The manuscript of survival – part 298

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As the tides turn, so too does your sense of the world around you. For it is indeed changing, little by little, day by day, and as such, you are growing end evolving. For it is indeed you who are changing, for the world as you know it is no longer the same. But that is because you are no longer the same. For every day, you step closer into who you truly are, and as such, every day, a piece of the old you fall away, for never to be needed or retrieved ever again. For you are not here to gather the pieces that seem to be slipping through your fingers, whether they be pieces of your family, your relationships, your ideas or your wordly goods. For remember, anything not a part of the true you will no longer be a part of your life, and as such…

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Displacement of Light Intender Beings from Negative Timelines is Occurring


gaia_energy1Multiple timelines are being exhibited among Gaia inhabitants at this moment. Displacement of Light Intender Beings from negative timelines is occurring via rapid unveiling of potential results of negative timelines.

Such was not deemed necessary a few years in Gaia’s past; however, sufficient number of Light Intender Beings became mired in such negative timelines.

Full ascension of Gaia requires full release of all negative timelines.

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The Oracle Report

Thursday, April 11, 2013



New Moon Phase – Moon in Taurus

The Sun boosted the already-powerful energy of the New Moon by releasing an M-6 class solar flare overnight.  M-6 is a very strong flare.  I was hoping we would have fireworks on the Sun!  I say this because the energy we are under is cause for celebration.  The energetic upgrade from this New Moon is returing us to returning us to wholeness, to ourselves  – returning us to who we really are.  The Mahavidya Chinnamasta (who is real) and the Eris energy (which is archetypal) are blowing like wind.  The Sun joined in.

We know that there are always two sides to anything involving Eris, so it is also implied that nefarious activities are proliferating, while the wonderful upgrade is happening.  Make no mistake about it.  Nefarious activities are happening.  But, at this point, we only need to be aware that they are happening.  In this way, we are not tricked or bound to any deeds, spells, curses, rituals (whatever you want to call it – I call it Archontic trickery) that are being perpetrated upon the collective of humanity.  Enough said.

A tremendous amount of information is being ignited within the radiant codes of our bodies.  Brilliant flashes of insight occur and simple truths are revealed to us.  We make connections.  But it is a lot of information and it is coming fast so just take things at your own pace.  The information that is being disseminated via light is accessible at any time in the future.  Don’t go too fast today (driving or anything).  Remember also that our bodies are responding to this upgrade; they are trying to get lighter as well.

Eris energy stirs the souls of writers and musicians.  If you’ve been thinking of writing something (and this means anything – a letter, a book, a song, a riff), you are experiencing the call of the goddess.



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Ken Carey

Source: Lightworkers

~Ken Carey [author of The Starseed Transmissions]

A life-changing experiencKen Careye began for me on the evening of January 21 and lasted until the evening of January 22. It was so far beyond anything I had ever before imagined possible, so far beyond the ability of words to convey, it will never all be shared in print—though memories of forgotten moments will probably trickle in over the years. If they arrive while I still have the gift of tongues, count on me to tell the tale. Continue reading “Ken Carey”

The Oracle Report

Wednesday, April 10, 2013



New Moon Phase – Moon in Aries

Get ready to be jacked up!  The influx of this New Moon’s energy will upgrade our personal energetic frequencies/signatures, bringing us to a wider level of wisdom.  Remember that this month will blow our minds in some way (dramatically change our perspective and enable us to see what we previously could not).  With the New Moon at the Eris Point in tight conjunction with Eris, Mars, and Venus, interpersonal relationships make a shift and the world stage is host mostly to a battlefield.  People tend to be reactionary and aggressive under the influence of Eris energy, so be aware of this potential.  Pick your own battles.

We understand the duality of this energy.  We know we can find as much beauty as we can strife.  The task for wise owls today is to hold the space for the wonderful elements of this New Moon.  “Maintain and contain” and don’t get pulled into emotional whirlwinds with people unless you are moved to take a stand.  Keep your personal shield strong.  Let’s guard this mother energy so that it can do its work to bring about emergence of higher consciousness within the human collective.  Today marks the “Strike Point” and intentions that are set in place over this New Moon have a great deal of power for manifestation.  We know that some will use this to manifest ill will, but we never forget there is another side.  Remember that our bodies will have strange responses to this energetic upgrade, so stop and rest as often as possible.  If we can release the need to control, this day will move better for us.

(Note:  I need to correct a statement I made in the audio from April 4.  I discussed the Eris Point energies in play in November and I mistakenly referenced Sandy Hook when I meant Newtown, Connecticut.  In my mind, Aurora, Sandy Hook, and Newtown are all connected in that they are different stages of the same occult ritual.  They all link together and I think of them interchangeably.)

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Bill Ballard

4-10-13 Bill Ballard ~ Attuning to the Purity of the Ever Increasing Vibrations and Energies

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Published on Apr 10, 2013

Since the Global Water Healing ceremonies Ginger and I did last week the energies have been ever increasing here in Florida. Along with those increasing energies from the crystal beds below here, the water tastes different and more electrified coming from the tap from our well where I am currently living. The water tastes like when you energize it yourself via focused LOVE, but that is the way it comes from the tap now.

Others are telling me they too were called to do water healing ceremonies at the same time we were. This is a global effort many of us are doing, and sending LOVE TO ALL WATER above, on and in Gaia. How wonderful the connections we each have when attuned to our higher dimensional states of being. Remember the ceremonies we did continues and is an ongoing connection and sending LOVE to the waters for healing and purification that anyone can join in and do from anywhere you are on Mother Earth.

My feelings of these incoming and expanding energies are to such a degree it is becoming difficult for me to relate to the world in the way we knew it and did it before. These past days it is a feat for me to carry on simple conversations, which are simply for the sake of communication with another. That old way of speaking as it requires some mental focus and thinking about the BS of small chat which I am moving away from more each day… No more crap chatting now… ha. Soon, telepathic communication of concepts will be more aligned with my being rather than the small talk we used to do… How pointless that old way seems to be becoming now.

My messages are now to hold the vibrations of these incoming frequencies and anchor them into Mother Earth. There will be many upheavals to society as we knew it, and coming very soon. It all MUST collapse to build new and soon step into New Earth. This collapse of the economy, banking system, governments and military is a must in order to completely awaken humanity to who they are, what has been going on and to build new. There must be a transition period, but hopefully that will not take long…. As it gets crazy, holding the new energies and peace, keeping balance is what many of us are being called to do now. Sending LOVE AND LIGHT to Humanity.

What GREAT times we are living in people! We have been waiting on the completion of duality a long long time… and it is unfolding now!

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