Patrice Thompson

Astrology November 20, 2011: Sun Squares Veiled Neptune

20 Sunday Nov 2011

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The Moon in “analytical” Virgo poises us to want to figure things out, or to simply look for the logic in everyday matters. However, it may be trickier to ascertain or collect all the facts today as the probing Scorpio Sun is making an exact square to evasive, foggy Neptune (3:42 pm EST), an aspect which tends to veil or skew our perceptions and, accordingly, can make us a bit more confused. Also, on the shadow side, we are more prone to deception from others – and from ourselves now.

Dreamy Neptune also rules the urge for escape or fantasy, so we may find it harder to comfortably settle down now into our daily routines.  One positive way to go with the Neptunian flow may be to immerse ourselves in more creative type projects, such as painting, photography, poetry, song-writing or dancing. Neptune is the planet that governs our imagination. Continue reading “Patrice Thompson”

Radio Ann

Radio Ann – The Council of Twelve – 20 November 2011

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This is the Council of Twelve. We are here to say hello. We are here to say that we are in touch with you even when you cannot feel us. Even on days when you feel disconnected and adrift. Even when your pain body is lit up like a Christmas tree. Even when you are upset and confused. We are always here with a guiding hand and a kind word, even if you cannot seem to locate us or our helping hand. We liken those times to a cloudy day. A cloud can obscure the sun, but the sun is still there, shining above. When the cloud clears away, you think the sun has “come out.” The sun is always out! It is only your own “cloudiness” that prevents you from basking in its rays. The job of light workers is to make each day sunny Continue reading “Radio Ann”

Marlene Swetlishoff

Hilarion’s Weekly Message 2011         

November 20-27, 2011

Beloved Ones,

This week will see you integrating and assimilating all the downloads you have received and still are, receiving. It is a time for quiet reflection and contemplation and is the time to be good to yourselves in simple ways. Contemplate the beauty around you and glory in each new day. You are alive, experiencing being in a beautiful human body which is a wonder of biological functionality. Through this wondrous vehicle, you can use your senses — the breath through smell, the touch through the sensory experience of your fingers, the sight through the most magical lenses of your eyes, the taste of the food that you partake and the sound of the voice of your Beloved or the birds in the trees.

You are now coming into a time of becoming more aware of other senses that were previously not as obvious to you. Although the majority of you have been experiencing many of these other senses such as precognition, telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience, these have been sporadic and in the realm of a miraculous occurrence for most of you that came as a flash and then was gone. These have served as an interior warning system to keep you safe as you walked upon this World. These senses and many more will now become a more common occurrence than ever before within each human and as this begins to take place within Humanity as a whole, it will create a totally new way of doing and being in your World. Continue reading “Marlene Swetlishoff”

Jennifer Hoffman

Monday, 15 August, 2011  (posted 18 November, 2011) 

What you set your intention for becomes what receives your attention. When you are energetically and emotionally aligned manifestation occurs within the parameters of your intention. But when you are not aligned with your intention, because your thoughts and beliefs have not yet been integrated to allow yourself to be at the energy of what you wish to manifest, there is no flow and the process is frustrating and disappointing. This is because your attention is displacing energy from your intention.

The power of intention is how you allow your divinity to be expressed through your humanity in ways that affirm your worth and confirm your ability to create your reality as you wish it to be. Continue reading “Jennifer Hoffman”

Mahala Gayle

The Beginning of a New Era

By Admin on behalf of Mahala, on November 18th, 2011

Where were you when the Stargate, or the Arcturian Corridor opened? I had a dream the morning of November 8, 2011 that a Stargate was going to be opened by the passing of the asteroid YU55. This asteroid was at the closest point to Earth at 3:38 pm November 8th. In my dream the Stargate was just like the one in the movie Stargate where the gate opened and the people walked through it and came out in a different reality. It’s my understanding that this gate will stay open until December 21, 2012. This means that a person can walk through it when they are ready, or they can stay on the lower dimension Earth if they so choose. On November 8th the moon was in opposition to Saturn, which was conjunct, the star Arcturus.

If you desire change in your life try changing your perception of life, and then see how your life changes. Sometimes it is hard to change a belief system that you have had since birth. Ideas that we considered right have been programmed into us since we were very young. Most of these beliefs are not real, they are just programming. Now we have reached the point where it is time to wake up to the fact that everything is just an illusion and it’s time to think outside of the box, and vibrate to the energy of freedom. Continue reading “Mahala Gayle”