Full Moon and Solstice Update December 2018 – The Power Path

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Dear Friends,

Solstice is Friday, December 21 at 3:22 PM MST
Full Moon is Saturday, December 22 at 10:48 AM MST

Solstices are always about a powerful shift from the old into something new. This one is no exception. They are important times to release the past and to gain some clarity and set some intentions for the future. As we are moving into a time where the element of earth is prevalent, this solstice offers an opportunity for grounding and anchoring this intentions with the help of Pacha Mama. On the other hand, the grounded quality can also bring up places of resistance, stubbornness and where you are still holding on to something past. Watch bones, teeth and joints during this time.

In addition to our usual recommendation to do some kind of ceremony or ritual, we also recommend the you make some kind of a change in your physical environment to honor the change of season and the power of the solstice. Get rid of something, move some furniture, bring in something new that better represents who you are. The solstice is also a time of renewal. What needs to be freshened up in your life?
For a ritual or ceremony, you can write down what you wish to release, burn or bury the writing, and then focus on your new intentions, writing down what is clear to you at this time.

As we are moving into a year of chaos fighting structure, how you use this time of the solstice (and the full moon on Saturday) will help you to get your ducks in a row in anticipation of the times. (For more on the influences of 2019 including chaos, earth and water, download Trends 2019)(link here)

The Solstice this year is followed closely by a Full Moon that honors the other influence of 2019, water. Water represents the emotions, fluidity, flexibility, and is a powerful agent of change. Earth and water will be working together in 2019 either harmoniously bringing fertility and balance into your life, or forcefully, creating change at inconvenient times. Use this Full Moon time in conjunction with the Solstice to check in with your intuition and emotional self to see the truth of what you need to let go of and the truth about what you truly wish to bring in to your life. It is a time where being around others of like mind and heart is helpful. As addictions will be a challenge in 2019, our sincere hope and wish for everyone is for a collective release of the addiction to suffering.

Another good way to use this Full Moon/Solstice time is to contemplate all the structures in your life, all the containers you have created to support you. Are they still in resonance with you? Or do they need some adjustment in order to give you some room to change? Don’t be afraid of a little chaos as you are moving things around both physically and emotionally. Do it in bits and pieces one step at a time and as long as you keep things moving, you will be fine.

Happy Solstice!



Written by Patricia Liles.  Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com


Sun in Capricorn ~ Moon in Cancer 0º

Sat. Dec. 22, 10:48 AM Mountain Standard Time

(Sat. Dec. 22, 5:48 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

One of the most powerful days of the year, Winter Solstice, finds the light of the Sun as far south as it can reach and where we move into the earth sign Capricorn.  We are joined this year by a Full Moon at 0º Cancer less than a day behind Solstice increasing the energetics of this extreme point in the year.  Saturn strong in its own sign, Capricorn, rides with the Sun so there is a valence of maturity and responsibility beaming down on the Moon in watery, feminine, Cancer ripe and full in her own sign of rulership.  Solstice of December 2017 also saw Saturn in near exact conjunction to the Sun, but we did not have the magical Moon to balance it as we do here.

The Moon in Cancer is ruler of this chart and she shines in her fullness bringing into play her powerful nurturing, supportive and protective nature.  The emotional quality of Cancer will be strong at Solstice/Full Moon.  Sensitivity, intuition and psychic awareness will be heightened.  Memories will surface.  You may find yourself highly impacted by your environment and those you are with ~ for better or worse, soaring or plunging.

Cancer rules the stomach and the breasts.  Food is central to our security and nourishment.  Here is the source of your domestic instincts for security, nesting and familial connection, as well as preservation of the past, your lineage and ancestors.

The Cancer/Capricorn polarity calls up the axis of family vs. career, mother vs. father, home vs. community, personal vs. social.  Being a cardinal sign makes it action oriented and also a polarity of leadership.  Cancer, as The Mother, is the most fertile of signs, and Capricorn, ruled by Saturn is the most structured of signs creating the foundations and institutions of our society that which protects and provides for the safety, growth and stability of the community.

Mercury is conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius exact on Solstice.  With such a powerful day, there is potential to shift our perceptual base, that blind spot we live from out of habit as we look to the horizon for what is possible to create.  A thought-provoking podcast, workshop or journey is just the spark that may set you off in a new direction.  Mercury/Jupiter is a combo to inspire you to speak your truth perhaps from a larger container.

Venus in Scorpio is traveling closely with Ceres both aspects of our feminine selves.  Venus is more inclined to aesthetics and the social and financial areas of life, while Ceres is similar to the Moon. She is related to early bonding, nourishment via the Earth, agriculture, and grains, as in Cere-al.  She also holds dominion over the midwife rituals of birth and death.  With powerful goddesses in Scorpio, we invite in mystery where deep psychological transformation is available.  Ceres/Venus (Scorpio) is opposite Juno (Taurus) through the end of the year increasing our desire for intimate relating and bringing our awareness to where we give away our power to others and why, and bringing our partnerships and relationships into close scrutiny.  Bringing positive energy will be the Grand Trine in water signs Sunday after Full Moon with Neptune, Ceres/Venus and the Moon – a brief, but welcome time of emotional ease and grace.

Chiron and Mars in late Pisces are in a stressful relationship both with Ceres/Venus and with the Sun/Moon polarity.  A tension arises with the Full Moon that signals where awareness and healing is needed.  Mars in a situation of conflict can bring up anger, competition and impatience, but here Mars will need to cultivate cooperation if he wants to move forward on his quest of coming into balance with the feminine.  By February, Chiron will re-enter Aries, ruled by Mars, for a seven-year stay where we will experience a deeper understanding of the wounding of the masculine and what will be necessary for its healing ~ a long recurrent theme as Chiron is triggered by various planets.

Whether you’re honoring this time as the longest day in the Southern Hemisphere or the longest night and the return of the light for the Northern Hemisphere, know that it contains the power and energy of Father Sky and Mother Earth in its fullest measure and direct that warmth, nourishment, support and life-giving guidance and generosity to your self, to those you gather in as family, and to all you meet in your village.

Our next cycle in January will be one of eclipse.


12/21 Solstice/Sun enters Capricorn 3:22 PM MST

12/22 Cancer Full Moon 0º49’ 10:48 AM MST


01/05 Capricorn New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse 15º 6:28 PM MST

01/20 Sun enters Aquarius 2:00 AM MST

01/20 Leo Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse/SuperMoon 0º51’ 10:15 PM MST

Written by Patricia Liles.  Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com


January Sets Stage for Powerful 2019 – Tips for January Energies

Courtesy of Selacia

We’re entering a significant year of big changes across the planet. In fact, the first week of January is setting the stage for what’s coming. Having a high-energy month now will light the fire catalyzing mega transformation across society and within individuals. Continue reading to learn what this means for you and the world-at-large.
January Sets Stage for Powerful 2019 - Tips for January Energies

January Planetary Energies

We have 2 powerful eclipses and a supermoon in January. First is a solar eclipse in Capricorn January 5-6. Take note Capricorns – this could be a very potent activator for you. One reason: 5 planets will be in Capricorn – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto. Regardless of your sign, eclipses tend to shake things up and bring surprises. So stay tuned. Second eclipse of January 20-21 is a lunar eclipse in Leo at the first supermoon of the year. We’ll still be processing the energy of this weekend’s eclipse when that second one occurs. Lots of energy with the lunar eclipse, too, as it happens at the first full moon of 2019 and is the first of 3 supermoons (January, February, March).

To work with these energies most effectively:

  1. make allowances for amplified feelings and sensitivities
  2. take note of how you feel about restructuring your life this year – what do you want to update, let go of, or energize
  3. consider how you can be more flexible and open to change
  4. be prepared for new people and opportunities becoming available
  5. do regular meditation and inner work to stay grounded and in your heart
  6. if issues arise regarding relationships or your life path in general, explore them in a deeper way and clear DNA-level patterns
  7. take moments to be still and contemplate the direction of your life so that you can make any course corrections in a timely way.

Working with Feelings

This month is like a preview of what the year will look like. There’s a heightened energy of change in the air. The momentum has picked up – meaning that our sense of time is morphing as well.

Pace yourself. Stay present. Intend now that this will be the year you get more in touch with how you feel, when you feel it. Feelings aren’t bad. However, when we don’t acknowledge them – especially the troublesome ones like anger – we can bring them into our everyday life in unproductive ways.

Honor how you feel, work internally with your feelings, and allow them to fuel your forward momentum. Example: you may feel angry about injustices. Honor that anger. Sit with it and allow it to transform into a positive catalyst for expressing your inner fire in the world. Some of the greatest revolutionaries have harnessed their anger in this way. Some of the most celebrated authors, filmmakers, artists, and business leaders have tapped their anger to teach the world important truths.

Predictions 2019

Learn more about working with 2019 events and energies in my “Predictions 2019” eBook out soon! If you are on my mailing list you’ll be first to know. I’ll be giving you a grounded spiritual view of what’s coming, how to work with societal and planetary energies, and a practical guide for living your best life throughout the year. This is the third year it’s been in eBook form, expanded beyond the main article I’ve done since the 1990s. Changing times necessitated a new format with expanded content.

New Beginnings

Each year, regardless of the planetary energies, we have opportunities for new beginnings. This is especially true this January. The energies catalyze and support new starts of all kinds. Get creative. Some opportunities may be off your radar. If something – or someone – shows up at your door, consider why. Be curious about the unexpected – and the expected – allowing your mind to see things differently.

Personal transformation is a moving target. There really is no “done.” When you keep this in mind, your journey becomes more joyful, productive, and manageable. You can relax more and let things unfold. Interestingly, as you do this, miracles you hadn’t even asked for can arise.

Miracles in 2019

I believe each of us can create miracles – and experience miracles – during these uncertain times. Out of the chaos, the unknowns, and the disarray, we can discover a new, more enlightened path forward. I envision us doing just that in 2019, reconnecting with the love and light naturally at our core.

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Facing Forwards: Astrology Forecast December 2–9, 2018 | Wake Up World


December 2nd, 2018

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On the wings of Mercury turning direct on Friday, Saturday’s New Moon at 15° Sagittarius is conjunct both expansive Jupiter and the Great Attractor — whose strapline is “on the wavelength of the creator’s voice.”  Please continue reading

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Venus And Mercury Move Into Scorpio – In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database


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Valuable Venus and big thinking Mercury move into Scorpio. Let us have a deep meaningful look at the truth of it all. Transformation is underway. Release the past and the past will release you. Call back all the unheard parts of yourself. Call back all the unlived dreams. It is time for a renewal and you want to start with all your available energy.  Please continue reading

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December 2018 Monthly Forecast – The Power Path

Courtesy of The Power Path

The main theme for December is “CHAOS”.

This is a month of transition and we chose CHAOS as the theme because that is what happens when you have many moving parts that are disconnected and have not yet found their place to land.  Please continue reading

Source: December 2018 Monthly Forecast – The Power Path

Moon Update 11-7-18 – The Power Path

Courtesy of The Power Path


New Moon is Wednesday, November 7 at 9:01 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST).

A deeply feminine moon providing an opportunity to anchor into your creative power and a good time to reflect on where you have given that power away. Do something for yourself that represents taking that power back in the areas of healing, nurturing and creativity. Set an intention during this new moon to follow your own inner feminine wisdom. Whether you are male or female, this is an important and powerful energy that provides deep intuition and a gateway to personal truth.

What do you believe about your power and inner feminine wisdom and ability to create? Is it true? Reflect on ways and times you have not trusted your intuition that has lead to some experiences more challenging than they needed to be. Ready for a download of TRUTH? Be willing to receive it.




Written by Patricia Liles.  Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com

New Moon in Scorpio Cycle

Sun and Moon in Scorpio ~ 15º

Wed. November 7, 9:01 AM Mountain Standard Time

(Wed. November 7, 4:01 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

So much change in this cycle! Loosen up cuz you’re gonna need your inner skateboarder to move and flow with grace on this month’s ride.  The Nodes are changing signs, Jupiter is moving into its own sign Sagittarius, Venus is reappearing as morning star, Mercury is moving retrograde for 3 weeks, Neptune turns direct after 5 months retrograde, and Mars finally moves out of Aquarius after 6 months instead of the usual 3 weeks in a sign ~ all while witnessing our resistances to change!  Astrology is so helpful in revealing the dilemmas and delight of having a physical existence and how seriously we take our dramas on our road to spiritual maturity.

So, as we unpack this, we see that the backbone of this New Moon in Scorpio chart is again a Grand Square, similar to last month’s Grand Square, but now in more action oriented signs instead of very fixed, unmoving signs.  As of November 7, the Nodes have changed signs after 18 months of teaching us about the issues of Leo/Aquarius, and now will point the way to our growth through the sign of Cancer, the nurturing sign of the mother and our feeling nature and help us release the past through the sign Capricorn, the father and holder of the ‘backbone’ of the structures of our society.  The Nodes and the opposition of Uranus and Venus/Ceres form the Grand Square.  Both Venus in Libra and Uranus in Aries are retrograding briefly into signs they previously inhabited to revisit any issues continuing to linger and still needing to be addressed in our relationships, self worth, our need for personal freedom and the raising of the frequency of our feminine expression on this planet.  This Grand Square continues and is equally as prominent at the coming Full Moon and only begins to fade in Early December as Venus moves on…..  Look to what’s irritating, blocking you, challenging your business as usual, squeezing you into action.

Like last month, we also have a very helpful, feeling-oriented Grand Trine in water signs offering the Grand Square the opportunity of resolution through the shared contact with the North Node (where we are stretching ourselves and experiencing growth pains).  The unexpected may be falling into place for you.  For all bids for power there is a price to pay.  You may be called on to leave your comfort zone to receive what is being offered to you.  This configuration (along with its long duration) suggests a number of you out there are literally popping open, but you can pretty much guarantee it’s because you have done magnificent preparation to get you where you are today.

In this Grand Trine we have the healing power of Chiron, the emotional wisdom and enthusiasm of Jupiter, along with the North Node’s encouragement to create a container both nourishing and supportive.  This Grand Trine further suggests that the receptive, feminine way of the water element, staying truthful to our hearts, speaking our truths, and forgiving the experiences we needed to experience in this lifetime (or any other lifetime) is the way out of the double bind of our protective shells, calcified beliefs and blind assumptions that we defend without thought.  I see an extraordinary gift bound to a crisis/opportunity.

The day after New Moon, Jupiter moves into its own sign, Sagittarius, where it hasn’t been for 12 years.  (Hmm, Saturn is in its own sign, Capricorn, Neptune in own sign, Pisces, Venus in her own sign, Libra – pure tones, well expressed).  Jupiter will bring all the fire signs (Leo, Aries, Sag) optimism, generosity and the benefit of wisdom and trustworthiness.  Yes, we all will have to channel Jupiter’s expansiveness when it tends toward excess and overindulgence, but this is a situation we take on gratefully as Jupiter helps us lift our vision to the far horizon and dream the future big.

Beautiful Venus has just become visible in the predawn sky having completed her ancient journey through the underworld to now become the morning star.  She continues to retrograde into Libra until November 16 when she moves direct the same day Mercury moves retrograde in Sagittarius 13º.  Mercury remains retrograde until December 7 and is completely out of its shadow time on December 24th.  We have had the benefit of Mercury in Sagittarius since Oct 30 with its fresh positive attitude, bold vision, and desire for a deeper meaning for our existence. With retrograde, we are drawn to the internal spiritual journey, the inner trails of growth to renew our inspiration and fire up how we see ourselves, what we are called to do, our personal vision.



Sun in Sagittarius ~ Moon in Gemini 0º52’

Thurs., Nov 22, 10:40 PM Mountain Standard Time

(Friday, Nov 23, 5:40 AM Greenwich Mean Time)

The Sun makes its yearly shift into Sagittarius and hours later the Moon shifts into Gemini and opposition to the Sun.  At 0º Gemini the Moon is full and ripe with potential, a seed point.  This cycle comes into fullness with the energy of an inspired new beginning.  With Gemini/Sag we are able to consider not only information, detail and all mental input, but we are also able to hold the big picture vision we all need as we pass through this time of tremendous transformation.  So, now is the time to dream your dream and engage and perfect your ability to hold your vision of the future while taking care of the details of life.

The Sun is blessed with Jupiter so close by and Mercury tagging along all in Sagittarius.  Through Jupiter’s eyes everything seems bigger, brighter, more energized, more possible.  We’re eager for adventure, bringing in the new, moving forward, exploring new realms, and keeping our options open.  We are hopeful-a time to shoot our arrows to the far horizon and dream a new dream.  Just be aware of Jupiter’s tendency to get over zealous, excessive, distracted or dogmatic by the glorious vision that they see to the detriment of the here and now.  With Mars in a stressful square to the Sun and the Moon, we are primed for excessive behavior and over indulgence.

The Moon Full in Gemini is a time to shake up the mental realms:  the mind, your perceptions, how you think and speak, how you teach and learn, and why you believe what you believe.  Step outside your gerbil trail and learn something new to shake up your mental circuitry or explore another culture, people, or way of looking at the world.  Sag is the most broad minded and tolerant of signs and welcomes in the diversity of global consciousness.  Sag is always the seeker of truth and meaning in our earth-bound lives.

Mercury in Sag is ruler of the Full Moon chart and with Mercury retrograde from November 16 and riding under the influence of the Sun/Jupiter conjunction, it’s important to be mindful of what you say, how you say it, and the effect on others.  When you are on the receiving end of a stronger than necessary communication, you may need to step aside and let your breath (Gemini) guide you into a balanced response, otherwise that Mars square to the Sun and Moon may take you somewhere you DON’T want to go.  With Mercury squared by Neptune communications can go in unexpected directions, get confused, be misinterpreted, and non-verbal or unconscious communications can be just as strong as intended ones.  Neptune is especially strong as it is nearly at a standstill before is turns direct on Nov 24 at 13º Pisces after six months retrograde. Practice ‘right speech’ and don’t believe everything you think!

With the movement into Fire/Air signs (Sag/Gemini), it marks a swing away from the feminine and a move toward a more active, masculine influence from the planets.  Many less fixed signs are operating now and more mutable, change-oriented signs are present in this chart making it easier to make the changes we have felt we just couldn’t get off the ground in the recent past.

We are still under the long influence of the Grand Square and Grand Trine meeting at the North Node, our cutting edge as I wrote about above for New Moon.  We shall experience both in various measures without a doubt.  There is tremendous choice in this configuration along the lines of resistance/growth.

Full Moon is on the day of USA Thanksgiving holiday.

All Times are in Mountain Standard Time (MST)

11/22 Sun enters Sagittarius 2:01 AM MST

12/06 Mercury goes direct 27º Scorpio until 3/5/19

12/07 Sagittarius New Moon 15º 12:21 AM MST

12/21 Solstice~Sun enters Capricorn 3:22 PM MST

12/22 Cancer Full Moon 0º49’ 10:49 AM MST

01/05 Capricorn New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse 15º 6:28 PM MST

01/20 Sun enters Aquarius 12:59 AM MST

01/20 Leo Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse 0º51’ 10:15 PM MST


Written by Patricia Liles.  Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com