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2013 SHIFT: The Physical Body and Becoming Light


What is happening right now with all the shifts?  

What you will be experiencing is a leap between the physical aspects of your being and that of becoming a true Being of Light, one who has a greater understanding and awareness of knowing and being in physical existence but of being more greatly aware of how you attract, connect to, and exist across other realms simply because you are and exist as such.  This is often the transition a soul makes upon death of the physical body, of having to come in to understanding of their existence beyond physical matter.

So how do we blend our physical existence with more Light? 

As you come in to the earth realm, a physical body is manifested – created – using the key elements of the earth.  Your physical body is very much tied to the earth realm, for without many of the elements here it could not exist for very long. Read more

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The Week

Angela-Peregoff-225x300This week Gaia taps into the ruling universal energies of manifestation and intentionally works with the vision she has for herself. Being part of her physiology means that we, too, begin a move in the direction of self-motivation, self-expansion, and conscious decision making. You are able to delight in the manifestation of what you want, not having to wait for it to show this holiday season gifted from someone else. I wholeheartedly encourage you to make benefit in all ways for yourSelf. It is a prosperous time if you are authentic and intentional. If not your shadow may take over and all manner of contentiousness will arise. You may give yourself away in co-dependant ways that are not actually helpful. You can get trapped in belief systems that benefit the ego, but not the spiritual You. It’s time for your desires and will to create what is in the wisest interest for you at this specific time. Empower your thoughts, feelings, and actions this week with choices that facilitate a harmonious universe opening to support your path rather than closing doors and limiting you. Read more

Bill Ballard

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I am experiencing more dimensional slides as the frequencies increase and old patterns and limitations are being released in my own consciousness. These dimensional slides used to be with much time betwee, years between when I was young, and now are occurring many times each day. Im sure others may also be experiencing these and I have written about them before. They are such wonderful experiences, but maybe rather scary to someone who does not know what is going on. Here is a link to an article I wrote earlier this year when they were happening about once a month… Presently Im having this experience several times each day. LOVE!





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Irma K. Sawyer

Cosmic Weather – Monthly Energetic Snapshot for December, 2012. ~

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Cosmic Weather – Monthly Energetic Snapshot for December, 2012. ~

Hello friends. Well we made it through the power portal month of November and here we are! December 2012, wow. We are definitely not the same beings we were a year ago, there’s little doubt about that.

As you are probably well aware, this is a *big* month in the cosmic sky with the 12:12/21 Stargate, Winter Solstice and Holiday Season. Me and the Keepers have had so much to stay about that topic, that it has its own blog post. :) You can read about that below right here and also in the “Blogs” section of this website.

12:12/21 Blog Post

Energetically, though this month is very powerful, it feels more quiet and more reflective (especially more towards Winter Solstice/Christmastime,) which is exactly what is indicated for that particular time of year.

We have been through many power portals and initiations this year, starting with the Venus Transit back in May and just moving forward from there. The month of November by far had the most *action* with the 11:11 and Solar and Lunar Eclipses. We will most likely be processing the energetic impacts from November well into the New Year.

Pondering the energetics of this month and the upcoming 12:12/21, the one thing that that really came through was the concept of Fear and its subsequent taming and ultimate eradication. Fear is one of the greatest illusions and distractions of Three Dimensional (3D) reality, along with separation. Many wise sources tell us that Fear, not hate is the opposite of Love. Love is akin to spiritual reality and “right view.” This is what is meant by “Perfect Love casts out Fear.” All of the trials and travails this year were shamanic tests of sorts in the areas of our deepest vulnerability and fears. Also to bring us closer to a Fifth Dimensional (5D) Unity consciousness, where all beings are seen as aspects of the ONE, and part of our spiritual family. The popular saying (and song by Ziggy Marley,) “Love is my religion,” is becoming much more than a catch phrase, and we the ones that make it so. Continue reading “Irma K. Sawyer”

Adrienne Goff

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December 2012: Elestial Quartz–The Multidimensional Switchboard

Smoky Elestial Enydro

We are just days away from the completion of the 144 Crystalline Grid, which is the “Merkaba of the Earthstar.”  According to James Tyberonn, the power date of 12-12-12 finalizes the full activation of the nine Master Atlantean Crystals that have been placed in dimensional lock, the Sun Discs that are the DNA blueprint for the new Earth, the crystalline fields, grid points, power-nodes, and vortexial portal sites.  What does that mean?  Essentially, several key vibrational elements around the globe are coming online to emit higher frequencies of light and to form a new and upgraded energetic network: the double penta dodecahedron grid with 144 facets.  This network is an intricate geometric pattern of light that is the foundation for accessing higher consciousness and dimensions.  It is the light body of planet Earth and is her vehicle for ascension.  So does the activation of the 144 grid mean that we’ll all wake up on that day and find that we are on a brand new planet that has no problems, duality, war, or struggle–a paradise reality where you can surf dimensions at will?  While anything is possible, Tyberonn is not predicting a mass ascension of humanity on that day. It is a graduation and upgrade of the Earth herself that will expand Earth’s dimensional reception from 3D to 12D and beyond.  I believe that what you experience on that day will depend on your personal light quotient. The Earth will be beaming a program of expansion and new possibilities, but it is our responsibility to move our energy, consciousness and light levels to a place where we are able to absorb and use these higher frequencies for our own personal ascension process.  It is a time of celebration, because with focused effort, we can learn to plug into this new grid system and begin a rapid acceleration of our spiritual growth.  And what better way to connect to the 144 Crystalline Grid than with crystals?  Read more

The Oracle Report

Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment


Monday, December 3, 2012

Disseminating Moon Phase

The long night of the Full Moon/Black Moon phase has ended and now it is time for the phoenix (us) to begin its rise from the ashes.  It certainly was quite an experience.  With this, the energy lifts quite a bit today.  Something is happening at the deepest level of our beings: an activation.  A new element is emerging within.  Our radiant codes (which comprise our energetic fields aka frequencies) are recombining.  This beautiful process is happening so that we can not only come into closer communication and alignment with the planet, Gaia-Sophia, but also to make us stronger.  During this Disseminating Moon phase we will begin to gain insight into ourselves and into our lives that helps us complete Sophia’s vision – to express our full potential and uniqueness.  Consider this: the divine being embodied as our planet was so enthralled with what we create that it pulled her out of her home in the Galactic Center.  The very least we can do is honor this by playing our part and expressing the potential inherent in our individual radiant codes.  You may not have any idea what this means for you personally, but that’s ok because we are still shifting formation and pursuing our individual spiritual vision quest until the very last day of the Third Quarter Moon phase.  Continue on with the journey today and facilitate the process by spending time outside.  We need the power of nature to restore us from the heaviness of this month’s energy which reached its apex at the Full Moon.  During Disseminating Moon phases, the mission is to pay close attention to what we hear.  This is the way spirit communicates during Disseminating.  I heard the birds (phoenixes) singing today.  What about you?

Sandra Walter

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Facing the Unknown at Zero Point

by Sandra Walter on November 28, 2012

I described how a vortex works in my eCourse last week; how the Earth is sandra walterpassing through the smallest part of the hourglass right now. We get the galactic squeeze for a few more months, with the big push on December 21.

Besides the chaotic affect it has on our schedule, it also provides a brilliant possibility which we have been waiting for a long time. A blink to the Milky Way, or 300,000 years for many of us.

This galactic squeeze creates a few unique experiences:

  • Diminishing Magnetosphere – different frequencies of light penetrate the planet and everything on and in her being
  • Dimensional overlap – aka thinning of the veils, aka Astral collapse, aka global warming
  • Rapid Evolution aka Jump time
  • Dimensional Shift – if you’re on a planet ascending her frequency to birth a different experience. And we are.

Ascension is the Evolutionary step unfolding on this planet

Everyone must eventually match the platform (frequency/dimension/experience) to which Gaia is shifting, or you can’t exist here. No judgement, it is what it is. This particular Shift holds a few magical elements, and for those who consciously choose to use this window of opportunity, the experience can be miraculous.

It’s time for no time: braving new Zero Point territory without a map

Zero Point is the underlying energetic of absolute interconnected stillness from which all experiences are born. It’s the glimmer of clarity when the mind stops creating a false reality. It’s the presence of all that is; infinite and neutral, awaiting a thought to create something from its boundless state of possibility. Read more