Coherent Receivers – Energetic Synthesis

Spiritual Ascension is defined as consciousness expansion and includes the natural process of becoming increasingly energetically coherent, as well as integrated within our Lightbody systems. Increasing our energetic Coherence, increases our Coherent Receivers and coherent transmitters of intelligent light language. This is the natural process of restoring Energetic Balance to our consciousness, as we further our spiritual development. The human Lightbody is made up of refined filaments of etheric webbing that act as energetic receivers and transmitters of intelligent and conscious energy.

Source: Coherent Receivers – Energetic Synthesis

With Your LightBody, You have to Choose where to “put” Your Energy… | Ascension Energies

It’s nothing like “before”….

Lisa Brown – You all know me, I change words to a multi-dimensional (vibrational) understanding, instead of a linear one. This article I break down a bit more of “how” your LightBody (SoulBody/Photonic Light integrated into your form) works….. There’s so many “pieces and parts”… and every “piece” is a bit different based upon the current vibration/energy and circumstances….

Source: With Your LightBody, You have to Choose where to “put” Your Energy… | Ascension Energies

Photonic LightBody DNA Evolution

Photonic LightBody DNA Evolution

Affects Every ONE and Every Thing on our Planet Earth

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Aloha New Earth Light Family,

Our Earth (and everyone) has a LightBody (Merkaba), a Crystalline LightBody, a Photonic LightBody (vibrational and energetic networking and gridding Stargate system), as do you and all. It’s in our DNA….. all of ours… and it’s an imperative part of our natural evolution back into much higher states of consciousness here.

Angel Message For The Week #61 – In5D : In5D

Angel Message For The Week

by Elise Cantrell,
Contributing Writer,

Light workers, It’s written into your internal program that anytime you are psychically attacked by darker forces, it will always backfire and trigger you to bring more of yourselves, your power and your potency forward….

Source: Angel Message For The Week #61 – In5D : In5D

NEWSLETTER: This Week’s Updates: Are YOU Expanding YOUR Consciousness into LIVING Your Highest Aligned DREAMS?

Courtesy of Awakening To Remembering

Writing Your Own REALity as Light to Live Here
♥ This is YOUR Dream to LIVE – Literally ♥

Your LightBody gives you Abilities You did not have before
Then it’s “time” to Learn to Master all As Light Energy, while creating and building ALL NEW realities here.
As your Higher Consciousness Quantum DNA activates, it re-writes your realities… Literally. 

Aloha beautiful Star-Light BEing Family!

Deep within your Consciousness…. all of your Dreams exist…
Deep Within is Where WE all go, in order to activate and access this…
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NEWSLETTER: Powerful Cosmic Activity “Unleashed” – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Courtesy of Awakening To Remembering

We’ve Opened up with a BIG BANG!

  • Bio-Electric Circuitry System Upgrades & Re-Wiring
  • Lion’s Gate Special Soulogy Discussion Now Up on YouTube
  • Tomorrow: Wisdom of the Ancients Interview Encore Replay

Aloha beautiful Star-Light BEing Family!

The Eclipse started us off with a COSMIC BANG that went for 2 solid days! These accelerations are working through everything and re-wiring our bio-electrical circuitry systems each day since. Today was another Gateway opening…

Body flushes, heating up (SOULar/consciousness expansion), clearing deep programming in the body, just a small part of these huge upgrades that continue to work through everything on a Quantum Level. I saw many posts on many fainting/passing out/going unconscious to awaken/expand “fast”. This is how I did my early years, until I “learned” to slow everything down, to be very present and completely surrender to this very important process, with my whole body/being, until all was “complete”. Sometimes an hour, sometimes all day… each time different, so be patient and honor your body, as it “works hard” on a cellular/Quantum/multi-dimensional level for you. Meteor showers accelerated star particles activating in our bodies/under our skin, and  many other things, as crystals/our crystalline systems activate as well. 

While the whole body receives, these went straight for our gut. Vomiting was a common experience for many, as our bodies flooded with Cosmic RAYs (radiation), delivering a PUNCH for sure. I got whammied for several hours, posting for others who might not have been aware of what was going on.  Regardless of each’s LightBody phase, our Energetic Body becomes more prevalent as we all go.


Some notice their physical reality, others their physical body, some having a blast, in JOY and happy, noticing nothing at all, as our ability to connect on a cellular/DNA level occurs as we tune-in on an energetic level to all.

For those deep into gridwork, we tend to experience very differently than those externally focused or with a more carbon-based anatomy.  My early phases were beyond intense. (I’ll be sharing this in the new email series when it’s ready for all). ♥  Please continue reading