade ago…
(Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash)

“You have seen many links come from fear and judgment – it pervades your group consciousness at a very deep level.

This thinking of separate will not help you to reach the awareness and consciousness levels you are striving for.  Please continue reading

The idea of “us” and “them” is a falsehood.  You are one.

Source: Sophia’s Blog

What Can We Do to Help the Whales and the Planet?

Courtesy of InnnerSelf

Girl Hiking On The Planet Of The Flying Whales. Art credit: rui barros. Flickr.

by Nancy Windheart.

Many people are concerned about the whales… Good-hearted people feel helpless, and ask, “is there anything that we can do?” Please continue reading

Source: What Can We Do to Help the Whales and the Planet?

Arcturian Group Message 3/25/18

 Arcturian Group Message 3/25/18
 Courtesy of Oneness of All

imagesMARCH 25,2018

Greetings, dear ones. Once again we lovingly offer guidance in order to assist your evolutionary journey at this time of so much chaos and change. The evolutionary journey has no ending but simply continues to unfold into other dimensions as new levels of awareness are attained. Because every individual is an expression of an Infinite Reality, unfolding consciousness never reaches a completion point but rather will continue to express infinitely.

Divine Ideas simply are–they have no beginning and no ending and constitute the substance from which all things are formed because you cannot make something out of nothing. These Divine ideas (creator substance energy), are understood according to the attained level of consciousness of the observer.

Some religious traditions teach that the world is an illusion, but the world is not an illusion, Gaia is a pure spiritual universe peopled with sons of God. Rather, it is the un-awakened interpretations and creations of the human conditioned mind that constitute illusion.

Everything within the dense three dimensional belief system, much that you have come to know and believe as reality, represents only the very tiniest tip of a vast reality iceberg awaiting recognition. There will always be more, new, and exciting realities to explore. Allowing yourself to evolve beyond the third dimensional belief system is an exciting and never ending journey, one that you are only now beginning to understand as such.

Life is an ongoing adventure throughout all dimensions but those not yet able to comprehend this, continue holding to the illusions of material sense in the belief that spirituality is not real, irrelevant, boring, impractical, and not worth pursuing.

The common belief that “you have only one life to live” and must therefore go all out for whatever you think will satisfy your personal desires regardless of its ramifications for others, has caused many a person to live stuck in the energy of separation long after they were ready to move beyond it. Living from a false sense of reality beyond the point of readiness for more serves only to create and store the energy of life lessons that must eventually manifest (maybe another lifetime).

There is much to speak of, for the world is at the brink of many new and exciting revelations. The chaos of the world seems to be forcing mankind backward into the past, but in reality is forcing people to wake up to the fact that much (good and bad) of what they have always accepted as “just the way things are”, never had the power or reality they thought it did.

As more and more souls realize that there is only One Power, and that that Power is already present in its fullness within them, they lose that burning drive to seek some far off God through all sorts of useless tools and methods, rites and rituals. The awakened state of consciousness lives effortlessly, manifesting as the ability to rest quietly within regardless of outer appearances through the realization of One Power.

No longer is there a burning need to beseech, beg, seek, fear, and cry out to some concept of God made in man’s image and likeness. No longer do they ask; “How could God allow this?” and no longer is there the need to pray according to old concepts of prayer, but rather there is a continuous inner listening and dialog with the Divine Reality already present within.

Be not afraid dear ones, for each day the energy of the planet is moving into ever more Light energy and it cannot be stopped at this point regardless of how those resisting it may try. You are now witnessing this in the actions of the young and highly evolved souls taking stands for change. It is a powerful time even for those who have no idea or even interest in the ascension of Gaia and mankind.

You all chose to be here in these times and to assist in some way, never forget that. Many well along in their evolutionary journey often find themselves taking heat from different directions but this is much as the head of an arrow heats as it leads the arrow’s shaft. You are the wayshowers, the head of the arrow. Do not get discouraged, believing your efforts no matter how seemingly insignificant in some world view are not important. Every drop of Light you add to the whole is significant.

The three dimensional world belief is and always has been that things need fixing–physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You are now ready to live, move, and have your being in the realization that everything already IS because IT is all there IS. This realization is the energy of Light you are adding to the consensus consciousness and constitutes “Lightwork”. You may believe that you are doing nothing important, but your Light is the Light shifting the consciousness of the world.

We wish to speak to the topic of consciousness. Many still believe that the intellectual knowledge of some truth automatically brings about its expression in their experience and then to their disappointment and confusion they discover that the troubling issues of their lives do not improve or change in accordance with their expectations.

Problems usually increase in the beginning for new students of truth because the Light they are opening to is exposing long suppressed issues needing to be looked at. It also happens because these dear ones are now giving a lot of energy and attention to the very thing or things they had hoped to be rid of through their discovery of some truth.

The intellectual knowledge of some truth is only the beginning step towards it becoming one’s attained state of consciousness where it can and will then manifest outwardly in form. Your attained state of consciousness is substance from which the mind draws and manifests.

Consciousness governs how a person lives and expresses in all aspects of life in human form. Mind is simply the conduit to an individual’s state of consciousness. For example, when you first learned to drive you thought every step through and practiced them separately. This was the intellectual knowledge (mind level) of how to drive. With time and practice you no longer needed to think about the steps, they had become automatic–your state of consciousness.

Another good example is honesty. At this point, you give no thought as to whether or not you should be honest, because honesty is your consciousness but there are some who struggle with the concept of honesty because it is still a mental concept to them. They either give it no thought and do whatever they please, or argue with themselves as to “should I or shouldn’t I” . Honesty, which is a facet of oneness, has not yet become their living, breathing state of consciousness.

It is hard for individuals to be interested in let alone integrate ideas that “fly in the face” their belief system. Many who are spiritually ready but resist change must experience unpleasant but necessary events that will force them to at least open a bit to understanding that there exists a bigger picture than what they have accepted. Many on earth are now experiencing these life lessons. This is how evolution works until a person reaches that level where “wake up calls” are no longer necessary. Most of you are there now.

The third dimension will and can never be free of expressions of duality and separation because energies of duality and separation are what constitute the third dimension. In it there will always exist the pairs of opposites (duality) and the sense of of being smarter and better or less than all other living things (separation). It is useless to believe that the manifestations of duality and separation can disappear through the use of third dimensional tools.

War and human treaties can never and will never bring about peace as long as the substance of war (consciousness of separation) is still alive and well. Even wars against addiction, cancer, etc. simply serve to give these things more energy with which to manifest because you are creators. Trying to solve problems on the same level as the problem will never and can never work, it is a circle. Only the enlightened consciousness of individuals becoming the majority will dissolve “good and bad” appearances by starving them of their substance–the energy of belief.

Consciousness is NOT the mind. The mind is an avenue of awareness serving to reflect your attained state of consciousness. Think of consciousness as a massive, infinite body of all Reality and the mind as a door opening into this infinite body of all that is. Some as of yet have only a very small door with which to perceive, and thus their minds are only able see a small portion of what is real and they base their lives and beliefs on this “peek” at Reality.

Others have evolved for themselves a huge door that enables them to base their lives more fully in Reality. However, there are some who have no door at all, and who simply live and breath within Omnipresent Reality at all times. The fullness of their attained state of consciousness no longer depends upon the mind to translate for them, allowing them to simply be Source at all times. (The masters)

Life experiences serve to build each one’s door. At a point of readiness determined by the Higher Self, a person is drawn to open their door, usually just a crack in the beginning. No matter how large or small one’s door, the opening of it even a crack, will allow some Light flow out and into the mind where the mind can access it, birthing a new chapter in one’s evolutionary journey.

Everyone, no exceptions, has the wholeness of this living, breathing body of Source (God) fully present within them, but those not yet conscious of this truth are simply unable to access it. It is much like having a secret bank account that you know nothing about. The account may hold millions, but can do you no good until you know about and can access it.

The ignorance inherent within the third dimensional belief system believes that the human mind is the ultimate source of wisdom and truth, not realizing that a mind conditioned by false concepts and beliefs can only access whatever is floating around within this impersonal belief system. Until one attains the ability to access the creative Source of all ideas ever present within them, they remain stuck in third dimensional concepts.

At some point everyone must create and open their door simply because it is reality and cannot be ignored out of existence. IT patiently and lovingly awaits each person’s recognition simply because IT IS , always has been, and has no need for anyone’s recognition in order to be what IT already IS…

However, individuals need the recognition of IT as the essence of their real Self–the one and only source of everything they have sought– completeness, wholeness, abundance, wisdom, l etc.

and especially love–the glue that holds it all together.

We are the Arcturian Group 3/25/18

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*Tired? Spacey? No Appetite? Pole Shift-Physical Symptoms *Ascension *Detox | Blue Dragon Journal

Courtesy of Blue Dragon Journal

*Tired? Spacey?No Appetite? Pole Shift-Physical Symptoms*Ascension*Detox* Evolutionary Energy Arts Everything is Frequency and Vibration. Change in appetite? New food cravings? Need a nap? Feeling …Please continue reading

Source: *Tired? Spacey? No Appetite? Pole Shift-Physical Symptoms *Ascension *Detox | Blue Dragon Journal

A Message to Lightworkers – March 12, 2018 – Caroline Oceana Ryan

Courtesy of Ascension Times

You are that Light that creates whole galaxies

Greetings, Beautiful Being!

This week’s Message speaks to the huge amount of disinformation on the web now.

The Collective and our Spirit teams are encouraging us to tap into our inner Truth on what we allow into our vibration, and what we release as not empowering or positive for us.

It’s vital that we notice our body’s reactions — the body is beautifully tapped into our intuition, which is the voice of our higher self.

Many people use muscle testing for this. There’s a lot of information on that in books and online. Others use a pendulum, or just notice how their breathing or posture has changed in response to a certain idea, music, story, person, place, or image.

These messages are invaluable gifts from our higher selves to show us what builds up our vibration, and what brings it down.

We are at every moment coming closer to knowing and being the higher being we really are!

And — please join me tomorrow on The Empowered Lightworker — Tuesday, 11 AM Pacific / 2 PM Eastern at http://boldbravemedia.com as we’ll be speaking again with amazing psychic medium & soul historian Omena McGee.

Call in with a question about any area of your life — ghosts, deceased loved ones . . . soul contracts . . . past lives . . . faeries, Angels  . . .  a job, relationship, or home that is no longer right for you . . . relationships issues . . . what soul type you are.

The number to call in USA and Canada is 866 – 451-1451. 

Omena is an amazingly gifted psychic medium who can shed Light on your life issues. She has been an amazing, illuminating help to me and many others, and can be to you as well.

Much Love & Light,

PS  CORRECTION: The free replay of The Wealthy Lightworker video series starts again this Wednesday, March 14 for 72 hours.

Go here to sign up and get free access to 21 thought leaders’ teachings and channelings on manifesting Abundance!


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A Message to Lightworkers –
March 12, 2018


The latest guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elementals, Faery Elders, Angels, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, Bringers of the New Earth!

We see many of you facing new forms of confusion, as you work to know your Truth on levels you have not previously dealt with in this Earth life.

The confusion is in part due to the rampant disinformation now being disseminated on the internet, and in part due to large changes in how your brains and inner heart-mind function as you integrate with these powerfully rising energies.

Many are reading articles that state that Ascension comes down to a single “Event” that occurs in one day, or that it occurs suddenly with a blinding flash of solar light, or at a moment when Galactic ships appear in the sky, decloaking everywhere.

The dreams and etheric nighttime experiences you have are also confusing, as they greet you upon awakening in the morning with the strange feeling that something great has happened—something that is life- and time-altering, yet you cannot get a clear fix on what it is.

Or you read the nighttime dreams that display your inner fears, often relayed in metaphoric or allegoric form, as literal interpretations of events that are occurring or will soon.

We send with this Message an upliftment of energies, to release you from both fear and confusion—the oldest weapons in the push against human Ascension.

We have previously warned that the dinar/dong/Zimbabwe currency scam is a very dark web, both energetically and in terms of what it means for Lightworkers on the practical level, in part because those participating in that dark scheme will lose their claim to the NESARA funds that all peoples are otherwise entitled to.

We have also spoken of the very broad net thrown over many of the spiritual growth websites, social media postings, and other teachings.

As with much of organized religion, those writing for or running these media channels sometimes have only a tenuous connection to Ascension energies or their own higher self.

They have aligned their energies with darker interests that have promised these dear ones money, fame, or other ego-based inducements to pull them away from their path, and to direct their work to a place of lies, disinformation (or unintended misinformation), distortion, and transmission of energies that lower  Lightworkers’ vibrations to one of vibration fear, confusion, guilt, shame, and the feeling that they may be excluded from the Ascension process.

We can assure you, no one who intentionally seeks the Light, who aligns themselves with Divine Love and all it holds will ever be “excluded” from Ascension.

One need not call oneself a Lightworker, Starseed, spiritual seeker, Light Warrior, or any such term in order to reach the Ascended fifth dimensional state.

We wish to assure you as well that you are not alone in your confusion, wondering if you will Ascend or if your loved ones will.

Nor are you alone in occasionally falling for deliberate disinformation such as the currency scam, the belief in a one-day “event,” or in certain Earth changes being cataclysmic for millions . . .


Copyright 2018, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to the original post.

Thank you.

Arcturian Group Message 3/11/18 – Marilyn Raffaele

Courtesy of Oneness of All


MARCH 11,2018

Dear ones, we are here to assist you with knowledge and support as you travel the intensifying spiritual journey you are now on. The powerful energies of ascension now exposing what has been hidden for eons on all levels are causing even some enlightened ones to doubt, question, and occasionally re-align with un-truth.

Seek to rest always in your highest attained level of truth dear ones, for this then becomes your sword and shield, comfort and reality, which is what those still asleep unconsciously try to attain through actions of chaos and violence. The world in general does not yet realize that everything they seek is already present in its fullness within.

The world is going through an intense cleansing at this time, making it vital that you stay centered. Watch and listen to less news, which for the most part focuses on the negative. Seek out the few pure and honest news sources that are available. Perform ordinary quiet acts of love as these opportunities present themselves throughout your day, always remembering that everyone is a Divine being even if they are far from knowing it themselves.

You may be guided to some action or actions at this time but always know that playing an important role in the ascension process need not involve grand outer actions which are often just human concepts of how change must happen. Your consciousness of truth is the power of change, for the outer will always manifest whatever the predominant consciousness of the time is.

We wish to address the idea of non-conformance which can be as simple as a child’s bid for independence when he begins to experience individuality. We speak to the non-conformance of a deeper kind which happens when an evolving soul begins to awaken and experience a desire to reclaim their freedom and innate power which is where many of you are now.

Many are now being intuitively guided that it is time to stop indulging in the three dimensional game playing learned over the course of many lifetimes with regard to family, relationships, friends, spirituality, etc. During these lifetimes, whether rich or poor, one quickly understood that if he did not play the game according to some current set of rules, it would and often did bring about severe repercussions or even death.

Every soul holds the one and only Power within–it is your true identity and your birthright as an expression of Source. However, living life after life on earth under the rules of a third dimensional belief system, has caused almost everyone at some point to surrender their power and give it to those they erroneously believed had a right to it, or to those who through violence took it.

The result of this as been the creation of a conditioned state of consciousness still alive and well in impersonal universal consciousness. This state of consciousness manifests as game playing, lying, pretending to be something one is not, and falsity in all or select levels of life in the belief that this is necessary if one is to attain success or acceptance (desire for love).

Non-conformity is a facet of awakening and is the birth of integrity and true honesty. Personal non-conformance begins when one awakens into a more enlightened state of consciousness which brings new ways of seeing and knowing the truth about self and others. This new state of consciousness then begins to express as more informed and higher resonating words and actions within all aspects of daily living.

The energy and resulting false powers of the third dimension are beginning to dissolve into the nothingness that they really are because their substance (beliefs), that which holds them in place, is disappearing as more and more people awaken. Non-conformance is simply the act of knowing and living out from a higher sense of reality apart from commonly accepted but false concepts of an unenlightened society–“I am choosing to no longer play third dimensional games. ”

The decision to take action toward reclaiming one’s power can be and often is very frightening for a person used to living under the thumb of some other person, group or particular belief system. This is especially true for those who in one or more past lives have experienced dire consequences from resisting a commonly held belief. As a result, the energy of these experiences is frequently still alive and well in their cellular memory, causing them to hesitate and fear “rocking the boat” even when they desperately want to.

That is why in this time of intense awakening many of those ready and being urged to reclaim their power are experiencing confusion and fear for no apparent reason ( most have no idea of why they are experiencing these emotions). Old cellular memory is actively reminding them of what happens if they assert their independence and power. This is why it is so important to clear all remaining old programming which you yourself can easily do.

In your quiet time when there will be no interruptions, state your choice and intention to clear all old and no longer relevant energy from past and present life experiences, from physical inheritance, and from all vows taken and promises made. Invite your Higher Self and Guides to assist you in this meditation. ” In the presence of my Higher Self and my Guides, I choose…”

Talk to the cells of your physical body which have an intelligence. Tell them that it is time to release all old but still active third dimensional energy. Visualize Light flowing through your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual bodies, and chakras with the intention of clearing them of all old programing and energy regarding health, age, deterioration, fears, abundance, etc.–any and all false concepts previously held as truth. Intend that from now on they allow in only the high resonating energies of truth and Light.

Many will find that the very things they fear or suffer from escalate following this type of clearing meditation, but this means that they have succeeded in allowing these old energies to surface in order to be looked at, seen for what they are, and once and for all released.

Every awakened soul is being guided at this time to stand strong in their truth, be it taking issue with some concept alive and well within themselves, a personal circle of friends and family, or with regard to the many larger issues still alive and well in consensus consciousness.

Support everyone you see struggling to detach themselves from others’ expectations. Pat them on the back, encourage them, and give a thumbs up for their efforts no matter how small. It is often a huge task involving courage and effort for those who have lived past or present lives of submission to choose something even as simple as deciding to skip church or whatever they are expected to do.

As those who have always lived in bondage to the concepts of an unenlightened society begin to take a stand, they develop a sense of strength and worth, soon finding that the sky does not fall down when they follow their intuition and leave behind whatever it is they were led to believe was the only “right” way to act or believe.

The new Light energies of ascension now pouring to earth are serving to awaken a heretofore “sleeping giant” in many who are not yet able to understand what is going on. Those still enmeshed in third dimensional beliefs are only able to interpret what they are feeling through their as of yet unawakened state of consciousness causing them to express through violence, anger, and fear both inwardly and outwardly–ways that can be very inappropriate.

Everything going on in the world at this time is reflecting mankind’s awakening to personal empowerment, higher and better ways of living, and the need for change, all the while trying to make sense of everything with what they already know. Never be afraid to voice, act, and be a different person than you have been in the past, through fear of offending some person or group, even if you have been deeply involved in or committed to some particular belief system.

A well educated expert believed to have all the answers within some field of knowledge may well indeed have the answers according to available information, but the old system is fading away allowing a new and different world to emerge. As a higher dimensional world comes into being, many of those now famous for some field of expertise, will no longer reflect the fullness of information unless they are able to open themselves to new and higher levels of understanding.

People, places, and things will no longer carry the resonance of “power over” as in the past for the false energy of those forms will will cease being created through mankind’s awakening. Always trust your intuition for it is the tool that will guide you as you separate yourself from commonly accepted, but quickly becoming obsolete information, rules, ideas, beliefs, etc.

It is time for mankind to courageously come out from under the security umbrella of group concepts and beliefs in the realization that everything to be gained from “playing the games” is already fully present within, simply awaiting recognition and acceptance.

Fear not to make a personal stand for truth even if it is a silent inner stand when conditions do not warrant outer action. Trust your intuition always in these matters and it will guide you.

You are the midwives in a world experiencing the labor pains necessary to the birthing of a whole new world consciousness.

We are the Arcturian Group 3/11/18

Link to a powerful clearing mediation from the book; “Whatever arises Love that” by Matt Kahn


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If We’re Living in a Virtual Reality, Why Care About Anything? | Wake Up World


Courtesy of wake up world

November 15th, 2017

By Nanice Ellis

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

On the path of awakening, sooner or later, everyone reaches a milestone where they experience Oneness, and from this state, it’s common to realize that “nothing is real,”  Please continue reading



Source: If We’re Living in a Virtual Reality, Why Care About Anything? | Wake Up World

I am learning to love and care for whatever I meet on the path. – Pema Chödrön

Courtesy of InnerSelf


Sunday, March 4th, 2018

Focus for today: I am learning to love and care for whatever I meet on the path.

The power of patience is that it is the antidote to anger, a way to learn to love and care for whatever we meet on the path. By patience, we do not mean enduring – grin and bear it.

In any situation, instead of reacting suddenly, we could chew it, smell it, look at it, and open ourselves to seeing what’s there. The opposite of patience is aggression – the desire to jump and move, to push against our lives, to try to fill up space.

The journey of patience involves relaxing, opening to what’s happening, experiencing a sense of wonder.

Excerpted from the InnerSelf article:

Learning to be a Servant of Peace with Flexibility and Humor

Written by Pema Chödrön

Article continues here…

Arcturian Group Message 2/25/18 – Marilyn Raffaele

Courtesy of Oneness of All


FEBRUARY 25, 2018

We of the Arcturian Group honor you who have chosen to assist Gaia and her people during these times of change and awakening. Thanks to you, many are beginning to see for he first time which is adding more light to world consciousness.

Many young ones on earth at this time have incarnated for the sole purpose of assisting the ascension process through their Light and awareness. They carry with them no karma to balance, no lessons to learn, and no energy to awaken, but rather chose to incarnate out of love, for the sole purpose of assisting in the awakening of a world still held in, but ready to graduate beyond the third dimension.

Many of these evolved children and teens have been categorized as “problems” simply because they do not fit into the accepted third dimensional “belief box”. They are out of sync with many concepts and beliefs regarding body and mind simply because they do not resonate with that energy.

The commonly accepted use of prescription drugs to “cure” them has caused many of them to lose sight of why they came and who they are. Drugs must be used with great discretion and with the awareness that they effect the energy of an individual.

Please continue reading

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