Web of Love

Web of Love
Sacred Love Connects Us All

The Web of Love is an energetic web which connects the sacred essence of all beings in our world. In the deepest part of ourselves, there is in each of us a beautiful, divine essence which wants nothing more than to love and be loved. The Web of Love, though invisible to our eyes, interconnects all of us through that deepest essence. It literally surrounds and envelops our planet and all who live here. We are all interconnected through sacred love. It is up to each of us how much we choose to be aware of this connection.

We are all capable of giving and receiving limitless amounts of love. Many of us have forgotten this and ended up feeling alone or uncared for in our lives. The Web of Love reminds us of our true nature. It is a call to join together in sharing the abundance of sacred love that flows within and between us all through consciously connecting with the web.

Connecting with the Web of Love

Breathing the Web. Here is a simple, yet powerful way of connecting with the Web of Love through breath. Close your eyes for a minute and imagine a sparkling, colorful web connecting the deepest essence of all people in the world. You can place your hands over your heart or the center of your chest as you do this. Take a few deep breaths as you open to this beautiful image.

Now, while taking a slow, very deep inhale, silently say to yourself:
Your sacred love flows in to me.

Then slowly exhale fully while thinking and feeling:
My sacred love flows out to you.

Repeat this a few times while opening your heart to all the love present. Make sure to fill your lungs completely on the in breath and to exhale fully on breathing out. Breathing sacred love like this for just a minute or less can powerfully shift you into a more open and loving space. Try it now, and invite yourself to really let the love flow.

The “you” in these sacred love statements can be all people in our world, or any individual you choose. For some, it might be easier to start by imagining the one to whom you feel closest in your life. Breathe the web with that special someone in mind and let the love flow between you.

Then envision other people in your life and do the same. When you are ready, envision groups with which you are involved and eventually all people who share our world. This simple breathing exercise can be deeply meaningful in either a personal or a global context.

There may be times when you want to breathe the web, but can’t remember the words used above. “Love to me, love to you,” is all you need to feel the web as you breathe. You can create your own sayings, too, with words that are more meaningful to you. The most important element is your intention to connect with all people on this beautiful planet through the Web of Love.

Bringing the Web of Love into the World

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Ute Posegga-Rudel




It is time for all to understand, that the era of Separation in Consciousness is over. This Truth is not yet to everybody obvious though, but it will spread from now on like wildfire.
There are now enough human beings who realize unity so that all people will experience it more and more too, each one in their own heart which is in its essence also the One Heart of all. Continue reading “Ute Posegga-Rudel”



Source: http://www.wanttoknow.info

Life Purpose and Life Intentions
Ideas on How to Find Your
Life Purpose and Life Intentions
Finding and clarifying your life purpose and core life intentions can help you to move with greater focus and clarity every day of your life. Especially in these challenging times, setting clear intentions and developing and refining our life purpose can make it much easier to navigate stormy waters.

There are many ways to both find and develop your life purpose and intentions. Below are a number of useful resources to help you on this path of discovery. This information is provided to inspire you to be all that you can be and to lead an ever richer, fuller life.

A great way to start exploring your life purpose and intentions is to stop for a moment and ask yourself these two key questions:

What is most important to me in my life?

What are my deepest values and beliefs?

Give yourself time to explore these important questions and notice what touches and inspires you most deeply. Write down any answers or thoughts that come to you as you ponder these questions. Then use what you’ve written as a basis upon which to craft your life purpose and intentions. Consider also inviting divine guidance and your own inner wisdom to help you with this.

Below are some inspiring examples of life purpose, intentions, and mission statements. You can use one or more of these examples as a template or model for developing your own.





Though both can be valuable, there is a difference between life purpose and life intentions. Your life purpose is generally a single statement related to the overall reason that you feel you are here. What is the greater purpose behind your being alive? Why are you here in the world?

Life intentions are any number of profound statements about the way you want to live your life. How do you want to be and act in the world right now and in each moment?

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Atlantis Power Grid

Source: http://www.themystica.com

Atlantis Power Grid
13th Location Discovered!!

by Doug Yurchey

Atlantis was a continent in the Atlantic Ocean and connected to 12 other colonies that formed a perfect GRID around the Earth. We know this now because of the long-awaited, (by a handful of people) new discovery in Canada. Precisely where a map of Atlantis from 1974 predicted SOMETHING would be found, something HAS been found by Google Earth. Here are the coordinates of a Nazca-like (image) INDIAN seen from high in the air: 50 degrees 0’38.20″ N
110 degrees 6’48.32″ W.

Use Google Earth yourself to zoom down on the area and take your own photos! At the end of the article are more downloaded pictures of the Canadian terrain that appears as an INDIAN. After examining details of the image, the conclusions are obvious. The copper colored hills, like an Indian Head penny, were shaped and not natural formations. What is an Indian doing in Canada?


There are no pyramids, monoliths, stone circles, petroglyphs, mounds or ancient burials in Canada. But, there SHOULD be evidence of early Indians in the vast northern country. If Indians walked to the Americas from Asia over a land-bridge at the Bering Strait, why is there no trace of prehistoric ruins of any kind in Canada? This mystery is huge and ignored by archeologists and educators. The Indian-absence means their entire picture of the past is wrong and backwards! Thor Heyerdaul did not prove Indians arrived by boat. His better built, second attempt at proving an obsolete misconception sank with the Ra II.

The farther back we go in time, the MORE advanced technically (and mentally) were the Indian civilizations. We know this by ‘reading’ or studying the physical stonework, what ruins they left behind. The Anastasi, Hopi and Cahokia Mound-Builders were more advanced than the later Indians of the Old West. The Aztec Stone-Builders were more advanced than the great earth-movers, the Anastasi/Cahokians. The Maya were superior to the Aztec. The Toltec Age came before the Maya and they were greater than the Maya. Toltecs’ ancestors were the Inca; they built impossible stonework on top of the Andes Mountains! Incas farmed on mountaintops many thousands of years ago where no one can live today. The Pre-Inca constructed stonework ‘impossible’ by present-day standards. They had no hieroglyphs because of the unbelievable reason that the PRE-INCA HAD NO NEED for a written or spoken language! (psychic-society) The same can be said for the Pre-Egyptians an ocean away. They were the survivors of, yet another, superior and previous Age…the Age of Atlantis.

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From One World Rising

Keep your mind open…

Posted on August 7, 2012


Things are starting to get kind of squirrely in the world right now and it is hard to know what to  believe anymore, everything seems so backwards. The way to make it through these times is to simplify your life. Listen to what your gut and your higher self tell you and allow everything else to drop away. Loosen your mind and allow all possibilities to enter in and release the need to stay stuck in old beliefs that no longer hold truth or purpose. Everything in the world is changing quickly and we must be able to adapt to these changes by allowing ourselves to go with the flow and eliminate any resistance. This is a time to conserve our energy and only give it out to what will encourage change in the world. To resist what is taking place is a waste of precious energy and we need every precious drop.

A great deal of what is happening right now probably seems to many, outside of our understanding. The worlds we have known forever are morphing into something different all the time now. People and Governments we thought we could trust have now become our enemies, everything we have been told over a lifetime we are now realizing is nothing but lies. This is extremely unsettling for most people and many don’t know where to turn or who they can trust. It is you that you must turn to and find strength and support from. You are a constant in your life, learn to trust in yourself and feel confident in the choices you make. You have always been right it is that dark ones that have been wrong.

I often speak to getting to know yourself well. It is essential now to know who you are and what you want. If it were the time for you to put your child in daycare you probably would find out all you could about it and if it should be the choice you make for your child. Why do you not go to such lengths to know about yourself and what you need or how you feel about things? You are living in your own body which houses your soul, are you not curious about it? To not know yourself would be like having a stranger living in your body! I cannot imagine such a thing. How can you count on yourself and know you will be there for you if you don’t know yourself?

When the earth is shifting beneath your feet and you are looking for stable ground to stand upon, realize what you are searching for is right there within you.

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The oracle Report

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Disseminating Moon Phase – Moon in Aries

Energetically, the effects of Mercury retrograde will begin to wane as Mercury stations direct today (sources disagree about the exact time that it moves direct, but today is the final energy). Hiccups with telecommunications are still possible.  The shift in energy is also due to Venus entering Cancer, which will help calm things down. The Sun is in the middle of Leo, located at the degree known as “brilliant sunshine just after a storm.” Today, emotional equilibrium and the ability to effectively communicate begin to return. The air is clearing and things that have been blocking or clogging up situations will begin to move off. Plasma from the solar magnetic filament that was released on Saturday reaches us today (although we feel the effects the minute it is released from the Sun – today is when the wave directly hits Earth). Another magnetic filament has been suspended above the surface of the Sun for days. When it is collapses, it will release another wave of plasma. These filaments are magnetic. I believe what is happening is that the Sun and Earth are conspiring to magnetically attract whatever is attractive now that the turning point – the shift point, hinge point, breaking point – has ended. “Like attracts like” is strongly in effect and will increase when the other filament releases. So the thing to do is watch how all of this magnetism pulls you toward things that are now in your newly-upgraded field of resonance. There are remnants of fear that are lingering from all that has happened over the last several weeks, but this needs to be set aside. Remember the space that we cleared inside ourselves in preparation for the turning point? That space will now begin to be filled.



Indian in the Machine

Published on Aug 4, 2012 by

Banff sometimes gets a bad rap because it’s so “touristy”, and yet the energy here is so high frequency… if Banff is good enough for Archangel Michael and his cosmic trigger vortex it’s good enough for me…. imagine a whole network of lakes, rivers and streams, with special ascension minerals…. I hope you get a chance to visit Lake Louise and the area if you’re needing a bit of a boost to your ascension process.


Indian in the machine

Canadian Rockies:
AA Michael Vortex
By Tyberonn

An awestruck visitor to Canada’s Lake Louise once commented that such scenery was proof that God existed. The year was 1978, years before my awakening. I walked up the cobbled trail from the parking area, staring at the enormous white stone Chateau, shining in the sunlight like polished alabaster. The architectural symmetry and sheer grandeur of the castle are impressive, but I was totally unprepared for the stunning scene that lay behind it. What glowed before me was living painting. A vibrant turquoise mountain lake framed by purple and gold cliffs, evergreen forests, and a massive white-blue glacier at the far end. Alpine flowers were everywhere. Beautiful sprays of orange, purple, yellow, white and red were dotted along the lakeside, and set in manicured gardens on the grounds of the Chateau Lake Louise Hotel in the forefront. It was love at first sight, and that love affair has continued ever since.