The Earth Plan: 2020: Age of Ascension ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 9 January 2020

Source: Meg Benedicte

We are about to experience one of the most catalytic weekends of our lives! Into the vortex we go! Astrologers have been discussing, parsing and warning about this week’s astro-events for some years now.

Source: The Earth Plan: 2020: Age of Ascension ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 9 January 2020

Understanding Tarot: The Empress — Forever Conscious

Tarot card art from the Rider-Waite Smith Tarot Deck This article is written by Tarot Reader, Claire Chilvers. You can find out more about her insights and readings at @ClaireChilversTarot The Empress: Appreciating balance and achieving abundance As I write this article for you all, it is a cold, wet, dark, miserable winter afternoon. A very…

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The voice of love is always calling out to you


The voice of love is always calling out to you. It is whispering gently into your heart, reminding you, “I am here for you! I love you just as you are!” Love is the voice of God whispering to you from within yourself.

– Iyanla Vanzant

Text and image source: Iyanla Vanzant htpps://

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Giving is Gain

Living Light


The Spirit of God (The Spirit Essence of Truth and Divine Love) is a Spirit that constantly gives all that it possesses. As we awaken to our true Identity within this Spirit of Life, we too abide in a continual state of giving from an endless abundance.

Fashioned in our Creator’s likeness, we are an ever-flowing fountain of the attributes of Truth (eternal peace, ever-present joy, invulnerability, unconditional love, divine harmony, perfect abundance, holiness, etc). As these attributes pour through us, they are reflected back to us from our reality, but in greater expressions than what we gave, thus we gain, which in turn we are able to continually give more. As we give from this endless abundance, others gain and so do we. Thus, the fruit of giving is pure joy that is experienced by all.

Giving is gain. It is the source of ever-present joy.

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7 Yoga Poses for Seniors — Wake Up World

January 10th, 2020 By Vivek Roy Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Yoga is a practice of physical, mental and spiritual disciplines. It is originated in ancient India and is one of the main Hindu philosophical traditions. Yoga is considered the soul of India. It is meant to be a system which increases awareness and…

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Soul Healing Art

Meditation is not something you “do”.  Meditation is a state of Being you carry within you.

Meditation does not need to become another activity to complete on your list.

Meditation is a State of Being that exists beyond activity. If we can not see Meditation in this manner, we marginalize its purpose.

Meditation transforms us, not as an activity, but as a way of Being.

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