Lisa’s Blog ~ Planet Emancipation Wk9

Our ES community has been asked to begin group collaboration for grid work and transits on Twelve (12) weekly assigned planetary networks in partnership with Krystal Host. We have been asked to invite the public that finds resonance with these words to offer another consciousness ring of heartfelt prayers to support the Krystal Host Planetary Emancipation Gridwork (PEG) Project. These “prayers for emancipation and peace” assignments can be completed within the seven (7) day period which is dedicated to a specific key area that has been directed for support from off planet Krystal Star (Christ Consciousness) families connecting with the earthly family at this timeline. This will be published for the public in the weekly Timeshift Blog here, which is every Tuesday to Tuesday.

Week NINE Planet Gridwork: Inner Gate of Westbury England in the Valley of the White Horse (South of Bath) and its underground linkup into the Tibet Autonomous Region, Bam Co Lake, (North of Lhasa and Bhutan) for the period of Tuesday July 2nd to Tuesday  July 9th.White Horse : 51°15′49″N 002°08′49″W
Bam Co : 31°15’10″N 90°34’43″E

Week NINE Intention: Set up HGS Session space that is dedicated to the Purposes of the Krystal Star Host communication networks for Inner Gate 9 in Westbury England in the Valley of the White Horse (South of Bath) and its underground linkup into the Tibet Autonomous Region, Bam Co Lake, (North of Lhasa and Bhutan) Building the architecture required for Krystal Hosting for Planetary Soul and Humanity Tribe 9.

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Sandra Walter ~ Level Up: Activation of the Truth

Sandra Walter – Creative Evolution

Level Up: Activation of the Truth

Please read my last article Guardians of the New Light which discusses Transcendence, Light Service and the new frequencies.

I asked my Higher Self to explain more about the changes which began for me (and many) on June 16. To recap: I woke up at 5am and witnessed several lightships sailing overhead, some flying parallel to each other (unusual to see them fly side by side). They began to flash and beam all at the same time as I received the message Incoming, be open for this. Immediately after the flashing a wave of powerful energy came in which cleared my heart completely and activated a new level of Christed (Krysthl) light with my heart center. I have been cleared of the past, and the ancient past, in order to be transformed. Continue reading “Sandra Walter ~ Level Up: Activation of the Truth”

Archangel Metatron ~ Ascension; what does it entail? And an update: Everything is already finished on the etheric level and now the physical aspects will be drawn through the centerpoint of the cosmos

Mary Rodwell: ETs, Souls, The New Humans, and a coming global Shift

Mary Rodwell: ETs, Souls, The New Humans, and a coming global Shift

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Published on Jul 3, 2013

“Extraterrestrials, Human consciousness and dimensions of soul: The intimate connection” by Mary Rodwell, Director, ACERN…

Mary Rodwell — ETs, Souls, The New Humans and a coming global Shift…

Lady Gaia

༺♥༻ New Earth Energies ༺♥༻


I have an idea, a perspective if you will.  Part of this Awakening process, I believe, is embracing diversity and as such I hope that this perspective is read from the proper place of Love.  At any rate, for personal reasons I’ve been doing research to learn about Thrones which are a specific type of Angel.  Throne Angels seek to Right “injustices” and speak to the masses in a language they can understand.  I’ve learned that this is closest to my “Soul Family” and that Lady Gaia is a Throne Angel as I aspire to be an Angel on Earth.  So, as such, I would like to speak about Lady Gaia.

Lady Gaia is a Mother and the Giver of Life.  I had an epiphany the other day about her and our views on “God” so I would like to explore it here.  My idea is this: What if…

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Lisa Gawlas ~ Quantum Change – DNA Transfiguration – Shambhala Emerges.

The Shift of Time and Energy!


Over the last year and a half, since I have been dedicated to doing the readings in the way they are done, I have felt so many shifts in the field, in the human, is us.  The energies have changed and rearranged themselves more times than I can count during this time, but nothing like what I experienced yesterday thru the readings, thru the way I experienced mySelf thru each connection.

My first lady of the day showed up directly against the Mesa’s upper area.  The area that had released itself while I was gone.  I really didn’t notice that until after we hung up, but then I became fully aware of exactly where her image was and it’s placement of importance.  The first thing I had seen was fire.  A fire so pure it was almost transparent in the colors of the flames.  I could feel the purification happening…

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