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Linda Schurman
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September 2011

Full Moon is at 19 degrees Pisces 17 minutes square the Nodes on September 12th; New Moon at 4 degrees of Libra opposition Uranus and square Pluto on September 27th.

Wild fluctuations and New Frontiers:

Last month’s wild fluctuations that included an East Coast earthquake, an Atlantic hurricane, and stock and commodity markets flailing about, reminded us of the ancient Chinese Curse: “May you live in interesting times!”

Mercury will oppose Neptune one more time on the 9th pointing to more high winds and weather extremes. Venus will be inconjunct Neptune between the 14th and the 15th and Mars will be inconjunct Neptune between the 16th and the 17th. We are being made aware that uncertainty is around every corner, whether it is the economy, the climate, or the very earth on which we walk. Although painful, this all points to the evolutionary changes we need to make in the world and it instructs us that the only real peace resides deep within ourselves.


Accompanying the solemn ceremonies around the 10th anniversary of 9/11, will be an acute awareness of the cost of endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, plus military special ops teams moving to kill “enemies” within many other nations around the world. We will have to recognize that our reaction to this historic tragedy has created a greater tragedy.

We will also have to face the facts pointing to our nation’s failing economy and global policies. We are now staring into the face of a nation divided, as ideological extremes are rearing their heads at a time when we most need unity of purpose. Instead members of Congress are viciously attacking the president while the Supreme Court has become an extension of the power of transnational capitalists who now possess and control about 90% of  the world’s money. The U.S. has just experienced transiting Saturn returning to its natal Saturn in Libra, the sign of justice, and we are seeing that, at present, “the people” are finding no justice.

The Economy:

With Venus transiting the “jobs” sign of Virgo this month, Pres. Obama is revealing a package of proposals designed to “create” more jobs. He has appointed Princeton Professor Alan Krueger as his economic guru, whose specialty is labor. Ironically, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, also from Princeton, was a specialist in The Great Depression. The Republicans will do everything in their power to clobber any legislation to this effect and the Robber Barons will fight to continue their practice of off-shoring jobs, avoiding taxation by off-shoring their bank accounts, ensuring the continuance of tax loopholes, and financing candidates that keep their status quo in place.

Again, this month will see stocks and commodities seesaw way up and way down with the opposition, once again, of Mercury to Neptune. The nations of the European Union will continue their downward spiral. Investors will hop in and hop out of stocks, gold, oil and commodities in their desperation to grab whatever wealth they can, while derivatives trades will be bigger than ever and thereby create greater risk of massive Continue reading “Linda Schurman”

The Oracle Report

Thursday, September 15, 2011

9 Earth
Full Moon Phase
Mayan Calendar Cycle:  11 – Awakening and Rebirth

The theme for today is control.  We need to avoid plunging into any situation before thinking things through.  It is highly important to stay “grounded” on 9 Earth.  Today through Saturday is a segment of the calendar that brings potent, unpredictable, and wild energy.  These are the last days of the 11th cycle and they go out in a big way.  Earth changes (volcanoes, earthquakes) are usually evident during this timeframe.  Things happen to foster greater clarity about our lives.  Stay centered and anchor yourself in the Earth to soften the effects.

8:17 am edt

The Oracle Report

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

8 Owl/Vulture
Full Moon Phase
Mayan Calendar Cycle: 11 – Awakening and Rebirth

8 Owl/Vulture energy transforms at the deepest levels.  “8” days are designed to harmonize us with the world around us by applying The Law of the Universe – like attracts like.  We move into closer resonance with people, places, and things that are more attuned to who we are right now.  In kind, we move farther away from people, places, and things that are not within our range.  A great sorting is taking place as we come to the end of the cycles.  Things are being winnowed down to their most basic parts.  If something or someone is moving away from you now, forgive and release whatever attachments are lingering.  8 Owl/Vulture specifically requires us to forgive.  Who needs forgiveness the most?  Do you need to forgive yourself for something you feel you have fallen short with?  We inhabit a world of duality and no one is immune to causing and feeling pain.  What needs to be released to allow your inner light to shine more brightly?

9:19 am edt

Soluntra King

Blessings of Joy and Peace Within

Happy Full Moon; Sun in Virgo, Moon in Pisces that gives us the gift of merging Heaven and Earth as you the cosmic light being accept and love being in your body, fully present and so in all worlds at once, multi-dimensional being of light. We are all in a big regroup time at present, are there things in your life you do that are still coming from fear, insecurity, attachment, old patterns and beliefs?

I am sure there are, we all have these limitations to transcend.

But before the universe comes and takes it off you, or you have to wait for the straw to break the camels back with things going on in your life, be it major like not being true to ones self and working in a soul destroying job, or living in a soul destroying relationship, or doing soul destroying behaviour. Its time is over, we are coming into No Time, into the stillness, the duality world and old fears cannot come with us. You do not have to get rid of that job or partner or attitude or anxiety, disease or old pattern. Instead make it simple and direct from the Source that comes from within you, with love and acceptance of yourself exactly as you are and the situation you are in. Once you have it will all change and the universe will be able to give you what your soul really craves to experience.

We have the opportunity now to really get sorted within, no more duality dramas or inner battles, just love yourself no matter what. Its now time to make the next step, and Be the Beam.

Below I have an article about No Time under October 29th the day after the end of the Universal Underworld. Also all the Cosmic Events from now until 11th November.

Please see my website under Cosmic Events; current cosmic events for easier printing. Also Unity and under that Healing Within if you need some assistance. In the One Heart Love Soluntra

Soluntra King


TO 11:11:11

We are in the Sixth Day of the Universal Underworld at present from 5th September to 22nd September. The Sixth Day is a time of Light and abundance, joy and opening to deeper levels of your divinity in order to operate on the physical plane. It’s no longer about material security, but spiritual connection and unity, abundance for all and the New Earth, new creation through our hearts and love.

FULL MOON IN PISCES 19.17 degrees

SEPTEMBER 12th NZ 9.27pm AUST EST 7.27pm GMT 9.27am

The Full Moon is a time of completion and celebration, in Pisces the spirit and cosmic bliss are illuminated and grounded through the Sun in Virgo. Be clear about your dreams and give them out to the Universe if you feel in your heart they are in alignment with your being in divine will. You are nurtured from your true Cosmic origins and can bask in the cosmic rays of love. Time to be from your love, compassion and giving nature as you share your joy with others and this beautiful planet. This energy is able to be fully embodied once you breathe through your fears of being in a body and know and be your true cosmic self in a body on Earth. It is a good time with the Sun in Virgo opposite to do any deep inner healing and to love unconditionally yourself and all beings.

This Full Moon is igniting the liquid light plasma that is the gel that connects your RNA and DNA through all your being and allows you to be the cosmic being you are. Today a doorway is opening through your cells and sub atomic particles to awaken and ignite the liquid light plasma flow, that tones your body and mind into your heart beat and earth beat in harmony with the cosmos. To float in the cosmic ocean in omnipresence and let go completely into the void and stillness within and without, that is all creation. A deeper sense of self and your part in creation, one with creation will illuminate your consciousness if you choose.

MAYAN CALENDAR DAY; 6 (balance, receptivity, organise) WHITE (North – refines, detached) JAGUAR – IX (shaman/magician, timelessness, divine will, integrity) Continue reading “Soluntra King”

Sheldan Nidle

August 13, 22011

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

5 Cib, 9 Zip, 8 Manik

Dratzo! We return! Your world continues in transition mode between the old and the first intimations of the new. Many on your world who are involved with implementing these changes want so badly for every little thing to go right. However, it is more important in our eyes to just go forward and make the necessary corrections as needed. Our Earth allies are getting some sound advice on this matter from our Agarthan cousins, and we are making sure that initial implementation is carried out swiftly and successfully. What is being done is truly unique in your recent history, but what is vital here is to know when to act and when to let go of what you have so diligently created. Our liaison teams are convinced that the moment has arrived for this bold action, and we are fully prepared and ready to set in motion the moves which will manifest the new financial system and the many new temporary governments. These new governments are an essential precondition for disclosure, and it is disclosure that is so important to the completion of this first contact mission. Continue reading “Sheldan Nidle”

Lisa Gawlas

Recycling of the Old Energies and Moving Upward into the New of 2012

At the end of my 2nd reading yesterday (9/11) an image appeared that I cannot seem to shake, nor fully understand.  The information coming thru was talking about the start of the New Year, 2012.  Very specifically the first week in January.  I have heard this time frame referenced before in both readings and massages and I suppose I thought it was a date for the client as opposed to the All.  Today, I am consumed with the All (of it).

Let me try and share the very simple details.  I seen a line that represented 2011, and I know it represented this timeline because the date 2011 was on the line I was seeing (spirit at times wants us to make sure we get (some) of it!  As I looked at the part of the line that represented the last quarter (3 months) of this year, the line got darker and darker.  Then it hit a energy wall as Dec 31st was represented on this line.  The energy wall was unmistakable and impenetrable.  This energy wall was about 3 feet high and there was the line that represented 2012.  Again I knew it was 2012 because the date was on the line I was viewing.  The line that represented 2012 was maroon for as far as I could see, and that was simply to the middle of the month, then it was like my eyes couldn’t adjust to the energy beyond that.

The one thing was for sure, nothing passed thru this wall and the only way to move into the energetic of 2012 was to rise above it with your own energy field.  I could see the lady I as reading for was already prepared to rise above it and that many of her “gifts” will be handed to her in the first week of January.  I had to think about every one else…. and I could see person after person hitting this energetic wall and falling down.  What the heck does that mean??  lol

This morning I went into meditation and the only added piece of this puzzle that was added to the visual (and perhaps, my very limited understanding) is that the people falling down represented the “old energy.”  nI was then shown this black line of 2011 going under the energy wall that literally separated the end of the year from the beginning of the year… and all these people went down into what looked like a circular energy pattern under the higher vibrations.  Without words being said, I heard that all that old  energy is being recycled.  (How? No one is saying… yet.)

As the energies separated, I knew one did not affect the other.  That is to say, however all that old energy (and the people who cling to it) recycles itself, does not affect those who have transversed themselves into the high energies that is the 2012 dateline.

It’s weird because it feels like two separate worlds existing at the same time, one not affecting the other in any way.  But yet at the same time, the feeling of responsibility for those that are on the top line of 2012 is intense.  How, I can fit (consciously) into the vibratory field any further.  Just as I can’t see beyond mid-January either. My eyes have not adjusted to the clarity of that higher energy.

Inside my heart, there is a sadness in watching all those folks recycle themselves.  It is like seeing them go so deep into 3D that they no longer exist in the higher energy fields.  I must know some of those people because somewhere inside of me, the mourning process of seeing this, is real and already started within me.  Not to mention the deep desire (especially today) to go see my family in Pennsylvania.)

Unconditional, non-judgmental love is the most buoyant energy there is.  You can only truly apply this energy to yourSelf.  It is from there it radiates outward in genuineness.  It is from this place we start the year 2012!

With love and honor to ALL,
Lisa Gawlas

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Susan Leland

“Well good evening, Beloved Family, we are so pleased to be here in this grand Company!  It is so special, and this is an especially momentous occasion, with an opportunity unparalleled that we have here.  And the reason that we have this opportunity is that we have never had the energies as clear, as strong, and as empowering to do this healing.

“We are coming up upon what you call the tenth anniversary of that event known as 9/11.  It is an event of infamy.  It is an event that of the most heinous proportions, and it is an event which has impacted upon the entire of Planet Earth and beyond, since the very day in your time that it occurred. And it is most generally regarded as a totally negative event, but the thing that has happened as a result of that event – well there are several things:  Directly before and after for several days time, as we have discussed before, the consciousness of the Planet was One.  It came together in a high vibration, it had not held before.  And those who knew that the World was returning to Love and Peace – Homecoming, the result of the Harmonic Convergence, and so on -those ones knew that it was a time un-paralleled in recent times to send Love, and be a part of the great awakening of Love which took place, Love in Oneness.

“And ever since then as this day approaches, as people remember it – because it is being quite highly promoted in all of the news media Worldwide – and this is being done by the Rupert Murdochs and others, in order to promulgate and continue the fear, which was the primary reason for doing 9/11 – get the people afraid, so that they can be enslaved, controlled, and so on, and so on.  Well, you know the Patriot Act and all of those things.  They put out a lot of publicity, but what is happening also is that every year on the anniversary of 9/11, some of that spike re-occurs in the consciousness. And now is an opportunity for the consciousness to rise higher than ever for several reasons, another one being the positive aspect of 9/11, which is that people – more and more people – stood up and said: ‘Wait a minute, this story that we’re hearing does not quite hold water, or whatever. It seems to be holding something that’s rather icky, sticky, gooey, and not at all truthful.’  Well you know the Truth of this is icky, sticky, gooey, if you really want to put it into some kind of a physical term, and that, we should say the untruths, the lies, are icky, and that has been sticking, and these ones have been, as we say, bringing it up again in your faces, with the anniversary of 9/11. Continue reading “Susan Leland”