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Dear Ascending Family,

During certain periods of time, such as with the date of 12/12/12, these master numerical sequences in the time field influence the instruction sets in the collective energy fields of the planet. We have extra accumulative consciousness power which can be gathered and applied for the intention of service to the earth, as well as to serve the highest expression of our spiritual being.

Thus we have a powerful intention when working to diffuse the ARMAGEDDON software programs, such as Pestilence and Cataclysm fears, or many other fear programs which can be interchanged as they are similar control programs used on the earth to suppress consciousness. If you are guided to participate today with the energies of 12/12/12  it is a powerful intention to dedicate your prayer and intention to a specific issue, such as; friends and family, a group of people, (such as children) or a demographic land area, an earth kingdom (plants or animals) that you personally feel a direct connection towards. You will be able to direct God Guardian forces to that person, place or planetary position.

Today it is suggested to reflect and gather our group consciousness light to be of service to humanity for Planetary Freedom. Continue reading “Lisa’s Blog”

Karen Doonan

Arcturians Message 14th Dec.

Greetings dear ones, we are the Arcturians and we come to guide and support ALL at this time of major unfolding of the new earth energies upon planet earth. Much is changing at cellular level for your human vehicle and this is being shown to you in the reflections that are your human life experiences. We are here to guide specifically on the changes to the human vehicle and how they may be interpreted at this time in your human life experience.
Planet earth is being showered with high-energy frequencies and many of you are able to feel this at a deep level. This heightening of frequency is to enable the new earth energies to be fully anchored not only into planet earth but also into the human vehicle through which YOU experience this planet. This is the change that is driving many to the point of questioning sanity for it is an upgrade like no other. Continue reading “Karen Doonan”

Dl Zeta


The 2012 Quantum Identity Shift: Stepping into the Footprints of our Fifth-Dimensional Selves 

As we move toward the December 21 solstice point, we find ourselves standing in the doorway of a new moment in human consciousness. Because everything in the universe is energy, the powerful alignment of the solstice point with the galactic equator marks the dawning of a dimensional shift toward a global awakening.


Awakening to the December 21st ‘Zero Point’


On the December 21 solstice point, all four meridian points or solstice/equinox points will sit at zero degrees or ‘void of course’. The Sun, Juno and Neptune will sit at zero degrees as well. Void of course is the area at zero degrees when a planet holds the energy of universal intent. The Sun and Juno are conjunct the midheaven at the point of the December 21 Solstice. Neptune enters the first few minutes of Pisces, opening the door to new and greatly expanded spiritual potentials. The universal meaning of Juno conjunct the midheaven and void of course at the December 21 solstice point is the entry to a new paradigm based on love and compassion. Everything beyond this point will carry the frequency of the new time.

Past, Present and Future Exist Simultaneously in Parallel Dimensions Continue reading “Dl Zeta”

The Oracle Report


Saturday, December 15 – Sunday, December 16,2012


Saturday: New Moon Phase – Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius

Sunday: Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Aquarius

On Friday we had the bluebird of happiness at our front door and this weekend Cupid is knocking.  The energy asks us to open our hearts and go beyond barriers that may in place around it.  The Sun and the asteroid Cupido were conjunct at the New Moon, so Cupid’s Arrow of Love combined with Sagittarius’ Archer and his Arrow for Aiming Home makes for a wonderful combination.  It’s the perfect confluence to fall back in love with life.  Along that line, today’s energy also asks us to let our inner child out to play.  The energy is a playful, loving, happy time that is even a bit mischievious.  A little bit of the Prankster is present while Venus leaves the sign of Scorpio.  All of this happy energy is at odds with Saturn and Pluto in sextile, which is bringing a push-pull of control and power issues.  There are lingering parts that are trying to control things.  The interesting thing now is that this does not have to hold any power over us.  If it doesn’t meet our standards of falling back in love with life, we brush it aside indifferently because it holds no significance.  We are taking up arms as spiritual warriors and practicing lifting our bow and shooting our arrow at anything that stands opposed to the fullest expression of who we are individually and as a collective.  So we need to practice this visualization by pummeling feelings and mindsets that creep in to pull us off track by shooting them with our arrows.  Remember, right now our feet are planted firmly on the ground and our minds are aiming home.  Ground down and aim home.  Monday will be especially interesting with the Sun moving into conjunction with the Galactic Center so stay tuned.


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Rapidly Growing Momentum for the Light…

14 Dec

As a result of worldwide 12-12-12 12:12 activities, mediations, ceremonies, a rapidly growing momentum for multi-dimensional-level change has established throughout Gaia. Hue-manity is now aware of this, and yet-to-be-fully-awakened 3D humanity, soon will be.

The transformation of energies of Gaia and the full grounding (establishment on the Inner Gaia) of these Higher D energies within Gaia, ensures vibrational uplift of all Gaia inhabitants.

Sacred Gaia portals have returned to full function and effectiveness. All who are drawn to such portals become harmonized with them, and uplifted vibrationally by them.

Further portal vibrational attunements, although necessary, will be minor.


Connecting with the New Grid

For the past week, I have been preparing for the activations of the 12-12-12. In meditation, I ask for all those who have offered to help me with these activations to come forward, and open myself fully to the activations of the high frequency Light energy. Already I have felt this energy making changes in my body, with palpitations, hot flushes and headaches for several days now, and I can feel my connection with the divine strengthening daily.

This morning’s meditation was the most powerful yet. I had become a pillar of Light, connected to the Creator’s Light and Gaia’s core, and my portals were crystalline-gridopening. I was centred in my heart feeling my way to connecting with Gaia’s New Crystalline Grid. I was reaching out for the Web of Light that I intuitively know it to be and feeling absolutely ecstatic when I made contact with it and became one with the Grid for the first time. It looked like an enormous Web of pure Platinum Light. Two of its strands went right through me, crossing in my heart centre, anchored into Gaia by my column of Light. The Grid’s deep, resonant vibration was like the loud Dragon’s roar I had heard before, but much more powerful. The Light/Fire of it literally fused me with Gaia and Source with the purest Love and the most awesome Power. At the same time, there was an enormous download of Information which absolutely blew my mind. My consciousness expanded to become the Grid. I felt the vibrant POWER of LIFE and LOVE in Gaia’s magnificent mountains, Her lush green valleys, Her plains, Continue reading “Gabrielle”

Laura Bruno

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Family Relationships and Ascension Energies

laura-bruno-white-shirt-smallerI’ve received so many emailed questions and phone sessions regarding the issue of changing family relationships during this Ascension process. Since I hear variations of this theme again and again, I thought I’d share a general response here. The following information comes as a compilation of very short emails and longer explanations shared during sessions. I hope this post clarifies the energies and situations so many of us continue to experience during these intense times:

The overall energies on this planet are trending towards revelation and truth, but free will remains an option. If people wish to stay in denial, though, they will need to “work” for it — much more than before. In times past, denial was the default option on planet Earth. Unless you worked to break free of illusions, you stayed stuck in them. Beginning around Spring 2011, the dominant energies on Earth began to shift from denial towards Awareness. Read more