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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

1 Wind
Third Quarter Moon Phase
Mayan Calendar Cycle: 12 – Understanding

On 1 Wind, the breath of Spirit seeks to infuse us.  Today, be sure to stop and take a deep breath every now and then.  As you inhale, focus on connecting with Spirit, and as you exhale, give any troubles over to a higher power.  The emotional and mental bodies will be cleared by doing so.  This energy has a way of settling us down.  Today’s astrological aspects bring the tendency to ram one’s position or views forward.  Wind energy can certainly contribute in this way, because it can totally upend situations (as a tornado does), but the better approach today is softer and more subtle.  (Note:  Keep an eye on the Sun.  Though not Earth-directed, the Sun released 6 coronal mass ejections yesterday.)

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Barbara Hand Clow

2011 Fall Equinox: September 23, 2011

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It is the Fall Equinox north of the equator, and the Spring Equinox south of the equator. In the north, it is time to balance the intentions you created during the Spring Equinox, while in the south it is time to create new intentions for what you want to create during the year. This site is written for readers north of the equator, so those down south will need to apply this reading to their spring intentions.

It is the Fall Equinox, the great balancing moment when we gather ourselves together to prepare for the clarity and challenge of winter. This equinox is especially energized because the Spring Equinox occurred soon after the beginning of the Universal Underworld on March 9, 2011-and this Fall Equinox occurs shortly before the completion of the Universal on October 28, 2011. Therefore this short period is the richest and most conscious evolutionary phase we have ever experienced as humans. As most of you already know, 2011 is the apex of time acceleration. Evolution has progressed twenty times faster during the Galactic Underworld (1999-2011), and with only weeks remaining, we are reflecting upon 16.4 billion years of growth in our universe.

Since March 9, we have been analyzing our progress by the seven Days and six Nights of the Universal; and many of us have awakened our latent human capacity that leads us to co-creation with divine forces. Day Six of the Universal (Sept. 5-22), the flowering phase of the Universal, is complete as Night Six opens on the Fall Equinox. The synchronicity between the Mayan Calendar and these astrological cycles reminds us that the critical leap in these rapidly intensifying evolutionary phases occurs during Night Six (Sept. 23 to Oct. 10). During Night Six’s in previous Underworlds, cataclysms shook things up and new evolutionary strains came forth. Now, something will happen that will cause a few individuals to work directly with divine forces, and soon more and more people will discover this advanced capacity. How might you recognize this capacity within yourself? It is like being a conductor of a great symphony that activates joy and bliss in the audience, and not by attaining power or control. New tools for this phase are coming forth, such as the inspirational film, Journey Through the Universe, by gravitational physicist Brian Swimme [visit], premiering in Seattle on 9/29. Continue reading “Barbara Hand Clow”