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Intergalactic Multidimensional Council of One via Goldenlight: Welcome to A New Galactic Age of Harmony for all

December 22, 2012 By

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Message from Goldenlight: during a meditation last night, I was propelled into and beyond our galaxy while listening to a channeled telecast with communications from Sanat Kumara, The Goddess of Venus, and more. I was also introduced to my I AM Presence in a Golden Throne “room” or “area”…it was a time of connections with other dimensions, other parts of my Higher Self, and other Galaxies. I have been experiencing this off and on for parts of today as well. Extremely tired and physically exhausted, I laid down today for rest and meditation, encircled myself in my golden energy ball, entered my personal place of meditational transformation, and began listening to another channeled message from one of the galactic councils, and then, all of a sudden, I was interrupted with my own “streaming broadcast” into my awareness and consciousness; so I immediately stopped the message I had been listening to online, and “tuned in” to this new galactic council broadcast, of which I was taking part. Last night I had volunteered to be of service on any new councils that would be formed. As I tuned into this broadcast that was now streaming into my awareness, I was also teleported interdimensionally to this council meeting. I realized that I seemed to be the earth representative on this new council as there didnt seem to be anyone else there from earth except the soul essence of Gaia (which deeply surrounded me with a feeling of love). Below is the broadcast I received from the Coordinator Being who was speaking at this first council assembly. Read more

Marlene Swetlishoff


Note from Scribe: We have had record snowfall for our area which resulted in several power outages last night so I left my computer off after the first one and that is why this message is a little late.

December 23-30, 2012

hilarion2And so we now come into the new Golden age. We welcome you with great jubilation! The energies are still very intense and will continue in their activating activities. Every living being on Earth is being activated and attuned to the higher dimensional frequencies and this work will continue until each being is fully awakened in the new Light. It is your task individually and collectively, those who are already awake, to continue to shine your Light and help those around you as the need arises and is seen. You of the Light now hold an even more important position than before. You now begin to wield your Light into manifesting your vision for a better World in more powerful ways, because you yourselves are more powerful.

You have come into this World to be OF this World. It is the embodiment in the human form that you have personally transformed into your greater form,  that was and still is required of each of you. As we move into the new year, each of you will be moving into the next steps of your personal destiny and will continue to come together in groups during various times to effect greater positive change in this World. The power of the many acting as One can produce many miracles and this will become more noticeable upon the planet. Continue reading “Marlene Swetlishoff”

Wes Annac

Source: Aquarius Channelings

A Message from my Higher Self: We’re All Here! [Personal Update Included]

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Wes AnnacI’ve become aware of my fifth dimensional Higher Self, existing on our New Earth and helping to bring it into form and anchor it unto our physical reality. This “meeting” was experienced during meditation as a result of the amazing 12-21 energies I am still feeling. I quickly brought-forth a communication, and my tiredness and need to rest may be a bit apparent by the length of this message.

Even as you are bringing me through, dear Wesley, you can feel yourself as me, existing on the surface of our New Earth. Everybody is connecting with and tuning-in to the energies of their Higher Self, and many are beginning to recognize themselves in their fifth dimensional form as they view the landscape of your ascended Eden that you will be gradually realizing you have climbed to. Read more

I Ascended on 12/21/12!

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I Ascended on 12/21/12!

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By Rain – Posted on 23 December 2012

December 21st was an amazing day for me. I started feeling the energies on December 20 and I knew something wonderful was coming.  Read more

12-24-12 Bill Ballard ~ Happy HolyDays To All ~ We HAVE Certainly Shifted Dimensional Gears

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Published on Dec 24, 2012

Happy 2012 HolyDays to ALL! WE have definitely shifted and collectively into a Higher Dimensional Gear. Acceleration has begun as we continue our travels into the New Earth and hang on… The bliss IS increasing as we pick up speed. Wow is all I can say as I feel the incoming energies this wonderful day!

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The Oracle Report


Monday, December 24, 2012


12/20/2012 Audio Update


Gibbous Moon Phase – Moon in Taurus

The big story today is Venus moving into opposition with the Black Moon (the Moon will hit that point again, re-triggering it, around 01:00 am EDT/ 6:00 am UTC on December 26th, keeping the theme extended).  So today something related to relationships happens and continues into the day after Christmas.  This will bring clarity and an associated feeling of peace or calm – if only momentarily.  Venus and the Black Moon are sisters.  They know each other well and they get along well.  Venus is the only energy that quiets the tumult of the Black Moon, but sometimes they come with drama.  The other effect of Venus and the Black Moon comes from clearly seeing the the cold truth of matters.  We are observing this  today- not necessarily acting on it.  Don’t feel pressured to make any big moves or decisions.  This day will go much better if you put yourself in the mindspace of flowing with events instead of dreading or directing them, depending on the circumstances you are in. 

Remember our mission is falling back in love with life.  We are in control of that.  Venus and the Black Moon bring beauty in the form of beautiful things to look at, beautiful acts, and beautiful words.  It’s a prized time for us to find beauty because it is all around if we look.


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“Joy Paradigm” Grid Fully Enabled

23 Dec

“Joy Paradigm” Grid has been fully enabled as of the 12-23-12, as result of Cosmic Alignment. Resistance is futile. Resistance is no longer possible.

Individual human co-alignment with this Joy Paradigm Grid comes step by step, individual by individual, yet expect to see entire groups align instantly. New Joy Paradigm Grid supports strongly such alignments. As veil has been largely lifted, these Joy Paradigm Grid group alignments will be visible to all.