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Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

First Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Aquarius

At the New Moon last week I discussed how the Mother energy of the planet was going to make communication with us this month.    I also explained that in order to receive the communication we would have to maintain the highest level of integrity and maintain vigilence with nature.  Today she will deliver a message to each of us.  You may have an animal/bird/insect encounter, feel a movement in your heart, or receive a direct insight or message in meditation or while in a reverant state of mind.  The very best way to receive the communication would be to be around a campfire or bonfire, but this won’t be possible for most of us.  Sitting outside and making a conscious connection will do.  We’ve been working on being in this frequency range for a few months, and now it is time to earnestly join the dialog.  Don’t become frustrated if you feel like nothing happens for you today.  Your brain wave must be in her hertz range to receive the communication.  And it has to be strong, which means you are living in that frequency much of the time.  It sounds complicated, but really all it means is your heart has reached a certain level of love – love for her and her creation.  Anyone who finds this site and resonates with it has already reached that level.  So what would you like to say to this divine artist?

On the practical level, which is really quite insignificant compared to what today’s real potential is, the theme is cycles.  In some way we find ourselves back at a certain point, place, mindset, behavior, feeling – whatever.  It seems like we are back where we started, but we aren’t because energetically, we have changed completely.  Our energetic bodies have been entirely re-configured, so our experience of whatever returns today is not the same.  So we don’t need to respond or react in the same way.  We’ve been upgraded; some of us just haven’t figured that out yet.

Also, when the sunspots that are on the dark side of the Sun right now turn in our direction, we are going to see some big things.  Nothing was released our way yesterday, so the Sun is still working on the hidden level (unconscious mind).  Remember also that we are edging toward Saturn entering Scorpio.  There is much in the offing…

Marlene Swetlishoff

September  23-30, 2012

Beloved Ones,

The purification that is required in order to allow a greater connection with your Higher Self is now taking place. This will continue for the next months and you will find yourselves expressing in ways you never have before. You will feel calmer and more peaceful within. The intensity of the energies has been washing away all that has been holding you back from going forward in a confident manner and you will soon be picking up the torch of a higher way of expression.

The issues and situations that have been unresolved in the people around you are coming up to be looked at with greater scrutiny and these issues are being resolved in a peaceful and loving manner. All Beings desire to come together in Love and unity, to reconnect in a more positive and nurturing way and this will be seen to have its effect in human interaction. The mass consciousness field has been undergoing a mass cleansing and as this continues, more access to peaceful ways of interaction will take place. Continue reading “Marlene Swetlishoff”

Marilyn Raffaele

Source: Oneness of All

SEPTEMBER 23, 2012

Once again we of the Arcturian Group come  to comfort and assist all who may be feeling anxious or disappointed regarding those events you believed would have appeared by now and have not.  Do not go into third dimensional concepts about how things ought to look dear ones, for much is happening that you are not aware of.
We now see many beginning to awaken although they may not announce this to their friends or families.  They are silently starting  to question all that they see around them and all that they have believed to be the truth.  They are experiencing a lack of resonance with  “politics as usual”, and are beginning to realize that many of the ways that run the world are old and finished.  They are not sure what this all means, and so they ponder  silently within, but this is the necessary crack in the veil, and once that crack has been established, more and more light will begin to pour in. Read more

Matthew Ward

Matthew Ward – September 24, 2012
Original Golden Age master plan; most essential reforms to come simultaneously; subsequent changes; disclosure; free will; off-planet light beings’ limitations; Gaia’s vision for Earth; violence in North Africa and Middle East; record of Jesus’ wife; health in fourth density; redistribution of wealth; Earth’s ascension into fifth density

1. With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. The view from our vantage point could be likened to a global hurricane with millions of eyes, the tranquil areas within the massive storm: violence erupting in North Africa and the Middle East, random acts of violence elsewhere, national economies tenuous or bankrupt, unstable governments, tyrannical regimes still in power, growing numbers of refugees.

2. However sad it is that these conditions still are plaguing our beloved Earth family, none is unexpected at this late stage of Earth’s ascension out of third density. Her pathway for the past 70-some years has been into successively higher vibratory levels and she has reached the level of duality’s positive and negative extremes. At this juncture in the original Golden Age master plan, only wisps of negativity, if any, would still be on the planet. Continue reading “Matthew Ward”

Montague Keen

September 23, 2012

The 23rd of September, the anniversary of the day you became my bride. Our happiness was such that we thought we would go on forever. We are going on forever, but not quite in the way we imagined. Now, I assist in what is your work on Earth and must be seen as such. There will be times when you will not be able to write with me; people will understand this. I did warn you that it would not be easy, that there would be blockages along the way. Your determination to succeed is commendable. This is your divine path. I can only assist. There are many others on this side of life, shining a light on what must be done. Please ensure that you are grounded at all times. Your attack, last Sunday, in daylight, and with others around you, should act as a warning to always be on guard. The Dark Ones are fighting for their existence. They will fight anyone who shines a light on them. You need rest. You cannot carry this on your shoulders alone. I am happy to see that everything is becoming clearer. You never suspected your connection to certain places during your many lives on Planet Earth. Continue reading “Montague Keen”

The Oracle Report

Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment

Monday, September 24, 2012

First Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius

Today features new and sudden beginnings.  It may be hard to believe, but something will dawn on you to show that things are different in the light of today’s energy.  Take heart and realize that darkness that has lingered is abating.  Gradually let go of what has gone.  Today is about new perspectives and new realizations, but the negative end of this energy is holding on to the past despite all evidence and reason to move on and refusing to believe that things are getting better.  I’ve been talking about this theme for two months, but today is the first day that the energy is fully in place for the re-formation of people, places, and things.  The Sun moving into Libra and the configurations of the equinox set this up.  If you remember way back to the New Moon in Aries last spring, I discussed how it would take until late September/early October for the full manifestation of this energy.

I generally talk about the planet and what’s in play with her, but today the hero is the Sun.  Any ritual or prayer of thanks to the Sun today is going to strengthen your spiritual connection and increase your level of intuition.  The “dark side” (non-earth facing) of the Sun is highly active.  This means that the Sun is working on our unconscious levels.  NOAA estimates minimal chance for solar flares directed at us today, but we will see if the Sun decides to divert a burst into conscious manifestation.  Don’t get too deep, meaningful, or serious today.  We will find what we need in fleeting and pleasurable moments.  One final thing: the position of Mars, the planet of war and aggression (among other things), is located at a degree that outlets aggressive emotions.  The best way for this to happen is through sports – in this case archery or shooting at a range or any group sport, but any positive outlet is better than an outburst or controversy.  The energy must be discharged because if not, it will just shoot its way throughout our bodies and hurt us.  It has the power to decimate and devastate.  Be wise with this.



Gaia Request: Be in Joy on the Ride

23 Sep

Solitary adjustments, in one by one fashion concurrent among all Hue-beings, stand out at this current moment. All sense these adjustments. Although awareness of such may follow later.

Intrusions for purpose of clearing come rapidly at this time and each requires simple non-resistance and release.

Gaia global planetary adjustments are on hold until individuals’ clearances are processed.

Gaia alignments near completion yet continue for short period of Gaia 3D time during post-equinox to assist during tipover processing.

Downhill begins now.

Gaia request: Be in Joy on the Ride. Adjust as necessary.