New Beginnings Guatemala | Support for Self-Healing by Edith Boyer-Telmer

by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
on July 16th we collectively experience the influence of a particularly strong Full Moon with partial eclipse in the positioning of 24 degrees and 4 minutes in the star sign of Capricorn.

Source: New Beginnings Guatemala | Support for Self-Healing by Edith Boyer-Telmer

How to Create Your Own Full Moon Ritual (With 5 Suggestions) | Wake Up World

July 12th, 2019

By Aletheia Luna

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Originally published at and reproduced here with permission.

Source: How to Create Your Own Full Moon Ritual (With 5 Suggestions) | Wake Up World

The Earth Plan: Sagittarius Full Moon ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 17 June 2019

Source: New Earth Central 

Tonight is Full Moon magic at 25° Sagittarius, located near the event horizon of the galactic center. With such a powerful galactic spotlight, the Sagittarian Full Moon highlights where we are not in integrity with Soul truth. Any internal conflict between ego personality and authentic Soul essence will become glaringly obvious.

Source: The Earth Plan: Sagittarius Full Moon ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 17 June 2019

Evenstar Creations

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Dear Radiant One, friend and co-creator,
may you be blessed with the connection to the Source within you,
to your peace, love and joy as you shine your light so bright.IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE READING THIS PLEASE READ HERE.
I am sure you have been going through it and no doubt still are, I was not able to do anything last week and my digestive system was really affected. But now as we come to the beautiful full moon it’s the awareness of all the new that is now coming through, due to all the old that we have been embracing in ourselves. I am getting so much information from the Elementals and understandings way deeper than before, mostly because I have been laid out and just simply Being. More on this below.

Source: Evenstar Creations

Full Moon Update 6-17-19 – The Power Path Moon is Monday, June 17 at 2:30AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

Take this day and focus forward on what your larger more expansive dreams may be. Optimism and a higher vibration is key to working with the energies available at this moon time. Creative thinking about how to restructure, reinvent, re-appropriate, recycle and adapt should be part of your focus during this time. Don’t look back unless in gratitude. Look forward, up and beyond limitations and get inspired with what could be instead of fretting about what isn’t.

This is a community rich time to be with others on the same page and the same vibration. Pick and choose carefully as you don’t want to put energy into relationships that only bring you down. It may be time to clean house. Above all else be positive around the opportunities you can create for yourself in the future.


Source: Full Moon Update 6-17-19 – The Power Path