The Earth Plan: Dismantle of old – Grand Move of Collective into new paradigm: 2020 – Heart Awareness ~ Kwana Mikaela ~ 21 October 2019

Source: Kwana Mikaela

In this NOW old collapses with a real noise, which then creates a powerful ripple effect on the Collective field for us to move forward.

Source: The Earth Plan: Dismantle of old – Grand Move of Collective into new paradigm: 2020 – Heart Awareness ~ Kwana Mikaela ~ 21 October 2019

The Earth Plan: Update & Personal Announcement ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 21 October 2019

I am also including Amanda Lorence’s personal message because I know many of us are at this stage where the strong need for personal space, silence and “void” (for want of a better word) is becoming imperative,

Source: The Earth Plan: Update & Personal Announcement ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 21 October 2019



When I fell into the abyss

I never hit the ground

I grasped upward into the darkness

Silence all around

I think,

A hand will surely come

As everyone has witnessed

My world…


I hear them laughing in the distance

With their salad forks

With their quick retorts

Their elegant events and attire

To their friends they report.

Their rhinestone entitlement

Moving them forward

Gift wrapping to perfection

Perfectly placed bows

Schedules adhered to

Friday night shows

Sunday painted fingernails and toes.

Marvelous and divine

These words repeatedly slide

Because your BMW and tuxedo

Do make everything



Your exquisite,

By your own terms,

Perfect lives.

My hangnails are picked

As are my cracked lips

I’m left without a quick quip

Devoid of banter or wit

I’ve no desire to play

Society charades

Nor participate in your parades.

I’ve watched from the sidelines

Of the arena

I’ve seen…

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Monday Musings ~ The Writer’s Corner: Memory Lane, but the Essence Remains

Tania Marie

On Thursday, my mom dropped off a box of some of my old school projects, drawings, certificates, and awards for me to look through. She was cleaning out, but didn’t have the heart to get rid of these things so passed them on to me to do as I pleased with them. It’s been both interesting and cute to see some of my first drawings and stories I wrote in kindergarten, elementary and middle school. There were also some things from high school and the private creative industry-focused college, FIDM (The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising), I went to after where I received my AA.

One of the things that stood out was a speech submission I sent in to be considered for valedictorian to give at the graduation ceremony that took place at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles.

They invited the students who had 4.0 GPA’s to…

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Creating an Altar Space

Hearth Witch

If you’re just starting your journey into witchcraft, one of the important first steps is creating an altar. But what do you need an altar for, and is there a “correct” way to arrange everything?

A lot of people think of altars like they think of a knick-knack shelf or display cabinet, especially when first starting out. At that point it tends to be all about aesthetics rather than function. Don’t feel bad if you’ve already done this, we all have 😉

Yes, it’s nice for your altar to look good, and it’s especially nice to have nice things for your craft. In some ways this can be important if your practice centers around deity reverence and/or ancestor worship. It can be likened to a Hindu shrine in that respect and used in a similar way.

Your altar really depends on your craft.

I can’t stress this enough: your altar…

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Meditation: non-two

Blazing Light, Love's Song

Ten of us were in meditation retreat over these last four days. One of the primary foci has been experience. What is one’s experience any given moment on or off the cushion? When someone writes in their journal or reports to a friend ” that was a good meditation,” what is he or she referring to? When I say clarity, what am I experiencing such that the term clarity is being used?

This simple meditation might or might not elicit the experience of non-two, but will support your practice.

non-two 101919

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Special – Women’s Shamanic Coaching Online Course — The Power Path

With Lena Stevens and Anna Stevens Harrington We are pleased to announce a very special offering to help and support women at this time. We are making our popular Women’s Shamanic Coaching online course available at a discounted rate with the addition of supplemental support of a live webinar launch and 2 follow up group…

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