The Oracle Report

Friday, February 24, 2012


New Moon Phase

The intensity and severity of events and circumstances that have transpired during this New Moon phase (since Tuesday) have surpassed my expectations.  You will recall that I discussed how we would be honing our skill of surrendering to the flow of the Universe.  There is a lot taking place to move things in different directions.  This is happening at such a high level that there is really no way we can reach out to it and influence it.  It is far beyond us.  (A prime factor for this is Neptune’s re-entry into Pisces [spirituality] and conjunction with the New Moon on Tuesday.)  All of this is still in play today, with the addition of energy that involves feelings of duty, the skill of discipline, and dedication to one’s values and principles.  We will keenly and sharply feel it if we are falling down or failing in one of these areas.  We may feel like we are just going around and around, repeating the same cycle.  There is potential for great suffering.  Amidst all of this, I am reminded of wisdom that my teacher gave me many years ago: we are saved by our rejections.  Don’t judge the outcome of anything right now.  Surrender to the course of events.  Strive to do better if today you find out that you really do know better.