Sandra Walter ~ June blooms: the magnificence of Unity

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Sandra Walter – Creative Evolution

June blooms: the magnificence of Unity

A welcome sight for those in the eCourse: Spectrogram for June 3

Apologies for the delay in communication. I AM weaving the crystalline corridor back to Mount Shasta, learning a great deal about new skills, and traveling in some remote areas which puts me out of internet range. I appreciate the messages of concern; all is well (better than well!) and I AM honoring the activations with quiet integration as I greet the new gateways.

There is much to share about the current frequencies and acceleration of the Shift. My journey back to Shasta began with three days at the Grand Canyon – the epicenter of the new gateway openings. It was incredible experience and I plan to do it justice on video as soon as possible. Right now completing this mission is my primary focus, and that means many hours of traveling, anchoring, expanding on the work that was done during the triple eclipse gateway. Continue reading “Sandra Walter ~ June blooms: the magnificence of Unity”

The Oracle Report

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Balsamic Moon Phase – Moon in Taurus

Ruling Mahavidya – Tara

Today we connect with the energy of the sea gull. What does this photograph conjure for you? 

People often have strong feelings about sea gulls. Some find them annoying and others find them relaxing because they are associated with water.  In Animal Speak, Ted Andrews discusses how sea gulls are shore birds and rarely venture far from land.  Shore lines, he says, are magical and mysterious in that they are neither land nor sea, but between the two.

Balsamic moon phases are magical and mysterious, too, and they also are neither part of the last lunar cycle nor part of the next lunar cycle, but between the two.  Shorelines and Balsamic Moon phases are part of the Netherworld or the Spiritworld.  In keeping with the energy, we are going to get magical and mysterious today as well.

Gulls are creatures of two domains: air and sea.  They are masters of both.  When we work with their energy, we work in two realms, too.  With air, we work with communication and ideas or visions.  With sea, we work with emotions and the vast world of Spirit.

Sea gulls are associated with communication, proper behavior, and courtesy.  Gulls teach us how to “read” other people’s true motivations in communication and their true energy (things that are not easily discernable).  They also teach the importance of proper diet (diets of all kinds: thoughts, emotions, and nutrition).

So today we are reading between the lines, picking up subtleties, shoring things up, nourishing ourselves properly with food, and mentally traveling in and out of spirit.

This is perfect energy for Tara as she wanes.  Tara is impeccably mannered at all times – until she is pushed.

Today is big magic.  Use the energy wisely and be mindful of your feelings and where you are placing your attention because all attention is empowered today, regardless of the focus.  If you find yourself getting “negative” or going off center, use the sea gull’s energy to fly another way.  Stay close to the shore.

Lisa’s Blog ~ Planet Emancipation Wk5


Our ES community has been asked to begin group collaboration for grid work and transits on Twelve (12) weekly assigned planetary networks in partnership with Krystal Host. We have been asked to invite the public that finds resonance with these words to offer another consciousness ring of heartfelt prayers to support the Krystal Host Planetary Emancipation Gridwork (PEG) Project. These “prayers for emancipation and peace” assignments can be completed within the seven (7) day period which is dedicated to a specific key area that has been directed for support from off planet Krystal Star (Christ Consciousness) families connecting with the earthly family at this timeline. This will be published for the public in the weekly Timeshift Blog here, which is every Tuesday to Tuesday.

Week FIVE Planet Gridwork:Inner Gate of Vatican City, and its underground linkup into Macchu Picchu, for the period of Sunday June 2nd to Sunday June 9th. Continue reading “Lisa’s Blog ~ Planet Emancipation Wk5”


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Sanat Kumara via Tazjima: Be as a Spring in the Desert

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Wallowas 0912Sanat Kumara: Be as a Spring in the Desert, channeled through Tazjima, 1 June, 2013 at

I AM Sanat Kumara, also known affectionately as “Raj”. I presently serve as planetary logos, from the holy city of Shamballa, home of the Ascended Masters and connection to your sister world, the neighboring planet of Venus.

Our Minds are No Longer Leading the Way

Our Minds are No Longer Leading the Way… Our hearts KNOW The Way

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Published on Jun 4, 2013

As we transition to a Global Awakening of Oneness, many are finding it difficult to work through the painful contrasts of daily struggles. Whether it’s debt, depression, loneliness or other aspects of fear, our ability to stay centered seems challenged.

How can we move out of our head and into our hearts — allowing us to thrive, not just survive.
This was the topic of a brief audio-recorded conversation between three people who wanted to share their experience in making such a transition.

Please join BZ Riger, Holly Tucker and James McManis in a raw, revealing conversation where hearts were exposed in ways we didn’t expect.

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Clarification of Intent for Humanity-General


gaia_energy1Clarification of intent for humanity-general occurs as Higher Dimensional gateways are opened for all. Higher Purpose is revealed in ways that are undeniable to each.

Forces of movement previously restricted to Hue-manity are now available to humanity-general. Questioning of all outdated paradigms by humanity-general becomes “the normal”.

Hearing and trust of Higher Self is now accepted as “the normal”.

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Blame and the World Condition Logo

Blame and the World Condition
The Tibetan on Blame

… the physical plane happenings are incidental and of no permanent lasting power.

The physical plane events and precipitations are carried forward and made possible through focal points of energy who are the world dictators, the world statesmen, and the outstanding human beings in all lands as well as by groups which are actively working in every country for their own ends or — as is more often the case — under the influence of some group ideal or wisdom plus personal ambition, personal will-to-power and personal aggrandizement. Continue reading “Blame and the World Condition”