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Releasing Lifetime Wounds

February 9, 2019 Spiritual Awakening

Releasing Lifetime Wounds

by Adeana M. Slater,
Contributing writer,

It may be time for you to remove the rose-colored glasses to see things as they truly are. Once you do, your eyes may become blinded by the bright light of Truth. This light is getting brighter and brighter and all of those creepy crawlies that normally lurk in the darkness are making their debut.

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Are You Ignoring Your Inner Wound Via Cynicism Or Spiritual Bypass?

Courtesy of InnerSelfby Charles Eisenstein.

I am not some enlightened being trying to guide you on a journey he has already completed. That is an old model, partaking of a kind of spiritual hierarchy based on a linear conception of the evolution of consciousness. In the present transition, each of us is pioneering a unique part of the territory of Reunion. In keeping with that, I must offer you my doubt and conflict along with my insight.  Please continue reading

Source: Are You Ignoring Your Inner Wound Via Cynicism Or Spiritual Bypass?