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A Core Shift in Spatial Relationships

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March 13, 2011

 Marking time is putting you into a faster two-step lately, isn’t it? Cosmic rhythms being what they are, it would seem that you have entered into time’s half-time show and the nature of how you relate to reality is moving into an extraordinary process of elongation and expansion. That is how it may seem. However, cosmic rhythms being what they are, we assure you that in fact, nothing out of the ordinary is happening at all. The reality of what is ordinary has changed, but that is merely a function of your ability to relate meaningfully with it. Reality is what it is. Time is what it is. Your relationship to reality and time is what is becoming – and how becoming it is, humans of Earth! We are ever in awe of your core resonant vibe, even when it may seem like everything around you is falling apart.

 Core restructuring is taking place within the planet. It is taking place within every being upon the planet, within species, within nations, within social structures, families, and friendships. Everything – everything – is shifting into a different band of frequency, into a new realm of understanding, a new phase of being. A new world is taking shape. Would you indulge us for a brief story? It’s been some time since we shared one with you, and it serves well the purpose of deeper understanding of what’s going on these days. So please, sit back and enjoy our brief tale. The world will still be editing itself when we’ve finished, so you won’t miss much.

 Long ago, on a world not so far removed from your own in space and time, known to its inhabitants as Cosmic Creation Number Nine, a panel of experts convened a sort of gathering of the people who put their names in a hat as part of a lottery. The winners were asked if they would take the core-shift route on their trip to photograph the paradise of a new world coming into being. They all agreed, more or less, and with pockets full of hope, they embarked. To the emergence of a new world birthed from the essence of their own they went, adventurers all, and into the phase of interdimensional time they seemed to disappear. The world they found themselves in was twin to Cosmic Creation Number Nine in all ways but for the improbable factor of pirates having stolen the lock and key to the codes of creation and the additional challenge of the travelers having lost most of their memory. Of course there was little the lucky lottery winners could do but take photographs of everything they saw, and they soon had so many light-etched images that they began to get a little bit disorganized and confused. Where was the end point of this birth of paradise? Where were the scenes of beauty and wonder that would trigger their memories of home? They looked around to see only carnage and chaos, confusion and churning catastrophe. This was what they recorded. Continue reading “A core Shift in Spatial Relationships”

Kate Spreckley

Energy Report for August 2011: Transforming Duality – by Kate Ann Spreckley

 July ended with the power of a New Moon, with both the Moon and Sun in the astrological sign of Leo. This energy encouraged us to open to the warmth of our hearts and welcome in the beauty of self-love and acceptance. The Light is coming more rapidly now and with greater intensity so that we may deepen our awareness, expand our consciousness and make the dreams of our hearts a reality. Now it is even more important to allow our hearts to sing prayers directly to the Divine Creator and listen to and follow the resulting wisdom and guidance.

 Our current evolutionary journey is a path littered with new phases of growth and development, exciting new visions and ideas for evolutionary change. At the beginning of each new cycle many new possibilities are awakened within us, but the influence of the old cycle can be distinctly felt and there may be many overwhelming feelings as we release the past and at the same time work to manage the energies of the new. It was the energy of July that readied us for the end of an era and the beginning of another.

 There is so much that seems to be happening energetically this August that I have found it difficult to know where to begin! What I do know, is that August holds a powerhouse of transformative energies that will push us beyond what we have previously known. We will be urged to move rapidly forward but at the same time to pause and seek deeper understandings and build more solid foundations. Continue reading “Kate Spreckley”


Holy Shift: The 5th Dimension

One of my readers wrote ‘Holy Shift’ in response to my last article and well, I had to purloin the phrase as it was simply fitting for this of Summer 2011…

I left off in my last post talking about Bend, Oregon and the birth of the sacred white buffalo who heralds world peace. I’ve had friends visit me this weekend from Bend. Some things are so significantly important. They brought me furniture and warm clothes and love and good company and reassurances that I had made a good move for my family in our geographic relocation and shift…and so I prepare with a light heart for my family’s imminent arrival!!!

I can imagine everyone remembers Stargate, the movie or the series? I am conjuring up all the scenes when the crew/ those brave adventurers’ stood before the circular stargate and they just had to trust in their journey, for once they entered the watery like substance and traversed the dimensions, the Stargate crew never really knew what they would find on the other side…

and so it is with crossing dimensions… there is that element of trust that is required once you have opened the portal passage of change and then, there is the required action and movements needed to survive in one’s new terrain.

I have realized without a doubt, in the last 9 weeks, that the two worlds of the 3D and the 5D are living side by side, and what world one currently resides in is entirely dependent on divine timing, soul contracts, karma & energetic entanglements, an ability to read spiritual directions & guideposts and once called, a leap of faith into the great unknown. Not everyone is prepared for such a journey, and not everyone is going. The door to the 5th dimension stands wide open to all…although, the path is extremely narrow, and often, treacherously slippery.

I believe it was last Winter that Inuit tribe was attempting to alert us to the fact that life on Planet Earth had definitely changed. Allow me to refresh your memory:

“The town of Ilulissat sits just above the Arctic Circle, meaning its residents had been without any sunlight for a good chunk of the winter, and traditionally they’d expect to see their “first sunrise” on Jan. 13.

News that the sun had peeked over the horizon on Jan. 11 appeared online in British and German-language publications and it appears to trace back to a story by the Greenland broadcasting company KNR that quotes residents who noticed the change.” Wynne Parry, Live Science

The natives’ voices since then have only gotten stronger and stronger, according to the Inuit, the Sun and the Stars are not in the same place, they believe the Earth herself has tilted on her axis (which has been proven scientifically after the Chile and Japan earthquakes).

There continues to be more than a hosts of strange Earth events happening with our weather, an increase in sink hole formations, as well as rivers actually disappearing after an earthquake (Costa Rica), and of course, the on going volcanoes & earthquakes.. “All of these volcanoes are blowing right now as the trend continues toward increasing volcanic and seismic activity. The earth seems to be losing part of its structural integrity at the same time that our climate is changing dramatically” (before its news). It seems we travel from criticality to volatility…eventually, we will simply surrender into our new Earth as nothing is as it was and nothing can remain the same!

The following video is from the Sirian Council of Light… they state that the Earth is going to heave a huge heavy sigh from her heart for all her inhabitants that cannot feel the glory, the magic, the angels or even God. They say the people of earth will panic with the dying economy, the severe weather & storms and the dark choices our politicians continue to make. They seek to prepare us for the long night of the soul and they council an absolute obligation to follow our heart as it holds the key to our enlightenment and perfect unfoldment!

Some say, nothing has changed for them! Some say, their life is stagnant, unfulfilling, unrewarding, or draining! I say close your eyes and listen. Can you hear the celestial songs from the heavens? I do. Can you sense the stargate? It bekons your arrival to its entrance.. Can you feel the new vibration? It is overwhelmingly light and loving (and almost frightening in its scope and magnitude). We are at home and bathing in the frequencies of the light. Nothing, no fear, can stand in our way and I urge you to be at peace as soon enough we will go through our 3 days (or 30 hours) of darkness and that event…in the twinkling of an eye…will alter our reality beyond our wildest imagination.

I have just been to a large healing woman’s circle followed by a shamanic session in a teepee on a creek in old growth trees, new guides descended to work with me. Beings from South America who I have met before while in an ayuhausca ceremony. They are firm, strong, gentle and persistent in carrying all the new vibrations. They are very clear, that old stuck energies of the patriarchal paradigm and anything out of integrity will not be welcome here…nope not here in the 5th dimension!

To my tribe of family, friends, readers and new community…

We have all been brought here together, in similar resonance as we have BIG work to do… let us undertake the creation of this new world reality with joy! I have been told over and over from various people while in Ashland… the tribes are gathering…

In the woman’s circle we had to let go of something, strange entanglements and weird agreements that do not benefit the good of the whole, were my chosen items; and then we had to replace this loss with something, a healthy, well provided for family, were my other choices.

I believe it was Ghandi who said if the individual was healthy, the family was healthy and if the family was healthy then the whole community is healthy and if my whole community is healthy, then my world will emanate health, so in praying for my family unit, I prayed for us all. Marianne Williamson who taught and lectured on A Course in Miracles said, if you solution to world problems does not solve the problem globally, you have no solution at all.

“The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.”George Santayana
“And thank you for a house full of people I love. Amen.” ~Terri Guillemets

I would like to thank everyone who played a roll in allowing my family to come through the stargate…some gave financially, some gave emotionally, some just held the belief that my family would make it in due time, so I thank all who believe in the power & love of the family unit.

Holy Shift, we all made it through safe and sound…
and if you haven’t then I invite you to work with me energetically so that I can give you a helping hand…



Lisa Renee

August 8, 2011 ES Ascension News

Liquid Light is Freedom

Dear Family,

The peak intensity of the shift happening now on the planet has called into action many new and different variations of Multidimensional beings from across the Multiverse. Many of these life form expressions (levels of existence or states of being) have never been exposed to the consciousness field of this planet nor this level of density in the 3D human realm. The majority of this vast network has agreed to work together in alignment to the higher orchestrated expression of the Celestial Management Structure which receives its directive from the Core of Creation. The vision of this collective network is Unity Consciousness in Action, achieved through the mutual cooperation of creating a massive focal point – multiple dimensions of vast bodies all aligning together to place their combined creative power into One laser focus of collective genius. The collective genius is the intelligent sum of All of its parts, perfected into an equal value and merged into a new tapestry of experience within God’s Universal Plan of Creation. All parts of the consciousness experience recorded are equal and yet when joined together they create an alchemical power entirely new in the process of creation. What is held within this Ascension Alchemy transmutation process is an entirely new actualization of potential embodiment, and it extends beyond our planet, our solar system, our galaxies and even our Cosmos. The infinite nature of what is being newly created through the alchemy of these Cosmic forces is truly unfathomable.

On our planet at this time there are multidimensional intersection points of directing Liquid Life force in order to attain the goal of “physically” embodied Liquid Light. Those purified and devoted to this pathway share a beneficial goal that must transcend ego needs, personal desire and selective species interest. We are required to rise and serve the greater whole and destiny of the entire Human race and its prototype for Universal Creation. The fulfilled destiny is the Return and the Restoration of the Christ Liquid Light and to ignite its complete Universal Krystal Star pattern within the physical population of Human Beings on this planet. This “Krystal Star” Celestial Management Structure contains a huge array of lateral hierarchal entities, both incarnate and disincarnate, both human and non human all striving to accomplish the same vision and potential for a Universal Collective Ascended Timeline. A time of Freedom for the Future of Humanity and All Beings who choose Freedom in their heart. It is the Liquid Light of Christ (Krystal Star) Intelligence that is the promise of True Freedom for All.

Artificially Bent Light

Through the eons of time our Universe has been founded on One Eternal Source whom divided itself into multiple levels through the Pairs of Opposite. The Principle of Gender and the physics governing consciousness units have followed Universal Laws governing these creations and their perception of evolution throughout “time and space”. Over many millennia, many vast expressions of Group Entity Forms sought to create their own worlds and replicated these origin codes through Mental Laws they determined to write for themselves.

These Mental Laws were “Artificially Bent Light” matrices through which its “Creator” (or Group Entity Forms) could manipulate its realities to perform controlled actions of behavior in its manifestations. Since it saw its manifested creation as a possession it had ownership of – like a slave – it felt entitled to manipulate and control life forms at its own personal agenda. The bent light matrices (and the artificial bent light holograms projected into the planetary architecture) were designed ultimately to exempt its creator from the consequence of personal energetic action and dump its responsibility (with the karmic load) onto another. The Crucifixion Strategy is an example of an artificially bent light architecture to create the mental archetype and therefore belief system of Salvation as a requirement through “Redemption.” This action created intermediaries (False Gods) that are interfering with a human being’s direct relationship to God Source. The correction of this imbalance is being restored to the planet and therefore humanity at this time. Continue reading “Lisa Renee”

How to Deal with Perpetrators of Darkness – Call to Action

Throughout my life, and at various degrees, I, like other sensitive people, have felt the collective fear, pain and suffering on the planet felt by humans, as well as animals and nature.

All the people, animals, all the plants, all the trees. There’s so much pain, so much suffering, so much violence. I feel it all. I hear it all. Every minute of every day. It never stops. I can’t stand it. And it’s getting louder all the time as the elite use all their tools to increase it.

Those men and women who work in slaughterhouses, the ones cutting down the rain-forests, drilling for oil and destroying our environment, the creators of wars. Those men and women who torture and kill millions of people, animals and trees every day. Those that think animals and trees don’t feel pain, fear, and terror, or relish the thought of inflicting these to others.  Those who send psychic and physical attacks onto others.

Years ago, I had a German Shepherd, which had caught its paw in a metal gate by the side of the house. The dog was in great pain by the time I got home. He was snapping at anyone who tried to get near as it struggled to free itself.

I walked up to it and held him firmly, but to free his paw, I had to put my arm between his face and the gate. As I did this, he bit deeply into my left arm –  I pulled the paw free, which hurt him even more.

After he was free, he was still in a lot of pain, and tried to bite me again. I held his mouth closed, and pushed him to the ground, firmly, thus telling him (in dog language) that this was not OK.  He calmed down and I was able to release it, knowing he would no longer bite those around him.  The moment he “changed”, we both knew it was over.  Although still in pain, he became friendly and “sorry” about what had happened.

As Bill Ryan stated in our joint article : “The moral of the story? Humans, too, lash out in anger and violence, because they are in great pain and fear.”

I’d like to hold them all in my arms. All of them. I’d like to show them that they are loved, and that they are safe. All the murderers, all the rapists, all the butchers of the seals, whales and dolphins, all the bloodthirsty workers in the abattoirs, the creators of wars, all they beings involved in psychic attacks. And all those individuals who, in their pain and fear, lash out at me personally, on the internet with hate and anger, poisonous words and death threats.

How do we reach those people who have their paws stuck in gates of pain and suffering, fear and distress, who lash out at everyone around them. Who have lived like this so long now that they start taking pleasure out of the suffering of others?

It is not about who’s to blame. Yes, we take responsibility in minimizing the pain and suffering of others through our actions. We can go out of our way to eat meat from small farms, organic producers who love their animals. Yes, we can buy furniture from renewable sources of wood, clothes from factories which don’t exploit people. But what of the perpetrators of fear and pain? We might hold them in our field of light, and allow Gaia to do her work. As a ‘singularity’ – I am but one person. But WE are many.

If we dedicate 10 minutes a day to holding these people in our collective light, it can make a huge shift for them and us. After the 10 minutes, let us focus on the compassion and love of the millions of lightworkers and lightwarriors around the planet, our brethren, so that our collective power increases — making each one of us more able to accomplish our collective work.

I also feel the love, light and compassion of billions of people around the world. All those parents who hold their new born baby in wonderment and deep love, all those who behold our Mother Earth in awe as they sense Her power and compassion. I also feel millions of lightwokers and lighwarriors diligently doing daily acts of selfless love and compassion to bring light to others and the planet.  For every murderer there are 10 healers, for every abuser of animals, there are a thousand who hold animals in respect and equality. For every creator of war, there are millions of us who do not agree with that particular game.

If I didn’t feel the LIGHT I would not be alive today.  Mother Earth made the call for assistance, and we, all of us, are the answer to that call.




The Sparks Ignite

August 2011

Hi my amazing friend,

There is a great sense of anticipation and electricity in the air. We are right on the cusp of major global revelations that will make it even clearer we are moving towards a more open and united society. This means the old out-dated structures that have operated from a place of dishonesty and domination are quickly losing their grip over humanity. What we have and will continue to witness is the final efforts of systems trying to hold on to the ways of the past through fear. It’s imperative at this time that we look beyond the fear tactics constantly bombarding us. A great deal of these tactics comes from media outlets, and often seeps into our local communities (friends, family, colleagues) where the fear could seem very convincing to us. The key is to remember that all is unfolding in Divine perfect order. Soon, if it hasn’t already, it will become absolutely clear to the masses that all the current changes are playing their role as precursors to the new emerging heart-centered reality.

On a personal level, the anticipation we are experiencing right now is showing up in a few different ways. One of these ways may include feeling overwhelmed as a direct result of having so many things to do from little daily tasks to big projects we have chosen to accomplish. It could definitely feel a bit chaotic if we are not centering ourselves. In others, it could also show up as feeling restless to the point we think we’re not doing enough. Whichever we may be feeling, the best thing to do right now is to connect with the energy of ease and grace through our daily walks, meditation, playing, journaling, or anything else that helps to relax our mind, body, and spirit. The current energy of anticipation can make us feel a little ungrounded, so by choosing an activity that connects us with ease and grace we are sure to feel more settled and present.


What will continue to assist us in moving through the current and upcoming changes is to operate with compassion. True compassion is all inclusive. When we are able to show true compassion even to the structures, systems, and people that may have appeared to not have humanity’s highest interest at heart, we instantly remove our own personal resistance to allowing the new heart-centered reality to emerge more quickly.

True compassion instantly moves us out of victim consciousness and into Creator consciousness. Showing true compassion is being able to look past the stories we or others have created. When we are showing others compassion, we are recognizing them for who they really are. We are looking past the illusions and connecting with their Divine Self. Continue reading “Emmanuel”

Dana Mrkich

August Monthly Visions: Emotional Bursts of Highs and Lows

The recent couple of weeks have been filled with an incredibly difficult energy for many, coming to a crescendo this past weekend with an almost X class Solar Flare and resulting geomagnetic storm raining down on us. Think of it as an extreme intensification of Light/High Vibrational Energy (and a pre-show rehearsal for plenty more to come over the next year) which absolutely highlights and amplifies everything particularly our authentic needs, soul’s desires, old dysfunctions & any resistance remaining to wherever it is we are going. This intensification can simultaneously trigger bursts of joy, gratitude, inspired action and profound insights when we’ll feel crystal clear AND it can trigger bursts of tears, sadness, agitation, anger and upset when we might feel the murky clouds of disempowerment, confusion and heaviness. These bursts are showing you where you’re at in relation to what is going on around you and how you perceive what is going on around you – they are direct arrows of communication from your Soul.

These bursts are showing us where we are aligned with who we really are, and where we are still holding on to some aspect of who we are not. The gap between the two vibrations is so huge now that when they are attempting to co-exist within the same space the feeling is not pleasant. How might this look in your daily life? Let’s say a part of you wants to leave a relationship, and another part is in fear so stays. Gone are the days when we were able to just brush things under the carpet, tolerate them or think “I’ll deal with it next year.” As the two vibrations push up against each other we start seeing things like major health issues cropping up, profound emotional mood swings or even physical accidents. We aren’t being allowed to be in denial anymore when it comes to our authentic self – and if we do choose to stay in denial it will feel draining and debilitating in every way. Gone are the days when denial and other self-sabotaging choices ultimately served us – we are moving on from that cycle now. It is time to get with the new program, one in which we are best served and serve best when we are being true to who we really are.

Let’s say we are suddenly faced with a bunch of unexpected bills and expenses and start freefalling into panic and overwhelm. Meanwhile a huge part of us knows full well, knows from having experienced it over and over again, that the universe always provides, that we will be supported, that we always receive all the abundance we need in time when we trust we will. That panic and overwhelm will tend to feel completely suffocating and next thing you know we are losing our heads in a full blown anxiety attack! That’s the time to stop, revive, survive. Take a breath, unplug from the old mental tapes and stories that used to believe in lack, pull yourself together and remind yourself: “What am I thinking? I know the universe is always there for me. These unexpected expenses are actually due to the wonderful expansion of my life that I asked for. If the expenses have shown up, then so too will the financial support to cover them!” You should immediately feel yourself plugging back into your Centre, allowing yourself to thus be plugged into the flow of Source Energy that is there to help you. It is like feeling the difference between deeply and easily breathing in and out, or holding your breath. Try it now and feel that difference. See how the former allows everything inside you to soften and flow easily, while the latter straight away causes tension and a ‘holding on’ energy. This is a big ‘get out of your own way’ time! Continue reading “Dana Mrkich”