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2011-2012 Ken Carey Starseed Dialog and Updates



Where I’m Coming From. . .

Starseed-one Just before late 1978’s winter washed up on the snowy new year’s shore of 1979, I took a break from my work as a carpenter to write down a string of visionary yet seemingly random impressions that had been influencing my dreams and weaving themselves through even my waking thoughts since the previous September. I tossed a small oak log onto the coals and sat down at a desk situated in a twelve by twelve foot office that I had built specifically for this purpose.

No sooner had I set my fingers to the typewriter when my mind soared upward to what seemed an inter-dimensional plane of consciousness. There I was met by a group of beings made tangible by brilliant multicolored fields of ever-so-slightly shifting patterns, their light vibrating with a rapidity far beyond my own. As my own perceptual faculties accelerated in joyful excitement, these beings slowed down their own vibrational rates until our eventual synchronization allowed us to communicate in, at first a telepathic, then soon in an increasingly word-speckled manner that included smoothly changing symbolic images, powered by a unified energy stream of unimaginably potent love.

I could feel their intellects scanning my vocabulary at computer-surpassing speeds until in a matter of moments they introduced themselves as angels. When I did not react (because this had been obvious from the start), they altered their self-description and explained they were extraterrestrials. This did impress me until I realized that, not being of this earth, all angels were, in fact, extraterrestrial. For the next 11 days I did nothing but type. I felt intensely alive. Luminosity flowed out from me in a spectrum that differed from, but were not dissimilar to their own. I had no need for food or sleep. (The only ordinary things I did were to throw the occasional log on the fire, and to drink abundantly from the five one-gallon jugs of our own spring water that I had stocked up on beforehand.) On January 6, the experience was over, I slept for almost 24 consecutive hours and awoke to find The Starseed Transmissions manuscript neatly laid out on the center of my desk. Now, about here, you would expect an author to write, “Little did I know that this experience was about to….” Continue reading “Ken Carey”

The Oracle Report

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

1 Moon/Water
First Quarter Moon Phase
Mayan Calendar Cycle: 11 – Awakening and Rebirth

1 Moon/Water is one of the more powerful of the Moon/Water days.  It brings a flood of emotions, and the combination of astrological aspects enhances a focus on the past.  Our recollection of details is sharper, and we feel them in different ways through our senses.  Sights, smells, and sounds are more acute today. Historically, this day can be hard on the heart because we want to feel joyful and secure.  Issues involving commitments, vows, promises, and everything related to relationships (specifically romantic relationships and relationships between sisters) are highlighted.  Solar activity is usually high over the next three days in the Mayan Sacred Calendar, adding to the intensity of the energy that is present. 

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The Oracle Report

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

13 Star
First Quarter Moon Phase
Mayan Calendar Cycle

My teacher always warned that 13 Star was often too good to be true.  Today it may be necessary to call upon the deeper and inherent knowledge within.  What has been learned from the past?  Some days it is better to try something new, but today leans more toward tradition.  13 Star does not favor the new.  It favors building on existing structures.

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Monday, September 5, 2011

12 Deer
First Quarter Moon Phase
Mayan Calendar Cycle: 11 – Awakening and Rebirth

Deer energy is always beautiful, but today, 12 Deer, is as gentle as it is powerful.  12 Deer brings balance and equilibrium.  This is quite welcome after the energies of the past two days, 10 Serpent and 11 Death.  Take note of what today is like.  You should be able to tap into the peace and calm.  Remember how today feels because we will enter a full 20-day cycle of “12” energy with the 12th uinal on September 18th.  “12” energy brings understanding and relief.  Since July 21st, we have been in the heaviest and most intense energy present on the planet in the last 5,000 years.  It amplified on August 6th with the anchoring of the negative wave.  Essentially, we will get a 20-day respite period, comparatively speaking, with the 12th cycle on September 18th.  Perhaps that puts things into a little more perspective for you.  For today, be grateful for the blessing of 12 Deer. 

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