Meredith Murphy

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06 January 2013

A Strange and Beautiful Time.

Message from the Council of Light

Channeled by Meredith Murphy

Telepathic Transmission – 5 January 2013

It is a strange and beautiful time. You sit in our own energy, yet everything is unfamiliar.

There is a knowing not to worry, to let yourselves be.

If you wanted to push through this fog, the body will hold you back–it needs this time of transition.

You are almost too tired to notice what has changed. That’s okay. Gaia is finding her way also as the light from beyond this biosphere continues to stream in, transmitting codes and uplifting humanity. You yourself have summoned this light, this experience and at a soul level your innermost wise sentience know this and trusts. Read more

Lisa’s Blog

Source: Lisa’s Blog

Think of the three sources of the original primal sounds of universal creation—The Threefold Flame. The first unit, as an energy matrix unit is a tri-wave, that which contains potentials for all polarities or no polarity. This is the neutral charge, or zero point, the God Head is that field which this planet is moving into. The Three Flames are all One, yet they are distinct tones on their own. This is the paradox of Trinity Source of the God Head. The Holy Mother, the Holy Father and the Holy Son (Christos) are all One as the Godhead, however the Mother is not the Father, nor the Son. There is an energy matrix comprised of frequency that is a tri-wave tone, this tone is inter-dimensional and also a part of the core substance of our universal matrix. Another word for tri is omni—it is omni-directional, that which moves in any and all directions, within it contains all potentialities, polarity or not. These units vibrate energy that perpetually cycle back and forth between this state of bi-polar light radiation. The tri is three, while the bi is two. At this time on earth we are leaving the bi-wave polarity (Electromagnetism) and evolving into the potential of the tri-wave. (Zero point) When we come into understanding bipolar radiation; we understand the original trinity and completion of the source projecting out its consciousness units into a bi-wave polarity, which is the pair of opposites that manifest matter creations, the masculine and feminine principles. The electromagnetic principles reflect the gender pairs, and this helps us understand the core manifestation structure from which all matter manifestation is built. In working with that bi polar wave, it is the radiation unit that forms the electromagnetic scalar standing wave. All matter forms have a manifestation blueprint which is built upon the scalar standing wave patterns that are immovable. It appears to move but does not move. Like Christmas tree lights, they flash on and off into the continuation and traction and expansion of the fission and fusion between the anti-particle and particle units that create the manifestation blueprints of form, as we know it. From the quantum mechanics of the instruction sets of the blueprint fields, the laws of energy are reversed from the measurements of matter of which current science produces. This is because all matter forms at the quantum level have a projected negative which is the energetic blueprint form holder of the actual matter form. This is similar to seeing undeveloped camera film, the photo negative of the film before it is processed into an actual photographic picture. This is actually a blueprint of the developed picture and by looking at the reversed negative, one can see how the actual picture will develop. The same happens for all manifested matter bodies, everything that is in a form, has an instruction set or “blueprint negative”. This is also a construct of the spiritual light bodies, which are intelligence bodies holding instruction sets. These instruction sets are also called morphogenetic fields. (as coined by Rupert Sheldrake.) Continue reading “Lisa’s Blog”

Jesus through John

John: Good afternoon, dear Jesus. I hope you have a message that is uplifting and inspiring because people are still upset and depressed that nothing of note appears to have happened yet – the old world, not the New Age, seems to be continuing much as before.

Jesus: Good afternoon John, my dear brother. It may appear that way, but a lot has happened and it will soon become clear to you all that much has indeed taken place and the joys of the New Age will envelop you.  Try to give more time to your periods of prayer and meditation to deepen your faith and trust in your Father, whose Love for you is unceasing.

To awaken is your destiny, and many of you are now in that unsettling state between sleep and wakefulness when the temptation to fall back to sleep is at its strongest.  You have become…

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The Oracle Report

Balsamic Moon Phase – Moon in Sagittarius

Venus has moved into Capricorn, joining Pluto, Mercury, and the Sun, and adding more energy to themes of power and control that are associated with Capricorn.  But the main aspect that will intensify control issues today is the Sun making a square to Eris, which stationed direct yesterday.  Eris is refreshed.  The Eris energy abhors anything related to control, so we have strong conflicting energies at work.  It’s a push-pull, tug-of-war kind of day.  So, knowing that is the set-up, we can avoid becoming entangled in situations where this arises.  However, it will be enlightening to watch where this plays out.  It may play out closer to home – with the war being an internal one.  If you find yourself wrestling with any personal demons (your shadow side), take heart because this is happening at a prime time to do something about it.  We’re in the first Balsamic Moon phase since the Sun changed its properties on December 21st.  It’s a special, unique opportunity.  What do you want to release today?  Is it something about yourself – a feeling, mindset, judgment, disappointment, or fear?  Picture it turning into a vapor and project it out from your body in a stream toward the Sun.  Tzolkin (the Sun) will gladly take care of it for you.  It will burn it up and transform the energy.  Then Tzolkin will send the energy back to you (purified) at the New Moon.  There are gigantic sunspots on the Sun right now but they are relatively quiet.  We’ll be watching though, because if the Sun powers up at the New Moon, the electric universe is going to rock.  For today, do some releasing.  This particular Sun-Eris aspect can blow the lid off of anything.  Let’s work with it instead of it working us.

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Bill Ballard

1-8-13 Bill Ballard ~ The In~Between Stage ~ Time to Rest But Keep Focus On Your New Manifestations

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Published on Jan 8, 2013

It seems we are in a rest period between the Old World and the New 5D Earth. We have had the body and Earth changing Light Frequencies incoming strong for some time bringing on the manifestation of the New… The blank canvas is in front of us for those who have made their transition. It’s time to focus on your New Creations in an unlimited way. We are each creators of our New Earth and have a great part to play in bringing it forth. What are the dreams you wish to manifest in the New? It’s time for that focus to bring it forth! Thanks for all those newly activating souls who are stepping forward into the waking and teaching of humanity! LOVE!

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