Clearing from Other Timelines – Energetic Synthesis

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As a natural part of spiritual Ascension, we will connect into other timelines where the true historical record was erased from our conscious mind memories, but our higher consciousness body is surfacing the memory because it needs to be witnessed. Clearly, when the cellular memories in our body are ignited from the changing magnetic fields and stellar activations and we have no context for biological-spiritual Ascension that shifts our consciousness into other Timelines, this can be disorienting. When this does occur many people feel deeply confused and isolated. This is why the knowledge that this is occurring on the planet is not given to the people, to invalidate them and then hijack and control their Awakening process.

In order to spiritually heal, we have to understand what is happening to us and awaken to see the truth of what is behind the consciousness slavery of planet earth. Many people, especially Starseeds, have undergone repeated Consciousness Wiping attacks during sleep state or on interdimensional planes, in the attempt to scramble memories or remove them completely. Therefore it may be confusing for some that are experiencing the return of sections of consciousness memory or data streams from other timelines, when they are being told by others enmeshed in 3D that they are delusional. There are real dangers of psychotic break and mental fracture, in a person that is undergoing spiritual integration and awakening to perceive timelines without the proper context and tools.

We may sense other stations of identity and remember them as intense emotional experiences, such as connections with those we loved, trauma or death passages, group project scenarios or many other types of multidimensional reality sensations. As an example, more people that have been used in Secret Space Programs to operate higher technology will begin to remember what is happening to them in other timelines, despite having been aggressively mind wiped and chemically treated. When we process these experiences as memories that we are having from other timelines or lifetimes, as that memory content surfaces in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers it connects to the Trauma based energy blockages recorded there. That energy in the body has a memory record and specific signature that relays all kinds of information.

Thus, our body will start to remember that which was previously hidden in order to surface these memories for emotional processing and rebalancing, in order to clear out the trauma memories and pain blockages from these assorted timelines. If we comprehend this fact, then we can take control over our consciousness energies and choose to work with them, not allowing ourselves to be manipulated by our blind spots because we have no context. Many Starseeds are engaged in some form of clearing reversal patterns and Negative Forms from within parallel timelines, extracting out the artificial machinery or Alien Implants in order to prepare for the approaching consciousness freedom that is happening in their soul groups. Yet, working in the flow of the myriad of these forces can be very intense and difficult, while in a materially based world designed for imprisonment that does not support multidimensional awareness, spiritual awakening and planetary mission assignments. For that reason, many Starseeds feel in order to survive on Earth they must live a double life, and this can be isolating.

Alien Machinery and mind control implants designate reptilian ownership over the human race. The NAA slavery insignia that exists in the AI version of 3D reality timelines is collapsing, making it harder to maintain the prison planet architecture. These implants are extremely heavy in the astral plane and the NAA controlled timelines, where some humans are used in worker colonies. Removing and clearing these artifacts and implants can be imperative to moving beyond the 3D control matrix and the NAA. This will require some spiritual maturity in the comprehension of the real nature of reality and being willing to take Self-Ownership and develop the Self-Responsibility that is required to live as God-Sovereign-Free.

Memory Manipulation

Manipulation is another way recognizing that the NAs try to activate or use memories we have of past personal traumas to keep us in this fight/flight reaction so they can harvest our negative emotional energy. They may also try to imbed false memories in our hard drive. Those are implants and Holographic Inserts so that we have a traumatic response to things that really shouldn’t be triggering us at all. They also play on collective trauma that is in the planetary field memory. They try to trigger a mass reaction by activating a memory packet of Lemurian Holocaust or Atlantian Cataclysm and recently we can see the 911 Timelines and them trying to manipulate that fear and pain. Many times when we don’t remember this event such as the Lemurian Holocaust or Atlantian Cataclysm this can manipulate us because we’re not having conscious memory of those events so we don’t identify the source of the fear we’re feeling.

The cellular memory of an exploding planet can be elicited at the end of the Ascension Cycle without the masses knowing where their anxiety of cataclysm is really coming from. In the ego personality this game is being played in the nervous system broadcasting fear by promoting Service to Self and keeping that Survival Brain running the show in our lives. Until we’re able to clear the fear out which often means we need to address and clear out Trauma or abuse we are susceptible to these triggers from these memory packets in the timeline trigger events.

Service to Self Consciousness

Abbreviation – STS

At certain stages of newly developing consciousness, in order to promote the forward growth of the individual soul-spirit throughout many dimensionalized identities, the Service to Self and/or negative polarization is necessary and a natural part of the mechanics of creation when seeding a new race consciousness that is developing the species genetic record. (see Root Races)

At the development stage of the first three layers of the mind, the Three Layers of Ego, a third dimensional human being is purely Service to Self. The 3rd Chakra or Solar Plexus is the Conscious Mind matrix to which the spiritual being may learn how to manifest via the projection of lower thought substance in order to navigate in the material realms. This results in developing consciousness to learn how to individualize through the Ego/Personality to manifest individual experiences and experience a spectrum of emotional-sensory states. Many lower vibrations or Spectrum of Frequency that may include mental thoughts of anger or fear, may be helpful states in spiritual progression and consciousness development throughout the many life stream experiences.

However, what has happened on planet earth during this last dark cycle is not merely a Service to Self negative polarization of free will and chosen states of consciousness of the soul. Through Negative Aliens invasion of the planet earth through the genetic alteration of human and planetary DNA, installation of Alien Machinery to install frequency fences and NET, the NAA to implant humanity with Mind Control Alien Implants is a bio-warfare strategy to control the planet, humanity and the soul through directing Holographic Inserts which alter, modify and damage DNA. The negative agenda is to keep earth humans spiritually oppressed, unable to evolve beyond Service to Self, in so the masses can be easily controlled.

What has occurred to humanity is not a simple result of choices made to Service to Self. The NAA objective is an intended annihilation of the human species original DNA template, an obliteration from existence by erasing the historical records not only from the planet, but from this Universe.

(Source: ES Newsletter – Historical Timeline Trigger Events)

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“CLEAN IT UP” – The Power Path

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The main theme for January is “CLEAN IT UP”.


We have some very big energies coming in that you will not be able to take advantage of if you are bogged down in physical, emotional and energetic clutter, old intentions, unfinished business, anything you have put off or procrastinated and should have done “yesterday”, regrets, unexpressed communication, attachments to disappointments and unmanifested dreams, persisting bad habits, and we can go on and on as the list is very long.

You cannot bring in the new without making space by cleaning out the old. It is very simple. We spend lots of time making new lists and talking about what we want to accomplish in 2019 but there is no room for anything new unless we declutter the past. If you clean up the past, you will have many more options about what and how to bring in some new dreams and experiences. And we have tremendous opportunity to do so.

Here is an image. You have an old roof that has been fixed and layered with new material many, many times. Now it is time for a new roof again as this one does not serve you. It is cracked and leaking. You can patch or put on another layer of roofing making the roof very heavy and requiring you to use the same material. Or you can completely remove the existing roof and start over giving you many options of what materials to use. Although it will take more time and energy up front, it will be something better and much improved and certainly much lighter.

The container of your life is like your roof. You can either layer it with the same old beliefs, judgments, intentions and habits, or you clean up the clutter and start over. Cleaning up requires courage to let go, to complete and to tie up loose ends. It may require you to release some old hopes and dreams. We need to recapitulate our sentimentality and make sure it is not getting in the way of creating something new. There are many layers and aspects of cleaning up and each of us will have different percentages of each one to do.

The year starts off with a set of eclipses potentiating any focused work we do this month. There is a pressurized quality to the month that motivates us to clean under the rug and dig deep to see what we actually have, what we want to keep, and what we need to clean up. You can find yourself busy these days with the inspiration to get that new roof on but it is important to do this in a structured and organized way. Otherwise the chaos (yes, it follows us into 2019) will have you distracted and focused in unimportant areas.


Physical Clean Up

This one is easy as it is very clear where the clutter is. Look with fresh eyes at what you surround yourself with and have the courage to get rid of things even if they are “still useful” but you have not actually used them in a long time. Be generous in passing them along to someone who may actually use them.

Papers, files, old photos, stuff your kids made, things people have given you, clothing equipment, electronics etc. If they do not have an active place in your life today, release them. Another category is unfinished projects that may have seemed like a good idea at one time but ask yourself if you are really going to ever get back and finish them. The attachment to all of these physical things is usually of the ego as they represent something connected to our identity; a success, relationship, time in our life, experience or event, recognition, education etc.

The artisan role of the year is a master of destruction. Use this artisan talent wisely in dismantling your current container so you can recreate it to serve you better. Take one aspect or section at a time and drawer by drawer, you will gain momentum in your process of clean up. There will be many parts you will keep, but they will end up being organized differently. To support this, you can start by making some changes in your schedule to accommodate the clean-up process.


Emotional Clean Up

This is an area that is usually somewhat messy as it has to do mostly with relationships, karma, betrayal, unrequited love, what was said, what wasn’t said, and lots of unfinished business and loose end especially around endings. Emotional confusion falls into this category as well. This includes not trusting your intuition or sitting on the fence about something and either not going after what you feel is right or not cutting something loose that looks right but isn’t, because you are too cautious to take the leap.

Feelings can be confusing especially when it comes to karmic agreements around relationships. When do you known when something is finished? And how do you know when something is right? The truth is, if it does not feel right or good, it probably isn’t and it is time to change the relationship. Sometimes, relationships need to simply change and not be banned forever. This is a great opportunity to clean up old relationships, even if just from your end, as well as to complete necessary communication. If someone has passed on before you got to say what you wanted to say, you can always write a letter to them and then burn it as an offering to clean the emotional energy.

Forgiveness is a big part of the emotional clean up and goes a long way to neutralize what has been charged with negative emotions. Practice forgiveness when possible especially with yourself as most judgment ends up being focused back inward in some way. It is time to release the attachment we have to suffering and low self-esteem. It will not get us through the pearly gates. Bottom line is that anything that has an emotional charge to it can use some clean up.


Energetic Clean Up

What are you still carrying for others? Where are your energy leaks? (Join us for an hour-long webinar on Energy Leaks to identify and deal with them.  Monday, January 14 at 1PM MT)

The energetic clean up includes your belief systems and what you take on from others and how you allow the attention points and judgments of others to affect you energetically. This is often a subtle area to recognize but one that can profoundly affect you. Sometimes we do not know why we feel the way we do and what we feel makes no sense. This is probably due to an energy field that is cluttered with what is not yours.

This is an excellent month to learn how to differentiate between what is yours and what is not, and to set good boundaries.

On the other hand, when you hold your boundaries too close out of fear of losing control of your energy field, you are also not available for the power you could receive from all the greater sources of energy that support us, such as the elements, your essence, the energy of love, beauty, inspiration, wisdom, powerful times like the eclipses and moon cycles. Your allies, guides and spirit helpers and the ones that can connect you to those greater sources of energy. Cleaning up your energy and eliminating fear will open up communication and make room for these sources of greater power and energy.

(There is a great chakra clearing and reset process on this month’s support audio)


How the month shows up:



Focus on your own personal clean up and resist the temptation to clean up for others. There may be those that really do not want to see you cleaning up as their identity may be threatened if you do. This is where you will need to exercise good boundaries and be a bit ruthless and have the courage to put yourself first. And remember that you can only clean up your own back yard. You cannot do it for someone else.

We mentioned there is a new energy coming in. This is a higher vibration that can truly change everything if we make room for it. There is great resistance from the ego and personality as they don’t like change. Our minds cannot conceive of how something can be experienced differently until it is. So, take advantage of the month and shake it up a little. This may mean a bit of spontaneity or even shifting your schedule to accommodate something new. Sometimes it is easier to see what needs to be cleaned up when you are not caught in the loop of your old routine and habits.

Discipline and boundaries are good allies this month as it will take some focus and determination for the process of cleaning up. You can resist it, postpone it, wish someone else would do it for you, but ultimately it feels really good when you complete it, and you’ll wonder what took you so long. You have an opportunity to come out of this month with a 180-degree shift in your life; lighter, with more space to bring in what you truly want an inspiring future.



This could be tough month for those who are not in the habit of speaking their truth or have been putting up with relationships that are not appropriate. The clean-up is much about communication and either completing or entering relationships in a cleaner way. Some of you are better at this than others. If you have been of the fence about a commitment, this is the month where you need to get off that fence and decide. If there is a lot of emotional baggage related to past relationships, this is the month where you get to forgive and release and change your own relationship to your old wounds.

It is no use hiding your head in the sand on this one. The effects of the eclipses this month paired with the intensity of water and earth elements ensures that no one escapes having to upgrade the quality of their relationships by cleaning up what’s messy. Take some time and really recapitulate your relationships starting with the ones closest to you and then moving to the less important ones. You can always communicate virtually if you cannot do it in person. (texting is not advised in this process, to impersonal) Take responsibility for your part in anything that did not end well, start well or is presently not well. Tell the truth, accept the truth, act on the truth. Set stronger or looser boundaries where needed.

(there is a great exercise in support of relationship clean up on our monthly support audio)

On the positive side, the opportunity for new relationships can present itself once you have made some room by releasing your attachments to how old ones should have been or could have been.



This is a huge area of clean up and very necessary if we are to navigate the tendencies for addiction and self-destructive behaviors tempting us this year. Clean up your diet, clean up your resistance to doing what’s good for you, and clean up your excuses for not taking good care of yourself. Set up a routine that is not so ambitious that you will give up in the first week, but that sets up a new practice for self-care and personal improvement. You will need good boundaries and determination not to let other responsibilities get in the way. It is easy to put self-care on the back burner when there is so much to do and not enough time to get everything done.

Put yourself first.

As we clean up our act, some detox is possible so be prepared for the body to go through some form of clean out process. It would be best if you can help this process along by supporting a detox of the digestive system, the liver, kidneys, lymph, spleen and gall bladder. We also recommend acupuncture and massage work and anything that helps move energy in the body.



The main way you can support clean up in your business and partnerships is to eliminate physically what you no longer use like certain equipment and office supplies. You may also need to look at eliminating any employee or partner that is an energy leak and bring in help that will truly support you and the business.

Look over automatic payments that go out to things you may no longer need or have never used. Go through old files and eliminate and recycle. Review your business practices to see where the energy has gone, what has worked, what has not, and reset to reflect new goals. Most of all reflect on what your role is with your work. Does it need to change?

Think about a new inspired, expansive, creative energy coming in and shift what needs changing to prepare. It can be daunting and exciting at the same time. This month the focus is in preparation for this energy by cleaning up whatever needs it.



This is a year of Water and Earth as two powerful elements that will weigh in on the need for change and be supportive in the clearing and cleaning of the past as well as in anchoring something new. We can anticipate events that include one or both of these elements which are feminine in nature. Eclipses always trigger environmental movement supporting a window of change and we start the year off with a set this month.

As we focus on the element of water, think about your own relationship to water and the greater focus on cleaning up the water on our planet. Do what you can to eliminate any pollution of your local water ways and systems and honor water as a life giving as well as a destructive force.

The personal environment could always use a bit of clean up no matter how good you are at keeping up with your clutter. And some of you will have a huge job this month if you tend to save or have a hard time getting rid of things. The discipline this month will be to tend to your environment and resist the temptation to bring in new things before the old ones leave.



January 1-7: Put your patience belts on as you reboot yourself for the beginning of the year. The “to do” list may seem overwhelming but you can pace yourself. Part of the overwhelm comes from a deep inner need and motivation to get in gear and clean it up. But timing is important and the more present and sensitive and flexible you can be right now the better the results.

Watch for resistance especially regarding any self-help and self-care practices. Make room for them and be disciplined about doing them. As we embrace the first eclipse of the year on the New Moon, it is a good week to start your clean up with small projects. It is also wise to contemplate your old intention lists and release them whether you manifested them or not. Anything you can do to start over and start clean this week will set you up well for the rest of the month.


January 5: New Moon is Saturday, January 5 at 6:28PM Mountain Standard Time (MST). This New Moon comes with the first eclipse of the year, a partial solar one, initiating a time frame of a couple of week of intense inspiration to “clean it up”. Especially supported during this time is working with relationships and any emotional content. Your relationship to yourself as well as your relationship to others is included in this focus. Heal old wounds, forgive the past, clear up communication and set some boundaries against unwanted attention and energy. If you have not already contemplated your goals, releasing past ones and creating new ones, this would be a good time to do it.


(The Power Path is hosting a special New Year’s New Moon ceremony for members of the Society of Shamanic Practice (SSP) on Saturday, January 5 at 12 noon MT. If you are a member you have received call in info. If you are not but wish to be, go to the website and sign up)


January 8-15: We are in the window between the 2 eclipses and motivated to persevere in our goals of clearing, cleaning and boundaries. It is important however not to lose sight of what feeds us physically, emotionally and spiritually. Don’t get too myopic in the discipline of what needs to get done or you won’t see the forest for the trees. Yes, it is a time of hard work but it is also a time where you need inspiration, beauty and creativity to fill up the space you create with your clean up. Balance is the key.

You will come across intensity, drama, projection and resistance to the changes you are trying to make. Keep your eye on the goal while having compassion for those who are having a harder time of it. Try not to get triggered by situations and events you cannot control but look to your own environment, relationships and attitudes, where you have control over how you react and what you choose. This could be a very productive time that can be even more productive if you learn to manage your energy through balance.


January 16-23: A good window for completions. It should be clear by now what needs cleaning up and part of that clean-up will include some completions, whether projects, relationships, karma, or anything else that you are done and complete with. It could include old habits, outdated beliefs or ways you use your energy that is not helpful. It is always powerful to mark completions with some kind of ritual or ceremony. Burn a photograph or make a toast or celebrate somehow as a marker to the event.

As we near the full moon on the 20th be aware that this moon comes with a total Lunar Eclipse and use the time frame to focus and honor your completions. It is also a good idea to contemplate and acknowledge the space created when something is complete and released. Be willing to sit and bask in the space a bit before filling it up. The chaos of the times will try and ooze its influence into that clear space. Set some boundaries to keep it clear until you are really clear about what you want to fill it with. There is no hurry. Allowing right timing is always more efficient.


January 20: Full moon with a total Lunar Eclipse is Sunday, January 20 at 10:16PM Mountain Standard Time (MST) More on the full moon/eclipse will be sent as a Power Path Update (sign up above at top)


January 24-31: We are settling into a rhythm of the balancing act that is a juggle between the forces that want to continue disruption and change, and the forces that want to consolidate and create containers and boundaries. We could experience a need to break out, expand and set upon an adventure of going into the unknown. Exciting and terrifying at the same time. We could also experience the fear based need to hunker down, hold on and anchor ourselves into any seemingly stable container no matter how old and outdated that structure is.

In this time frame, you will have an opportunity to experience both and the task is to balance both by initiating your own disruption and chaos and then creating your own boundaries and new container. In other words, if you don’t take the responsibility, something else will and you may not like the results. So, step up, clean up, reset, and be responsible for your own adventure, expansion and balance.

Happy New Year!

Have a wonderful month!



The Monthly support Mp3 has many useful exercises and guided visualizations and can be listened to and worked with more than once and even once a day if desired. It offers useful processes to help you with understanding and making the most of the energies of the month (link here)


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