Taurus 2019: Wesak, Shamballa & the New Group of World Servers. Sri Lanka. Fire of Notre Dame.

Taurus Keynote

“I see and when the Eye is opened, all is light.”
(Full Moon: May 18, 2019. 21.11 pm UT)

“The initiate sees the New Group of World Servers brought under the illuminating power of Taurus … the Hierarchy overshadows the New Group and just as the soul overshadows the personality of man … all the needed illumination and light upon all the coming problems [is] waiting to precipitate itself through the New Group of World Servers under the influence of Taurus, the nurturer of all illumination.”1

Source: Taurus 2019: Wesak, Shamballa & the New Group of World Servers. Sri Lanka. Fire of Notre Dame. – Esoteric Astrology: An extensive range of articles and essays, Monthly newsletters, articles, essays and videos on Esoteric Astrology and The Hidden History of Humanity.

Overlighted By the Great Central Sun: Astrology Forecast April 28th – May 4th 2019 | Wake Up World

https://dreamweaver333.files.wordpress.com/2019/04/astrology-forecast-lorna-bevan-fb1-350x208-2.jpgApril 28th, 2019

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

In May we are all over lighted by the high Taurean frequency. Taurus is literally plugged in to the enormous light of the seven hotly burning blue-white stars of the Pleiades – the Great Central Sun – acting as a channel or gateway to the source

Source: Overlighted By the Great Central Sun: Astrology Forecast April 28th – May 4th 2019 | Wake Up World

Esoteric Astrology: An extensive range of articles and essays, Monthly newsletters, articles, essays and videos on Esoteric Astrology and The Hidden History of Humanity.

Source: Aries#2, 2019: Easter. New Zealand’s Jacinda. Bach. Brexit. Attenborough. Goodall. Assange. Netanyahu. Apocalypse. – Esoteric Astrology: An extensive range of articles and essays, Monthly newsletters, articles, essays and videos on Esoteric Astrology and The Hidden History of Humanity.

Aries 2019: Blue Moon Equinox. – Esoteric Astrology

Aries 2019: Blue Moon Equinox. Shamballa. Germany. India. Catholic Church and George Pell. New Zealand Massacre.

Aries Keynote

“I come forth and from the plane of mind, I rule.”
(Full Moon: March 21, 2019. 1.43 am UT.)

Aries Blue Moon and Equinox 2019
Aries and Shamballa
Aries Nations: Germany and India
The Catholic Church and Sexual Abus

Source: Aries 2019: Blue Moon Equinox. Shamballa. Germany. India. Catholic Church and George Pell. New Zealand Massacre. – Esoteric Astrology: An extensive range of articles and essays, Monthly newsletters, articles, essays and videos on Esoteric Astrology and The Hidden History of Humanity.

Aquarius 2019: New Group of World Servers. British Labour Party. Arnold Toynbee. USA. Trump. – Esoteric Astrology

Aquarius 2019: New Group of World Servers. British Labour Party. Arnold Toynbee. USA. Trump.

Anointing of the Gods.

Aquarius Keynote
“Waters of Life Am I, Poured Forth for Thirsty Men.”
(Full Moon: January 21, 2019. 5.16 am UT.)

“Planetary influences are unusually potent in Aquarius during this world cycle because it is, in a peculiar way, a culminating sign for the majority of people … The bulk of the world initiates climax their experience in Aquarius and become liberated world servers. They turn their backs upon all further progress for themselves in this cycle and on all satisfaction of their own spiritual aspiration and become carriers of the water of life to humanity.”[1]

Source: Aquarius 2019: New Group of World Servers. British Labour Party. Arnold Toynbee. USA. Trump. – Esoteric Astrology: An extensive range of articles and essays, Monthly newsletters, articles, essays and videos on Esoteric Astrology and The Hidden History of Humanity.

Capricorn 2018: Solstice & Full Moon.

Courtesy of Esoteric Astrologer

Capricorn 2018: Solstice & Full Moon. Britain & Brexit. Gilets Jaunes – France. Capricorn Nations.

Capricorn Keynote
“Lost am I in light supernal and on that light I turn my back.”
(Full Moon: December 22, 2018. 5.48 pm UT.)

“Capricorn is … the sign in which is inaugurated a new cycle of effort, whether this effort is in connection with the individual man or with the initiate. Effort, strain, struggle, the fight with the forces native to the underworld, or the strenuous conditions entailed by the tests of discipleship or initiation—these are distinctive of experience in Capricorn.”[1]

Festivals of the Solstice and Capricorn Full Moon
Capricorn and the Forces of Materialism
Capricorn Nations. FranceGilets Jaunes
Capricorn Britain: Extraordinary Transits and Brexit  Please continue reading

Source: Capricorn 2018: Solstice & Full Moon. Britain & Brexit. Gilets Jaunes – France. Capricorn Nations. – Esoteric Astrology: An extensive range of articles and essays, Monthly newsletters, articles, essays and videos on Esoteric Astrology and The Hidden History of Humanity.

Scorpio 2018: The Arduous Path. Mars. Saint Paul. Jim Carrey. Dylan Thomas. – Esoteric Astrologer

Courtesy of Esoteric Astrologer – Phillip Lindsay

Scorpio 2018: The Arduous Path. Mars. Saint Paul. Jim Carrey. Dylan Thomas.

Eve Tempted by the Serpent (William Blake)
(The serpent is one of the symbols of Scorpio, the serpent of materiality or of wisdom, the serpent kundalini.)

Scorpio Keynote
“Warrior am I and from the battle I emerge triumphant.”
(Full Moon: October 24, 2018. 16:47 UT.)

Jupiter in Scorpio
Scorpio’s Arduous Path of Discipleship
Mars in the Horoscope
Scorpio Saint Paul
Jim Carrey: Scorpio Rising Mystic
Dylan Thomas: Scorpio Poet

Jupiter in Scorpio
As Jupiter is about to enter the sign of its rulership (Sagittarius), we may be reminded of its spectacular effect when it first entered Scorpio – whilst the sun was in Libra just over a year ago. Jupiter in Scorpio saw the exposure of many people like Harvey Weinstein, the start of the MeToo movement and the gradual moving forward of equality between the sexes. Jupiter’s entry at that time inspired two newsletters for the months of Libra and Scorpio 2017: Sex and Relationships, parts I & II. These missives are most comprehensive regarding these themes, esoterically considered.

Jupiter still has a few weeks to go before leaving Scorpio whilst the sun is in Scorpio, so still may have a few surprises in store! On November 8 Jupiter enters Sagittarius where it will stay for a year, more about that in the next newsletter for Sagittarius.

Scorpio’s Arduous Path of Discipleship
The approaching full moon horoscope of Scorpio 2018, contains a grand cross between Sun, Uranus and Moon, squared by the moon’s nodal axis in Leo-Aquarius. The horoscope set for universal time has Taurus rising with Moon-Uranus on the ascendant opposite Sun on the descendant. With the tension of this grand cross in fixed signs, the presence of Uranus in Taurus is a key factor that will help to bring about revolutionary changes in the world. As stated in the Taurus 2018 newsletter,

“The task of Uranus, hidden in the depths, is to awaken and evoke the intuitive response of Taurus to an ever-increasing light until such time that full illumination is achieved and also the development of the spiritual consciousness—substituting these higher soul aspects for the lower form reactions. It is interesting to note that in Scorpio, Uranus is exalted which gives indication of the success of the task which the Uranian forces undertook. Achievement is attained.”[1]

Scorpio Full Moon Horoscope 2018.

Hence, as in every full moon period, the polar opposites are emphasised, in this case Taurus-Scorpio. Taurus the “mother of illumination” opposite Scorpio the sign of darkness, of the hidden, of secrets or lost in the astral realm – that eventually finds a way back to the light. In the five stages of meditation, Scorpio is the fourth place:

“1. Leo—Concentration. 2. Virgo—Meditation. 3. Libra—Contemplation.
4. Scorpio—Illumination—The soul triumphs. Experience in Taurus consummated. Astral glamour dissipated. Soul light pours in. The Path of Discipleship. The Disciple. 5. Sagittarius—Inspiration.”[2]

Abode of Light (Nicholas Roerich)

Note that both Taurus and Scorpio are connected to illumination. Hence, Scorpio is a sign of initiation, generically ruling the second degree, a stage of unfoldment the majority of aspirants in the world today are striving toward – and which can take many lifetimes to achieve.

Uranus is the ruler of the incoming seventh ray of Ceremonial Order, Magic or Organisation, and as discussed in Libra-Scorpio 2017, also rules the sacral or sexual chakra – and concerns the “buried seed of mind”, waiting reorientation to the higher centres over many lives.

One of the “glamours” of the seventh ray is sex magic, an old practice from Atlantean days that is going through its recapit-ulation or revival today, as the Uranus-ruled Age of Aquarius approaches – and as the cycle of the seventh ray gains more traction. The combination of Uranus, the seventh ray and Taurus can create a powerful blend for sexual obsession in humanity as a whole, yet bringing the whole subject into a focus that liberates higher creativity.

Scorpio itself, is well known as a sign of obsession and infatuation. Obsession emanates from the astral nature, seated in the solar plexus and which, blended with lower mental energy or kama-manas, creates an adherence or clinging to the object/person in question. Here is the expression of the Taurus polarity, the theme of attachment that the Taurean Buddha expounded upon at length. The Scorpio purpose is to relinquish, release, destroy or “put paid to” those attachments. Hence Scorpio as a sign of death, ruled by Pluto – the regenerator and lord of the “underworld”, a metaphor for what is hidden in the human psyche.

This is why Scorpio’s (Sun or rising sign) are good healers – physically or psychologically; they work intensely upon themselves, earning the “healer heal thyself” qualification that facilitates healing in others. Their mere presence can evoke in others a “stirring in the depths” that leads to the emergence of a mental complex or emotional knot in need of healing. Hence, Scorpio is associated with exorcism, where one’s “demons” are metaphorically and psychologically exorcised – and literally, in some cases where there is obsession/possession by astral entities.

Saint Panteleimon the Healer. (Nicholas Roerich, 1931.)

As a man thinketh, so he is, like attracts like: The desire nature of Scorpio, its obsessive tendencies and the quality of thought-forms generated, attracts similar energy from the astral realm. Any individual upon the spiritual path even though well developed, can literally “open the door” to these energies, creating obsessive behaviour; or worse, allow entities to attach themselves or attempt to enter the astral body and possess it. These extreme cases are well known, but there are probably very few who have not experienced obsession or obsessiveness to some degree.

As one of the four fixed signs, Scorpio can suffer from idée fixe (“a persistent preoccupation or delusional idea that dominates a person’s mind”) – as in the recent case of a young Scorpio man, a client of the author who firmly believes that the Earth is flat – a “flat earther” as they are called.

He has an Aquarian sun square to a Mars-Pluto conjunction in Scorpio – and is one of thousands who have fallen prey to this big lie. Some observers speculate that this disinformation is part of the well documented CIA “psy-ops” – that organisation itself is Scorpio rising! It certainly represents an appalling dumbing-down that is occurring around the world.

Scorpio is also a sign where extreme fear may be experienced – paranoia, panic attack. This is the fear “head of the hydra” that the questing Hercules must overcome – one of the nine heads of the hissing dragon that resides in the foetid swamp of Lernea – an apt metaphor for the lower astral plane! This is the great battle and why an earlier passage referred to Humanity being ready to be the “World Disciple”.

Scorpio is one arm of the fixed cross, where the Lesson of Love is learnt by the trans-formation and purification of the astral nature. Desire is essentially the lower expression of love, and once transformed into selfless aspiration, leads to the Path of the Heart. It is upon the fixed cross that the first three initiations are taken and Scorpio is ultimately where the final control of the emotional nature is demonstrated – unequivocally, undeniably and incont-rovertibly!

This second initiation represents a high water mark in the voyage of the soul and its achievement is usually marked by a life of great striving and turmoil – especially for Scorpio rising, as the rising sign represents soul purpose. The second initiation also corresponds to the second ray of Love-Wisdom, and the heart centre that awakens at that stage.

However, Scorpio rising does not mean to say that individual will take the second degree in that life; it may be several lives before, on the way to that goal – or it could be beyond the second degree. The “world disciple” is ruled by Scorpio, just as at an earlier stage the “world aspirant” is ruled by Taurus. Aspiration leads to Discipleship. Desire in Taurus leads to the depths of Scorpionic experience:

“The secret of Taurus is revealed at the second initiation by the sudden removal or disappearance of world glamour in the blinding energy of light. This constitutes the final radiant activity which consummates the play of the Taurian force upon humanity during the long and cyclic journey to which man is committed. The individual enacts on a tiny scale what humanity—as a whole—will enact when it takes initiation in Taurus.”[3]

Hence the challenges of Scorpio, a sign of initiation and triumph – through the sacrifice of the lower nature, by overcoming the warring pairs of opposites. Mars as God of War is both the personality and soul ruler of Scorpio, whilst Pluto the Lord of Death and Destruction, is its co-ruler.

As a “non-sacred planet”, Mars indicates what is unredeemed, in conflict and inharmonious; it spurs to action and drives us forward. Mars can be blind desire but also brings about the recognition of that blindness through dramatically accentuating the pairs of opposites – love and hate, fear and courage, sex and celibacy or pride and humility.

The fixed will of Scorpio can often express as willfulness – where the power of a developed mind combined with the desire nature, result in wrong choices selfishly motivated – in spite of knowledge of the eternal spiritual verities. The rationalising faculty of the lower mind might seduce an individual to believe that those principles do not apply to them because they are “special” or “more evolved”. The return journey home is littered with the failures of many Scorpio incarnations! One of the major problems for the lower expression of Scorpio is manipulation in order to control others.

Mars in the Horoscope
Because Mars is both the exoteric and esoteric ruler of Scorpio, its position in the horoscope is of supreme importance regarding the soul purpose of a Scorpio rising. If Mars is placed in the ninth house, then the direction of the will may be in high academic achievement, the intense consciousness-expanding experience of long distance travel and contact with foreign cultures – or excelling in the field of philosophy and religion.

Through those activities, the ensuing expansion of the mental body creates a greater discipline, greater mental strength in overcoming the ancient and entrenched desire nature, so ingrained in Humanity since the days of Atlantis.

Indeed, the world in general is still primarily Atlantean in consciousness, but a smaller percentage have reached a stage of mental unfoldment that represents the acme of development for this Fifth Rootrace. As a group, probably in their millions, they hold the point of tension for the entire rootrace. If Scorpio co-ruler Pluto is considered, it has a most important role to play in mental destruction and reconstruction:

“It [Pluto] governs however the death or cessation of old ideas and emotions, and its influence is therefore largely cerebral and in that you have the clue to its late discovery [1930]. Mankind is only on the verge of becoming mental. Its effects are felt first in the mental body.”[4]

Orpheus with Harp Playing to Pluto in the Underworld. (Jan the Elder Brueghel.)

Again, through the mind’s increasing strength, a greater “grip” over the astral body is achieved. This is partially why Uranus, another “mental” planet, is exalted in Scorpio, representing the deeply occult nature of both operating together, whilst the astral nature is subordinated.

It is curious that Pluto’s effects are “felt first in the mental body” because it rules the base chakra wherein lies the coiled kundalini serpent. Again, similar to Uranus, with “the seed of mind” buried in the sacral chakra, so Pluto plays a similar role. Even Scorpio’s main ruler Mars, hitherto known as “emotional” or “physical”, has a mental dimension:

“Mars governs the senses which are five in number. These senses are the basis of all human knowledge where that which is tangible and objective is concerned or inferred. Mars, therefore, rules science and hence the reason in this present era for the fundamental but not permanent materiality of science—a materiality which is rapidly lessening as Mars nears the end of its present cycle of influence.

Already, the trend of modern science is shifting into the realm of the intangible and into the world of the non-material. Hence also the fact that the opposition to occultism is waning and its day of power approaching. These subtler senses will supersede the physical senses over which Mars has so long had a successful control, and hence again the growth in the world today of the psychic senses and the appearance on every hand of the subtler and more esoteric powers of clair-voyance and clair-audience.”[5]

The 10 petals of the solar plexus chakra reflect 10, the number of perfection and control of the astral body. Hence the relation of the 10th sign Capricorn and the exaltation of Mars in that sign.

If Scorpio rising types have Mars placed in hard square aspect to Neptune, then the battle is really on within the emotional body because these two planets are the rulers of the solar plexus. One can be “torn apart” in one’s desire nature. Neptune is the higher more refined nature that must win out over Mars’ more material expression. Neptune is a “sacred” planet, whilst Mars is a “non-sacred” planet – like our Earth, has not reached the full flower of its evolution.

The Mars rulership over the solar plexus chakra is particularly important because it is the major area of expression for the desire or astral body; likewise, Scorpio is a water sign, symbol of the emotional nature.

These two factors create a formidable combination of forces for any human being to control. Hence the reason why the undeveloped or not-quite-integrated Scorpio, or even the very well developed and advanced subject, has had a perennially suspect reputation through selfish appropriation of power, money, sex etc.

Scorpio Saint Paul
(See a commentary about St. Paul in another newsletter, the following is a slightly different context.)

Mars rules violence and is violent! Scorpio Saint Paul, who “took the kingdom of heaven by violence”, was transformed from the belligerent, bellicose and persecutory Saul, to a zealous proselytiser of Christ. The Inquisition is very much the province of lower Mars and Scorpio. As has been quoted often,

“Christianity exemplifies the death of the personality, with individual and not universal implications; love has been conspicuously lacking and the controlling colour of Christianity has indeed been red. It is not Christ’s expression but the Scorpio-Mars presentation of St. Paul. Mars has ruled Christianity because St. Paul misinterpreted the esoteric significances of the New Testament message and he misinterpreted because the truth—like all truths as they reach humanity—had to pass through the filter of his personality mind and brain;

… it was then unavoidably given a personal slant and twist and this is responsible for the sorry historical story of Christianity and the dire plight of the nations today—ostensibly Christian nations yet swept by hate, ruled by fear and at the same time by idealism, governed by a fanatical adherence to their national destiny as they interpret it and “out for blood” as the piling up of armaments discloses. All these are sixth ray characteristics, emphasised by Scorpio and conditioned by Mars which ever rules the path of the individual disciple, and today the world disciple, humanity as a whole, stands at the very portal of the Path.”[6]

The Conversion of Saul (Guido Reni, (c.1615-1620) Note the Martial themes of red attire and shield!

Here is a good example of how an advanced soul, who was a 2nd degree initiate, still had imperfections of personality that produced dire results. (The author makes this point in his assessment of Krishnamurti in The Initiations of Krishnamurti: An Astrological Biography.) Yet Paul went on to take the third degree as explained below. The Master DK further expands upon the themes of Paul and violence:

“Another rending of the veil, and one of relatively minor importance, took place when Saul of Tarsus saw the glory of the Lord and was changed into Paul the Apostle. His forward moving and potent directness and sincerity, pushing along “the road to Damascus,” forced him to penetrate through one of the separating veils.

The Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence and the violent take it by force. This force, working in Saul, drove him through the veil which prevented vision, and the rent thereby made brought him a new revelation. He was, we are told, completely blinded for three days, and this the esoteric records corroborate. [Three days = third initiation.]

This is a well-known correspondence to the three days in the tomb and one recognised by esotericists; [and Jonah’s three days in the belly of the whale.] it corresponds also to the penetration into the third heaven to which Paul testified later in his life. He realised the nature of the Law, as his later epistles demonstrate; he was brought to the feet of the Initiator through the effect of love, and thus he availed himself of the two earlier rents in the veil.”[7]

Here is “proof” that Paul took the exalted third degree initiation, the “Initiator” in this case being Sanat Kumara, the Lord of the World. “Two earlier rents in the veil” represent the first two initiations.

For leaders today working in the field of consciousness and who are of a Scorpionic persuasion, much responsibility lays in their hands – in not twisting the truth to serve selfish agendas; of not “seeing through a glass darkly” as Paul once lyrically stated. If those leaders are still finding their way out of the forest of illusion, then they will inevitably drag their followers into the same maze. (Paul managed to create a distortion that lasted for a 2,000 year cycle!) If modern leaders have certain fixed cultural ideas that are popular with less discriminating aspirants, then astral glamours will be perpetuated and passed on like a virus for a greater group “infection”.

Embracing political correctness does not necessarily mean that cultural trends are ultimately spiritually acceptable. The masses are not discriminating and their ideas should not be appropriated by spiritual leaders to bolster their own misguided choices. Yet, it is all “grist for the mill” and the rapidly changing consciousness of Humanity is experimenting with and balancing an inundation of ideas and philosophies; this was referred to in an earlier statement, “Mankind is only on the verge of becoming mental.”

Red and black, classic Scorpio colour combination!

Scorpio co-ruler Pluto rules over the “lesser burning ground” – of the solar plexus – and the Scorpio journey with Mars is strewn with thorns! This is why the red rose that surmounts a thorny stem is such a beautiful symbol of the prickly path trod to the awakening of a fiery red heart.

The giving of red roses as an expression of romantic love has a much more profound significance. The rose is central to Rosicrucianism and the Rosy Cross. The perfume that emanates from the rose is the sum of the sattvas (extracted essences) of many lives. Indeed, DK tells us, “The mystery of the second ray [of Love-Wisdom] is found to be hidden in the significance of the perfume of flowers.”[8]

This thorny path that leads from the solar plexus to the heart, can also be termed the ‘lesser burning ground’, ruled over by Pluto.

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