Karen Doonan

I am Archangel Azriel and I come through our channel at this time to help those who have found themselves in the illusion of death. Many who incarnated on planet earth made the decision on incarnation that they would not live out the life experience for the full “assumed” years of a human BEing. Dear ones there is much pain around the leaving of a soul and yet the pain is unwarranted, the pain is to be moved through, it is not to be kept like a reminder or a trophy of the soul who leaves. Many are deeply engrossed in the pain and the trauma and even now find it hard to speak even the name of the loved one who has left. Illusion teaches deeply and consistently around human death and we are here to help you move through it.

Many have experienced the death of loved ones and then moved further into the grief of major “tragedies”, we note the outpouring of grief across the planet for souls who have no interaction with other souls, such is the depth of pain carried within the heart. The new energies dear ones are here to dissolve that which no longer serves and the illusion of death and dying is one such energy that is no longer supported. Continue reading “Karen Doonan”

The Oracle Report

Monday, November 14, 2011

Disseminating Moon Phase

Today is not the day to go out on a limb in any way.  If you “put yourself out there” you will likely be bombarded from many fronts and have to defend yourself.  So save your ideas for another day.  In the aftermath of the end of the Mayan Calendar, life is different.  Although we are no longer experiencing the acceleration of time and the compression of events, things are strange because everything is changing.  We are changing.  The Moon opposes Pluto today (which it does for one day each month).  When the Moon opposes Pluto, it also brings up emotions that are trying to prompt us to transform something about ourselves and our lives.  But this time around, it is causing us to fear venturing into the changes or fear being on our own. Arguments may ensue.  Let’s by-pass all of this today and not get mired in the fear.  Cancel out the feelings and thoughts by chalking them up to the nature of the energy.  Move through the day knowing that everything will manifest in the right time and that we are always cushioned by guides, insight, and wisdom.



10 Thursday Nov 2011

“Everything that lives, lives not alone, not for itself.” – William Blake (1757-1827)

 If I were told that there is not a real purpose to life, I would say, we are here to somehow add to the love and balance of the world. All of nature is solitary, yet interconnected; we weave a web that affects one another in perfect symmetry, even if our mind may tell us otherwise. If I but touch another person’s life through my actions or words, or add to the collective consciousness by my evolution, I have fulfilled my purpose, whether I am aware of it or not.

Copyright @2011 Excerpt from my forthcoming book: “Beyond Inspiration”     


Wes Annac

Wes Annac – Feeling the Energy Now!! (Be Happy!)

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 I am learning a very important lesson that is crucial for many of us to learn if we are to progress on our ascension pathways. For the past few days I have been in a bit of a strange place; not really knowing how to act or feel as I perceive what I feel are disappointments and stalls in our growth as a collective and as individuals. What I didn’t realize was that my opinion of the world and the way things are, is based solely on my own perceptions of this world. How I feel about my surroundings will naturally create the reality I am experiencing. I have known this on a mental level, but it takes truly feeling it to understand it more, and boy am I now feeling it!

Many who keep up with my writings have undoubtedly read my article on 11.11.11 disappointment, so they would know that I did not yet feel that date and all of the wonders I thought would follow. A dear soul gave me great guidance about this subject: mainly that 11.11.11 was never about Cities of Light or three days of darkness, rather it is and was about the universal torsion fields that are opening and that have come online to send our spirit complexes more and more increased Logos energy. Continue reading “Wes Annac”

Marilyn Raffaele


Dear ones, we know that you were expecting much to happen on the 11-11-11 day, and many of you are disappointed. However, we can assure you that much did happen. The energy of the new and higher is now more easily accessible to all and especially those choosing to be a part of the new world. Many of you are feeling the impact of this new energy as a tiredness, a buzzing, a new sense of the world around you. Spirit does not appear in the ways often expected by third dimensional consciousness, but appears in ways that are quiet and gentle and yet powerful and permanent.

Many who are open and receptive to it, are responding to the new energies through experiences; a sense of lifting, new inspiration, and a deeper awareness of universal love. Try not to interpret the activities of spirit from a material concept of what you think spirit should be or look like. Many of these concepts have been given you from your films and television shows and are simply untrue. For the most part, they are but a human interpretations of spirituality, based in unawareness.

Give permission for all that is finished to be released. Your job as awakening souls is to rest in truth, allow the process to unfold, and live out from your highest sense of love. Continue reading “Marilyn Raffaele”