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Personal Truth’s about Upliftment and Ascension ~ Jill Renee Feeler

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By FatherMotherGod… – Posted on 01 November 2012

1) affect the Earthly realms and this broader (reflected) reality and

2) are affected by our reality.

It is quantum in it’s simultaneous and dynamic force in this Shift. Hence what you believe is necessary and available in this Shift of energies on Earth and for humanity affects what is available for the collective and for Gaia. And, what you believe is affected by your interpretation of what is offered to you by the collected and by Gaia.

So, let’s consider some of these beliefs about Ascension/Upliftment. Do you believe, that you personally must experience turmoil, pain, hardship and lack in order to ascend/uplift your experience into the frequencies of your Light body? If so, it is quite logical that you would also expect Earth and the rest of humanity to have a tumultuous and sometimes tragic process to undertake.

There are many other processes of alchemy that access the divine frequencies within, including the vastness of God wisdom available to us. There are many approaches which do not require turmoil, pain, hardship nor lack. Is change required? Yes, of course.Read more

Hank Wesselman PhD.

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“This sacred guideline of living and thriving in the beauty of Nature was embraced and practiced by the traditional peoples everywhere before Western Civilization happened to them. If we were to consider the Aboriginal peoples of Australia, for example, their indigenous life ways and perceptions kept them and their societies alive and well for tens of thousands of years longer than Western Civilization has existed.

During this time they have built no great monuments, nor have they produced any glittering new gadgets to distract and delight us, although they have created great art.  Rather they have lived in balance and harmony with Nature for more than 40,000 years during which time they have destroyed no land nor diminished its spirit. That is their monument and in the end, this may be the only one that really matters.”


The Seven Laws of the Great Spirit

I, like many of you, watch the news on television and on June 29th, it was revealed that 39% of the people of America believe that American Culture is in permanent decline and that our deepening financial crisis will never be resolved.  In response, I recalled the words of Paul Ray and Sherry Ruth Anderson from their book ‘The Cultural Creatives’  published in the year 2000:

“We should take hope for we are traveling in the company of an enormous number of allies…”

Ray and Anderson revealed ten years ago that the number of people in the Transformational Community—those that they call the Cultural Creatives—then numbered between 50-60 million people in the US alone with another 90-100 million in Britain and Europe. These are not small numbers and they have grown considerably. A mutual friend revealed to me recently that Ray now feels that the transformationals now represent about 40% of the American people… or around 80 to 90 million souls. Read more

Nicolya Christi

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‘ANTAGONISTS’ & ‘ADVERSARIES’ – Our Evolutionary Teachers By Nicolya Christi

‘ANTAGONISTS’ & ‘ADVERSARIES’ – Our Evolutionary Teachers

In order for us to live the Truth of Who We Really Are – to live our Soul’s ‘Divine Plan,’ we must first encounter the ‘triggers’ who will support and facilitate our healing and evolutionary growth.

Such ‘triggers’ are to be found in our families, our love lives, among our friends, Read more

Kerry Zane

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Kerri is a TV producer, speaker, radio host, healthy living expert, and author of It Takes All 5: A Single Mom’s Guide to Finding the REAL One.

If I could share 500 words of wisdom to summarize what I’ve learned so far in life, these are the important things I’d want to pass along to others…


From birth to this point in your life, you are an amalgam of your life experiences. They are the events and interactions with others that have defined you, from childhood games of playing house in cardboard boxes to tumultuous adult bedroom alliances.

Each scene of your life blends with the others to create your story–or at least the story about you that you’ve scripted so far. Your story is, in fact, just a story. The beauty of the life you live is that you can redefine or, as I call it, rescript your story any time you want! Read More

Jamye Price

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Weekly LightBlast: Knowing All is Well

Jamye Price
a message from Jamye Price
Thursday, 1 November, 2012

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It takes a broad view and a courageous heart to Know All is Well in these times. The current machine of Earthly life is set to disrupt conscious creation with its noise. There is a mechanism that you have within you that is receptive, for your nature is connective. Your nature is to receive the pulse of the universe into your own heart, perceive it as part of you and honor the out-breath of Life in All, so its unique impact upon the dimensional interaction is received, recorded and released to continue Life. That is the nature of Life and you are that.

You are on a path of transition and you are responsible for what you emit into the world because you create it. Vibration begins its new creation within your own vessel. It is brought into your consciousness, for you are biologically receptive. Your Divine gift of free will is choice. You choose within and the vibrational dominance is created, then emitted. You signal Life for creation and Creation Responds. The relay system continues; the breath of life.

The system is vast and your senses are designed to assist the life continuation process. As you sense fully, you are the conscious creator you were meant to be. Read more

The Oracle Report


Full Moon Phase – Moon in Gemini

Something is going to be imparted to us today.  Most likely this will be knowledge, wisdom, insight, or, in keeping with this month’s theme of new opportunities, something that takes you or your mindset down a new path.  It may be a “renewed” path.  Since Venus will transit opposite Uranus, what is delivered may be quite unexpected.  The trick will be having the ears to listen or the eyes to see it when it comes.  So we will need to be extra-sensitive to what is going on around us.  Go outside of your box.  What is the universe showing you today?  We remain in the window of time until November 6 where the energy is challenging to navigate. To manage this, focus on your down-to-earth needs.  The past few days have been chaotic and fast.  Try to slow things down as night falls because we need a bit of restoration.  Keep in mind that this window of time is trying to also help us establish new and better boundaries, so devote your time wisely.


Big Changes and Awakenings

For the past few days I have woken up with a feeling of excitement and butterflies in my stomach. Considering the step-up in frequency we’ve experienced since the 21st of this month, and the activations I have personally experienced (see my last two posts), it’s not surprising I feel excited, but I wondered what this would mean for the Earth and humanity as a whole. I also had a feeling that whatever was happening would become clear very soon and would affect us all in a very big way. So I asked Spirit whilst meditating yesterday morning what we can expect to happen.

Spirit told me that we can expect three things to happen. Firstly there will be a collapse of the old 3D systems. This has been happening slowly and gradually already of course, and for those of us who are awake, this comes as no surprise. It will however become very clear to those who were holding on to the old energy that the old systems cannot be revived and will not continue. For those who are still asleep, this will be a wake-up call they can’t ignore. It is likely to cause a mass outpouring of negativity, which needs to come up in order to be released. Many will go inside and start to connect with their inner selves, as they will be searching for ways to carry on without these systems. They will be digging deep for their inner resources in order to cope, survive and feed themselves and their families. For them, a spiritual awakening will follow, as they will find many willing to help, which will forge closer bonds between humanity. Continue reading “Gabrielle”