Lena Stevens and Pat Liles

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Dear Friends,

The New Moon is Tuesday, February 21 at 3:35 PM Mountain Standard Time. This new moon is a time to recharge. You will feel like resting, getting more sleep, taking all the movement down to a standstill. If you have been struggling with something that has you constricted and confused, this would be the time to let go, unweight your position and give it over to spirit so you can turn towards another, new and better direction. Continue reading “Lena Stevens and Pat Liles”

Inelia Benz

Acceleration of Ascension – 2012

The past two years have seen quantum jumps in the collective expansion of awareness (ascension), and the awakening of the masses.

Words such as Karma, chakras, manifestation, and all sorts of other words that are normally the vocabulary of those who are in a path of self discovery, are now used in society at large.

This year it accelerates a thousand fold. Continue reading “Inelia Benz”

The Oracle Report

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Balsamic Moon Phase

Today’s report is short and to the point:  the energy calls on us to be flexible, mobile, and fluid.  It is day to practice our skills of imagination and ability to go with the flow of the Universe.  We may feel that there are immovable or insurmountable obstacles in our way, but this isn’t really the case.  We just need to go around things instead of trying to move or change them.  Don’t get stuck on trying to make something that it isn’t.


Julie Miller


With Loving Kindness, EMBRACE All That You Are
Message from Ascended Master, Lady Nada
Channeled by: Julie Miller
February 20, 2012
Dear children as we begin, I wish to remind you that each of you are Rays of Unconditional Love and Light. And each of you is born with the potential to rise above anything that presents itself as a challenge. Within those challenges that you have faced and are facing still are many precious lessons that are crucial to your progression on the path of your journey back home to the heart of God. Continue reading “Julie Miller”

Montague Keen

February 19, 2012

My dear Veronica, as I told you this week, the Sword of Truth is cutting through all the corruption and exposing it. You received a copy of David Icke’s new book, REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE. This book covers everything you need to know, to help you to see and understand the prison you are living in and the methods used to keep you in this hypnotic prison that you had accepted as your lot in life. It is good to see many breaking free of it, finding their voice to say “NO MORE! We will no longer tolerate your domination.” The people of Europe will lead the way in this, quite soon. It will spread world wide. There is total support for this on this side of life, plus your extended family from other planets. Continue reading “Montague Keen”

The Oracle Report

Monday, February 20, 2012

Balsamic Moon Phase

Remember that we are are now working on honing our skill of going with the flow of the Universe (see Saturday and Sunday’s posts in the Archives for more information).  To do this, today, we need to get out of our own way.  Under this energy, the best sides of ourselves are able to come out if we come out.  The dominant undercurrent of the energy tempts us into feeling insecure or threatened in some way or by something that happens, prompting us to want to hide away.  But we are not here to hide our light and doing so will lead to missed opportunities today.  Each of us is a child of Creation, unique unto ourselves, with our own talents, abilities, shortcomings, ideas, and ways of doing things.  There is only one you – you are a custom design!  There is no longer any room in life for suffering or sacrifice, so hold your head high today and come out of your comfort zone.  Today is a day to bring forth and show the world our true selves. (Keep in mind that bullies flourish under this energy, but only when we give them more power than they deserve.)