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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Balsamic Moon Phase – Moon in Aries

Ruling Mahavidya – Chinnamasta 

Today we end the transit of the Black Moon to the Galactic Center.  With it comes relief from the energy of degeneration of old or outworn ideas, beliefs, and feelings.  We are refreshed and renewed with the regeneration that comes at the end of the transit.  Prepare for the upswing as the phoenix rises from the ashes of what has been burned away.

But before that, the Moon will once again contact the Eris point, so we need to be mindful of what we say and do because the tendency is to act or lash out.  This will be in effect most of the day, but will end around 3:00 pm ET when the Black Moon makes exact opposition to the GC.

We are focusing on the rebirth aspect of this energy because we now have a truly refreshed and upgraded energy system.

However, when we have an energetic upgrade, it affects everyone differently.  We can find ourselves out of synch or out of resonance with people and this can cause upset.  It will take a little time for things to settle out, so don’t rush to judgment.  There is an element of “separation by vibration” (people not in the same frequency or mindset) anytime we have an upgrade, and there is an adjustment period.  This usually only takes a couple of days, so hold off on your evaluation of things. 

Instead, let’s look at what the divine beings in the Galactic Center have sent to us in support of our project with the planet, Gaia-Sophia.

(Special thanks to everyone for the get well wishes!)


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3Writing this stuff down is really good for me because it allows me to get a hold of what I’m feeling at the moment. If someone else enjoys it, so much the better.

It’s a good exercise in transparency really. Being naked in front of the whole world, sort of. If I’ve got any resistance in those areas, it means I’ve got work to do. So here goes.

In the name of the Divine Prototypes, Alpha and Omega, the Divine Mother-Father God of the Great Central Sun who ultimately are ourselves.

I AM a fragment of a fra2gment of my Group Monad and Monadic family and

yet, I AM that. I AM the End and the Beginning.

That’s because there’s no one else here. There’s no one ‘out there’. It’s just us. We’re it. We’re the ones that are making it happen. Continue reading “#3”

A message about the Gathering

aisha north

Dear friends!

Earlier today, I posted a short comment about how I felt the need to withdraw and try to take in all that has happened in the last 24 hours, but the CCs thought otherwise… They were very insistent that I should sit down and take in this message from them, and that I needed to share it as soon as possible. For some reason, they did not want me to include it as a part of The manuscript, but post it as a separate message, and so here it is:

“Dear friends, beloved family, for that is truly what you all are. And after last night’s intense reconnection, we gather that many of you can truly feel into the truth of this for the very first time. We know you have waited so long for this, but finally we can say, in the knowledge that you hearts are…

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Ken Carey

Source: Reconnections

“The Moment of Quantum Awakening”

Taken from the writings of Ken Carey


“At the moment of quantum awakening, change will occur rapidly, rippling across the terrestrial surface like a wave. Everything in the earth’s gravitational field will be affected in some way. There will be a time of massive change, of change on a scale that has no historical precedent, though it does have antecedents in the prehistoric events of this and of distant worlds. The changes that your generation will experience before it passes the torch to another are more fundamental than those that accompanied the agriculture revolution-and those changes took thousands of years. They are more far-reaching than the changes of industrialization, which took nearly three centuries to transpire. Yet, deep and fundamental, massive though these present changes are, they will occur within the span of just a single life. Read more

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Soluntra King

Source: Evenstar Creations





     We have been reborn. Love has transformed enough of the fear for us to move into the Golden Age in Love, Peace and Joy. We are awakening to our Divine Blueprint and our divine birthright and shine the Sun that we are.

On the actual day of the Great Shift, 21st December we moved through the crossover point in our hearts, the heart of the Galactic Centre more than we may still realise. On the morning of the 22nd December I became aware of no longer needing to feel the pulse of light and consciousness from the Galactic Centre out there. Before then we would move through the crossover point in our heart and the crossover point in the Galactic Centres heart, but now it’s unified within us.

Please see ‘To Connect’  for connecting to the Suns, your Earthsun Body and the Galactic Centre.

      Liquid Light Plasma is now flowing freely through the Inner Earth Sun and by connecting through the Earthsun Body that unifies all your energy bodies and physical body with the Earths, this body is now also Liquid Light Plasma.
This upgrade is affecting all of us, and our Pineal, Pituitary and Thymus glands that are players with the RNA as we receive the Light through the Pineal and process it all in the Pituitary and the Thymus regulates our body and kundalini flow. We are receiving this information from matter, anti matter and dark plasma.

     Your multi-dimensional bodies are Liquid Light Plasma and exist in the worlds of what scientists call dark matter or anti matter, that is lighter and higher frequency than dense matter and interfaces with the divine realms.
As this process evolves within us our RNA, DNA and Light Bodies activate to hold greater light and our energy field is strong and clear. It also means that we have a lot of energy at our disposal and we must be so aware of our thoughts, words and actions. Like never before do we create from them and now we have a lot of responsibility to be aligned with Source and come from unity, rather than separation consciousness and to take responsibility for all levels of our being. Read more

Lisa’s Blog

Many times I am asked about what the difference is between 5D Ascension plan (the original plan for our planet) and the Ascension Mission Upgrade(s) which is known as Plan B.

Some Ascension Guides or Presenters will say 5D Ascension because they do not have the specific language to describe what has changed in the time field. Some of this Ascension ground crew is working specifically to help those that were working for 5D Ascension to transition to a higher point of comprehension in consciousness and within dimensionalized time. There are some people here working to free the soul layers from the False Ascension Matrix, reincarnation webbing, which includes a distortion to the umbilicus cord. Many of these people are Galactic bridgers between 5D and higher dimensions to create future transit routes. Naturally there is a negative alien agenda to prevent and thwart that from happening. Read more