Svetlana Pritzker

Personal Alchemy: How to Create a Vibrational Match

This is an excerpt from my new book The Ultimate Love Affair

Many of you have been exploring aspects of your personal alchemy for a while, creating loving relationships, abundance and open mindedness. Think about many ways you have experimented with transforming the negative ballast accumulated in your life into the golden wisdom. You regularly use your body as a unique laboratory where you, an extraordinary alchemist, are transforming patterns of anger, frustrations and fear into excitement, acceptance, and creative flow.

Let’s talk about what you can create by surrendering to the mystery of your personal alchemy and applying your innate ability to transform your energy into matter to experience more pleasure and an intimate connection with life.

From the soul perspective, you are never wrong in choosing possibilities and transforming them into actions. Continue reading “Svetlana Pritzker”

Jamiel Crowley

 The Radiant Ones

Christmas was awash with transmutation and challenge, New Years dawned in a crystalline wave, and 2012 has already been jammed packed. Specifically the readings for the month of January point to instability, but in this instability much is coming up and out, and the purpose is served. What is still residing in ourselves, that needs to be recognized and expunged is now front and center. What cannot reside in our changing fields is being pushed. If you see something in someone that you have great resistance to, take the opportunity to look deeper, to see that it may be coming from you; an old wound or energy you’ve been carrying you didn’t even realize was there. Or look at it as an opportunity to sharpen your senses and walk a path of neutrality. Right now a mirror is being placed in front of us, look long and deep into this mirror, recognize and release.

It was said through many posts and channelings the Indigo Souls, and the new generation would soon take their place, that the soul groups would find each other, finally uniting and feeling the bliss of connection and creation. I looked around me in the waiting, wondering, I admit, doubting until miraculously this prophecy was magically and divinely filled. Continue reading “Jamiel Crowley”

Fran Zepeda

Message from Yeshua and the Company of Heaven ~ 1.9.12 ~ LOOK WITHIN ~

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Channeler: Fran Zepeda

Now marks the time of great movement, unheralded yet in complete rhythm and portend, dear ones. Look to the stars; look to the promises made by you many eons ago when you initiated this long journey of duality and conflict only to come full circle to the potential which you are all tapping with increasing regularity. It may feel like you are disappearing at times. The success of the perpetual letting go of old patterns of late, the letting go of anger and fear, and the letting in of forgiveness and love has left many with the feeling of more space in their hearts.

This is all part of Ascension. Continue reading “Fran Zepeda”

Jim Self

The Seven Layers of Thought – Part 2

Seven Layers of Thought – Part Two
By Jim Self

Excerpts from a live webinar

Last month we talked about the first four layers of thought, how to recognize them and live within them as a conscious and intentional practice. Let’s continue  with the final three layers or levels of thought. Recognizing and understanding the steps or levels your thoughts move through may be helpful in managing them. And ultimately, choosing which layer you want to live in.

As we do this, please don’t get locked into these layers as rigid lines. There is actually a fluidity and flow between them. As mentioned before, the flow from one layer of thought to the next is similar to watching the dawn of the day progress. For instance you can’t easily identify 6:30am, or 6:32am by looking at the sky. The sun rises and the sky flows from darkness into light. A moment ago it was pre-dawn. Now the sun is up and shining. Continue reading “Jim Self”

Shala Mata

Dearest Light Family,


Welcome to 2012 and my January Whale and Dolphin Cosmic Pulse.  Today during my review of the energy for January we discussed the current energy trends for the coming year and the powerful timing the New Year has ushered in.


The deep inward review of December is still being felt as we gallantly enter this profound year of change.  January is a month of feeling a little wobbly one minute and brimming with enthusiasm the next depending on your perspective and allowing. Continue reading “Shala Mata”

The Oracle Report

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Full Moon Phase

If a situation strongly engages your emotions today, you will want to stop and gauge what is going on before you leap into a reaction.  Today’s energy requires skillful maneuvering, not knee-jerk responses.  In fact, we need to pay attention to what is going on in the background instead of what is obvious in the foreground.  Is your core fear being engaged?  A choir of messages and information is on its way as Mercury comes up to make a conjunction with Pluto over the next few days.  Mercury-Pluto conjunctions often deliver messages that are hard to take, but this time around they will send information to help us align with choices that will make our lives happier in certain ways.  These planets will clear up situations that have been confusing for us.  Also, a look ahead tells us that the next major astrological event is Mars turning retrograde on January 23.  Mars will be retrograde until April 14, during which time it will be more challenging to move forward on things – like a car stuck in neutral.  If there is something you need to take care of so that it is in place for forward movement, take steps now to put those plans into action. Situations will re-work themselves behind the scenes and then jump forward when Mars goes direct, but the interim will require the skills of going inside ourselves and taking the stance of wise observer and holding ground like a sturdy tree.  We can prepare in advance now by initiating action before the retrograde begins.

Rebecca Couch

Simple is Best

Rebecca Couch
a message from Rebecca Couch
Sunday, 8 January, 2012  (posted 10 January, 2012)

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Well, here we are in 2012. Is there anything that has not already been said that can assist you in preparation for this time? Honestly, there is not. We can only serve to summarize to help you know in every moment how to be – for as you know, it is not about doing, but about being.

Simple is best, for less words best describe the feeling of your beingness. Even that sounds silly unless you know that feeling! That is what you seek: the radiant, presence within that does not falter no matter what is going on outside of you. If you do not know what that is, then intend to know, and now! When you find that thing – that spark, that warmth – that presence that isn’t described with words, then keep growing it. Visit it, expand it, make it your entire being, for this is what feeds you; Continue reading “Rebecca Couch”