Mike Quinsey

SaLuSa  12-October-2011

There is no doubt that your creative powers are opening up paths to Ascension that are extremely powerful, and that is speeding up the changes. It is happening on more than one level, and bringing forth the first of many preliminary changes that will set things up for the more important ones to go ahead. All is proceeding well and the dark Ones have got the message, that we are no longer prepared to wait for them to move aside. We will remove any person obstructing our efforts, to move the people of Earth into positions where they can start the whole process of Ascension. Much has already been done to lay down the foundation to success, and we are now building upon it.

Every individual can also help at this time, by concentrating upon the Light and all that is positive. You may not know exactly what is going to happen, but you do know sufficient to be able to project whatever you visualize that will bring the Golden Age into being. See the happiness created by your release from the bonds that have held you back, and your return to Sovereign Beings. Feel the new freedom and removal of anything that has hitherto restricted your movements. Know that in time you will be able to travel anywhere in the world, by a new technology that makes distance of no consequence. Speed will be of the essence, and achieved by using free energy that abounds in the Universe. Continue reading “Mike Quinsey”

The Oracle Report

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

10 Lizard
Full Moon Phase
Mayan Calendar Cycle: 13 – Completion

10 Lizard energy has a way of bringing the past back in some way – usually a big way.  This is a good thing, however, because what is coming up today comes up to be completed and closed out.  Lizard energy represents karma, so today we need to forgive and forget and prepare for a brand new experience of consciousness that starts with the end of the Mayan Calendar on October 28. 

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Brenda’s Blog

Accept Your Inner-Power – or Not

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com

Summary of this week’s free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show on http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com: Your world is shifting more and more rapidly. Compare  the rate of your personal world shift to receiving mail in the 1800′s versus today’s almost instant worldwide transmission of information via the Internet. 

 Dear Ones,

You are transitioning at a much more rapid pace than we expected. But you have adjusted with each new shift so you do not understand how fast you have shifted.

Perhaps you are not part of the protests popping up throughout the world. Perhaps you remain in the life you had before you started this wondrous transition. Your internal shifts have forced and encouraged you to move quickly into your role.

Perhaps some people who were important to you are no longer. Not because they are different, but because you are. You no longer wish to care take them or be a victim of their antics. You have claimed your inner-power.

Only those of you who do not believe you are strong enough to be both a unique individual AND a valued member of society will accept victimization or care taking. Both roles place you in a personal prison. Continue reading “Brenda’s Blog”

Greg Giles

Ascension Earth 2012

Discussions concerning all matters of humanity’s ascension into a higher dimensional existence culminating in 2012.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pleiadian Messages 10/11/11

Once the place in the heart is found, all can proceed. The necessary changes are scheduled and will take place, nothing can, or will stop this from happening. The heart is where all these changes derive from, and this must always be remembered. For what good are the changes if the heart is forgotten and the corruption of your society is allowed to transpire once again? We ask of you at this time to take a moment and stand atop all that is and all that shall topple and all that will come, and ask yourself where everything went so wrong, and what is turning everything around at this point in your collective journey. It is your intentions, pure or impure that is the catalyst for changes either positive or negative in nature to occur. Try to see things from a higher perspective always, and your journey can and will be so much easier without all the need for collapse and rebuilding from the ground up. We, the Galactic Federation fleet, in conjunction with the Ascended Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchies look at your beautiful world in wonder. How beautiful it once was, and how badly it was destroyed when so many strayed waywardly from the lighted path. We ask you to always be mindful of your footsteps and where you trample, as your world is so vital to the universe in so many ways you cannot possibly understand this at this time. Much is connected throughout the vastness of space, and your planet and all its multitudes of different species is a lynchpin of this great universe. You are appointed stewards of this great world, Sheppard’s to see the flock safely delivered home. Many beings from many different galaxies and star systems have sent representatives here. Earth has been a great experiment in cultural refinement and structuring. If you had any idea how many worlds took note and careful study of everything you all do here, you assuredly would all act and treat each other so very differently. We love you all, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking part in the grand endeavor, and we wish you to know that all has been a great success. You all deserve such gratitude for all you have done and been through, and you shall be greatly rewarded for your efforts. Try to always remember that you are all in it together. You are all family, members of the great universal families of light. You are representatives of many and great worlds who have also grown so much through trials and tribulation. You all should be proud of your accomplishment; we understand full well your journey here has been quite arduous at times. Continue reading “Greg Giles”


~ wave warriors = heart ❤ heroes ~

11 October 2011 – 9:44pm |  LoveLight

Changing of the Guard


We are waiting, watching, witnessing … Each one of us with bated breaths ~ the SECOND WAVERS EXPRESSING THEIR LIGHTS … those Beautiful Souls that looked and listened to the First Wavers … the Second Wave of Light Workers / Warriors … they influence ALL those around them by their Energy fields ~ they are antennas of energy that came in with a higher vibration … we (the 1st wave) are “passing the baton”, so to speak … the Occupy Wall Street Movement was and is being created by the 2nd Wavers ~ they KNOW WHAT THEY WANT * THEY WILL NOT GIVE UP * this is THEIR TIME! Each Soul so Precious, Unique to their own duties ~ their momentum becomes Brighter and Brighter ~ each BECKONED to by their SOUL to BE there … to BE this Expression of EXPANSION OF EARTH!!


This is what we are witnessing ~~~~ GLOBALLY!! This is not just a “Gathering” of different cultures, backgrounds, countries ~ this is what they are here to DO ~ BRING THE CHANGE ABOUT ~ mattering not who * what * where * WHEN IS NOW ~ these Souls are here to DO that which we are cheering them on … to DO!


WORLD WARRIORS = HEART HEROES Continue reading “LoveLight”

Sheldan Nidle

Sheldan Nidle: October 11, 2011 – The Takedown of the Federal Reserve is Imminent.

Posted by Cobie de Haan 3 Hours Ago
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“Every day, new groups of nations join the movement to defeat the US Federal Reserve and its ally, the dark secret government.

Together, these two organizations have run roughshod over your world for the past few decades. This is now to cease, and the takedown of the Federal Reserve is imminent. The recent deterioration of the global economy is due in large part to the actions of the Federal Reserve and its myriad financial allies; a rebellion, both public and private, is squeezing the last resources available to it.

The dark sees the increasing levels of Love and reacts by stoking the hate and strife and separation that has powered this reality until recently. We call upon you all to use your Love and your growing intuitive discernment to see through the dark’s latest mischief making and to empower the divine Love that is transforming your world.”

7 Kan, 17 Tzotz, 8 Manik (October 11, 2011)

Dratzo! We return! Your world is moving swiftly to a resolution of the struggle between our Earth allies and the dark cabal. At present, the Agarthans are assisting a number of your nations’ military divisions to dismantle the vast global network of underground tunnels and bases occupied by the dark cabal since the early 1950s. It is from these bases that the dark had intended to launch the final assaults that were to turn your precious home into a horrendous prison planet presided over by the upper echelons of this cabal. We are pleased to report that this heinous goal has been torpedoed by these joint operations. Continue reading “Sheldan Nidle”

Day Seven


Oct 10, 2011

Day Seven: A channeling by the Elders, ancient, celestial Beings and High Council Members to the Order of Melchizedek

By Anrita Melchizedek

Welcome sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this Now as you experience this last eighteen day cycle in the Mayan Universal Underworld Focus. We would like to start by telling you more about this Unified Field of Divine Love, also called the Crystalline Grid of One Unity Consciousness and the Christ Consciousness Grid. This Crystalline Matrix of Divine Love surrounds you and all Life through the geometric, holographic, sonic and fractal matrix of Light flowing through and within this multi-universe and connects within you as these “Flames of Divine Love”. And we call you these “Flames of Divine Love”, sweet ones, for this is indeed what you truly are, as God’s ambassadors and caretakers to Mother Earth and all her Life.

This Unity Grid of Light, sweet ones, this Crystalline Matrix of Divine Love and One Unity Consciousness was synthetically recreated approximately thirteen thousand years ago by the Ascended Masters and Christed ET’s assisting in that timeline in the ascension of Mother Earth following the destruction of the Christ Consciousness grid around the Earth plane. Continue reading “Day Seven”