Expectations are Creations of the Mind

When I first started on my spiritual Path, I had no expectations at all as I had never even heard of spirituality. It just happened to me. I had started searching for who I really was about three years before the doors to spirituality opened. Looking back on that time now, I’m so very pleased that I didn’t know anything about it, as I feel it would have been very confusing if I had for instance read someone else’s account of how they made their connection to Spirit and it didn’t work that way for me. Would I have kept trying to find my own way in? I don’t know. The trouble is, that when we’re new to something, and read other people’s accounts, it creates certain expectations in our minds of how it ‘should be done’, because that is how it happened or worked for them.

We have all been very excited about the Ascension, and I believe that many of us feel a little deflated, as nothing seems to have changed – yet. I think many of us expected to feel an obvious change spiritually or even physically, which didn’t happen, so we feel disappointed and perhaps even let down. Ascension however, has always been a process of change, and we have been told time and again, that things cannot change overnight. We have all felt the changes over Enlightenmenttime, but they have not been as obvious – on the outside – as we had hoped. The fact is that we, as lightworkers, have done an amazing job so far, as we have brought about the Ascension instead of the Apocalypse, which humanity would probably be facing if we had not brought in, held and anchored as much Light as we have. Although more and more people are waking up and becoming aware of their own spirituality, we cannot expect to ‘drag’ the masses of yet unawakened humanity into a spiritual way of being by sheer force of will.

The point I’m trying to make here is that expectations will only cause disappointment and stop us being open to anything else. The mind throws up expectations, because it wants to be prepared. It likes things it knows, they make it feel safe. But we’re at a stage now where we cannot possibly know what will happen, as we are creating our new lives as we go. It isn’t just what we want that will create this new reality however, but what the whole of humanity wants. We are all cells of the same Being, so what we create will be what the Whole Being wants, not just a few of its cells. Continue reading “Gabrielle”

Bill Ballard

1-5-13 Bill Ballard ~ Watching the Light Levels Increasing Affect All Around in Varying Degrees

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Published on Jan 5, 2013

The incoming levels of LIGHT are pretty intense right now. It seems that Suspicious Observers on YouTube has been showing the Cosmic Ray Density in his videos that we are currently going through that may be what it is Im feeling and describing. Anyway, its so very wonderful and such an extreme bliss it brings! Hope youre experiencing it too! LOVE!


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2012 was a massive year of unprecedented transformation.
We experienced a deep healing as we shed layer upon layer of expired and untrue elements until we finally emerged at the end of the year as shining Jewels.

There were several major events last year that helped us greatly. The first was the ‘A Mu’a Ceremony in Rapa Nui (Easter Island) on April 21st. ‘A Mu’a is a word in the Rapa Nui language that means TO MOVE FORWARD. And that is exactly what happened. Many stuck places were suddenly set free. The wheels, cogs and gears of our personal and planetary evolution could now turn unhindered, allowing the massive Wheel of Destiny to revolve at an increased pace. Once this happened, everything started moving towards their right positioning.

The second major event was the momentous Activation of the Eleventh Gate on November 22nd. This was the final 11:11 Activation and marked the culmination of our twenty-one year journey through the 11:11 Doorway. This was when the expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen became visible, moving us into a totally New Landscape on an infinitely vaster scale to explore and eventually to inhabit. I deeply feel that this was the key event of the year. Continue reading “Solara”

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Third Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Libra/Scorpio

Mercury is still causing quite a stir, moving off of its square to Uranus and moving on to making a conjunction with Pluto through the weekend.  To some degree, Mercury affects our thinking.  When it contacts Pluto, our thoughts can go very deep because Pluto rules The Underworld.  In addition to being deep, The Underworld is also dark.  Over the last several days, the trend has been to beat up on ourselves or “go dark” as in pulling down a curtain.  The Third Quarter Moon phase enters this weekend to affect all of that.  In fact, it is here for us to analyze where we are now as “immigrants in a new country” as the Sabian symbol of the New Moon envisioned.

Over this weekend, while our thinking is already deep with Mercury conjunct Pluto, think back to all that has happened since December 13th.  Be analytical.  What happened this month?  Was it like the New Moon report discussed – a massive paradigm shift?  If the light changed on December 21, 2012 – if the Sun changed – wouldn’t we need time to adjust

This is happening specifically with our brains and our eyes, which are an extension of our brains; they are symbiotic.  We process light through our eyes and our brains read the information contained on the light.  We now have different light, which means a different code.  We are going to know (understand) more and are going to see (realize) more now.  We’re talking about nothing less than an evolutionary leap that’s underway.  That’s quite a statement to make.  But the Sun and Gaia-Sophia orchestrated, in perfect timing, a responsive action to the state of the world, the collective, the grand visionary experiment.  This is how the power and control mechanisms (archontic systems) that have been in place are going to begin crumbling.  This also makes them desperate.  Their own countermeasure is to begin instilling as much fear, sadness, hopelessness, and depression as possible into the mass consciousness.  We are tricked if we think they are not losing their power.  Gaia-Sophia has begun to deal with this situation and part of that plan involves changing humanity to suit her needs.  This is, indeed, a joyous fact.  Analyze this: what would it take for you to see that December 21st truly was a celebration?  At the Balsamic Moon phase, we’ll be releasing whatever stands in the way of that.

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Wes Annac

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Further Instructions for Ascending Gatekeepers

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Wes AnnacThere are many of you out there who experienced some amazing things on or around the timeframe of December 21st, 2012, which include some of the apparent ascension symptoms outlined by Archangel Michael. As I’ve testified to, I certainly felt such symptoms myself and I continue to feel an adjustment to a purer state of consciousness.

I’m not going to say that myself or anyone else whom this writing is intended for have ascended, but I will state with happiness that we are finding purer states of consciousness that, for me at least, are acting as bridges to the fifth dimensional reality I’m beginning to be able to access. The fifth dimension is not apparent within our current outer reality yet, but we have now begun to be able to access it by tuning inwardly and personally, I feel this to be the greatest opportunity to begin really pumping-up our Lightwork.

There are some who may feel as if they have ascended or at the very least, felt some of the “ascension symptoms” we were told could be prevalent around the 21st and are now feeling amazingly-pure states of consciousness that are quite easy to tune-in to. I’ve “received” that there are indeed a plethora of us who are acting as Gatekeepers and placeholders for the fifth dimensional reality beginning to settle upon our reality and our perceptions, and that the Gatekeepers will begin to steadily realize their place and role in these times. Read more

Golden Light Channel

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Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel via Goldenlight ~ Message for A New Year and a New Age

January 2, 2013 By

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Greetings we are the Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel

We wish to send to you in this new year a message of hope, love, and light that will uplift your spirit and attune you to the new energies that are in your world at this time. All of you have the ability to tune into these higher frequencies which are anchored in Mother Earth/Gaia’s body , in the air surrounding you, and which are connected to all your higher selves at this time. Each and every being has a higher self; before you came into your current earth life, you were one with your higher self; the coming into your human form brought only a small part of you into your current physical body. Part of this new way of being which is being termed “ascension” is a reuniting with your Higher Self, and an integration of the higher aspects of your Self with your current earth life, body and mind. You all have the ability to connect in with this energy. Practicing energy techniques which uplift you and raise your vibration will bring you into a space of being that allows you to connect more easily with your Higher Self. We have mentioned before that the Channel had her “Reconnection” in August of 2012 and that brought in the strongest-ever connection with her higher self, with us her Council of Angels, and with the Archangelic Realm. During those energy sessions, we downloaded a communication template into her etheric, auric, and human bodies so that she could have better communication with us. This particular channel, Goldenlight, also has a pre-birth agreement to be a receiver and transmitter with the higher dimensional and angelic realms to bring in higher dimensional frequencies, so this download was part of the fulfillment of this contract. Another part of her fulfillment is the bringing in of telepathic messages from us and the Archangels during this time of great enlightenment for all on earth. She is doing this without any monetary exchange, in her free time. She is by trade a graphic designer and is currently working on some big projects so this is why you have not heard more messages from her. Until she can transition to a greater financial abundance, she will only be able to bring these messages in as time allows. Feel free to send her an energy exchange via her donation button on the site. This is a form of work for her as it is part of her mission in this lifetime. Read more


Aspects of Higher Dimensional life implanted in DNA have been activated

3 Jan

Aspects of Higher Dimensional life implanted into DNA during the past 5 millennia have been activated, and are now being en-fulled [Eireport note: this apparently means, “brought into fullness” or “brought into full expression”]. Real-ization (Real-I AM-ation) occurs now.

Vortices on and within Gaia meld to become a UNITY Galaxy-Gate. Individual vortices/portals lose their “distinction” as separate entities. This correlates with 100th monkey level of Hue-manity being attained as of the 12-12-12 to 12-21-12 window.

Hue-manity rejoices in this Unity.

As do Hue-monkeys. And all in the animal expression.

Return to humanity full consciousness approaches.

Prepare your Houses appropriately.