John Smallman

You will begin to get glimpses and premonitions of the wonders that await you

10/05/2011 by John Smallman

The density of physicality is diminishing as your frequencies rise in preparation for your move into full consciousness.  This is demonstrated by the sense of impermanence that many are feeling as they move through relationships, jobs, places that they call home, and as contact with old friends and family is lost or much reduced.  Everyone and everything seems to be on the move, and in a way that is the case, as you move into position to take on and fulfill the new roles awaiting you when you awaken.

You are not going to be sitting around in awe and wonder!  You have planned very creative and satisfying roles for yourselves that will keep you very busy – and most enjoyably so.  You all have huge creative potential of which you are basically unaware as you plod on through the illusory environment in what may well seem to be a rather meaningless and, perhaps, boring fashion.  And this is because, as you have lost your memories of Reality, your search for meaning – the significance of life on Earth – often seems quite misguided or pointless.

This will change when the veils fall from your eyes and the stunning vistas they have hidden from you come into view. Continue reading “John Smallman”

Shala Mata


Whale & Dolphin Cosmic Pulse 

September 2011    


 Whale & Dolphin Meditation Recording – Sept 11, 2011
Dearest Light Family,  Welcome to my September Whale and Dolphin Cosmic Pulse.  Today during my September review the energy of today September 11, 2011 was discussed along with the dramatic changes that occurring with all of us collectively at this time.   


The energy of September is a time of surrender and allowing without holding onto resistance or preconceived ways of thinking or being.  Its a time to think and feel “outside the box”. The whales and dolphins offered a loving message of support and understanding as we move through these challenging times.      


I want to thank ALL that were able to join in and participate with me today.  The love and energy allowed a deepening to our connection with the “Whale Matrix”  which will be the foundation for all further meditations.  We aligned today with the powerful energy of September and the massive change that is occurring on all levels.  The Whales and Dolphins showered us with the frequency of “Joy” today, giving each of us a new found inner strength and a new level of trust. Continue reading “Shala Mata”

Mike Quinsey

SaLuSa  7-October-2011


If you did not know by now that the final days of the dark Ones are here you will very soon, as some of our activities to curtail their attempts to escape justice are likely to become general knowledge. Be assured that we have total control in these matters, and they will not go anywhere without our approval. It is not that they have to ask us, it is simply that we know their intentions and where they are at anytime, and that way we can make certain that they cannot get up to mischief. As you might guess, when the beast is cornered it lashes out with total disregard for the consequences. There may be minor incidents but our main concern is to stop any action aimed at you.


Each joint project that we are involved in is at a point of being ready to go ahead, and we will make sure that once we get the signal to proceed the whole mechanism will swing into place. Much of the groundwork has been completed by our allies, and we are present to oversee it. There is really so much that goes on in secret, but sometimes the size of the operations is such that it is difficult to conceal everything that happens. That means you discover some details and may have a good idea as to its significance. You have your own reliable sources that are trusted, and will know who you can believe. However, once things get started there will be no mistaking what they are about, as you have waited for so long you do know by now what to expect. Continue reading “Mike Quinsey”

The Oracle Report

Friday, October 7, 2011

5 Rainstorm
Gibbous Moon Phase
Mayan Calendar Cycle: 12 – Understanding

There are three main things to address today: 1) Today is the last day of the 12th cycle, the Cycle of Understanding.  2) Just like last weekend, today and the next two days are a power boost to harmonize and equilize ourselves.  3) 5 Rainstorm requires us to use finesse in order to navigate it well.

First, let’s look at the end of the Cycle of Understanding.  As discussed in the Aries New Moon article and its counterpart, the Libra New Moon article (see “Articles” tab), wisdom has come to us in one way or another.  The closing of the 12th cycle means we have everything we need to be able to understand.  Remember that these cycles are the last of their kind.  We will never have these outside energies to help us understand things.  We won’t have them anymore because we don’t need them anymore.  We have learned that we already have all that we will ever need to know and it is inside of ourselves.

Second, starting today and continuing through the weekend, the Sun will “go across” the energetic imprint that Saturn and Venus made at the New Moon on September 27th.  This means all that Venus and Saturn were contributing to this month (where we are harmonizing and equilizing) will be now be empowered by the Sun.  Think about the Sun’s power.  It is the sustainer of the entire solar system.  As it crosses those points (the degrees in the sky) it will energize whatever was happening due to Venus and Saturn not only at the New Moon but also ever since then.  It will enhance the powers of harmonization and equilibrium that are in play.

Third, while all of this is wonderful and very abstract, the energy of 5 Rainstorm can be somewhat jarring.  Thunder and lightning usually accompany the day.  It can be a little rough.  People are often moody or hyper-emotional and this can lead to situations that affect some sort of change.  I suggest running ahead of the storm of whatever transpires today.  Keep it at your back.  Keep your emotions equlized.  You can still gain the last bits of wisdom that are trying to come your way.  Look forward and celebrate.  The last of all cycles begins tomorrow.  In twenty days, each of us is a beautifully wrapped little gift with a neatly tied ribbon.  We will be “energetically complete” which means we become sovereign beings who have been imprinted with the knowledge and experience disseminated by the Sun through its process of cycles described by the sacred knowledge held by the Maya.  On October 29, 2011, the day after the Last Day of Cycles, the game changes.  More on that later… 

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Denise Le Fay

10-10-11 & 10-11-11

Like so many of you, I’ve had my attention drawn to the clock at exact moments so I’d see 10:10 or 11:11 or 12:12 or 2:22 or 3:33, 4:44 or 5:55 or all of them and more in one day for nearly twenty years now. The numbers I’m supposed to see or be consciously aware of change over the months, then disappear for months, then return and start screaming at me repeatedly every day again, desperate to get me to notice, remember, be triggered and fully realize that IT IS NOW and NOW constantly!

Since June 2011 I began seeing 10-10-11 and 10-11-11 repeatedly so I knew something extra important about October 10 and 11, 2011 was coming. I took a look—for the hundredth time—at Carl Calleman’s 2011 Ninth Wave DAYS/NIGHTS chart and finally spotted what I was supposed to discover and write about.

That information was that October 10, 2011 (10-10-11) is the last day of the last NIGHT—Night Six (Sept. 23–Oct. 10, 2011).

And, that October 11, 2011 (10-11-11) is the first day of the last DAY—Day Seven (Oct. 11–Oct. 28, 2011) of the Ninth Wave of the Mayan calendar. Continue reading “Denise Le Fay”

Lee Harris


Wednesday, 5 October 2011
Winds of Calm, Winds of Chaos, Winds of Change….

October is an ‘entry month’ in energetic terms. This month we enter the year of 2012 energetically and thus an energy of new beginning will exist strongly and support new beginnings for many.

We tend to look at dates and times in linear terms as 21st century humans, which for scientific and mental purposes is a useful and appropriate ‘measure’. But in terms of energy, this month begins the cycle of 2012, and a 15/16 month cycle of cleansing, renewal, transformation and power. As a result, these four words will be experienced this month in ever growing ways. Winds of calm and winds of change will sweep the earth and our lives, and renewal and transformation will be high on the agenda.

Extreme energies will once more be present in October, and this will show up globally and personally, though you will have the choice to engage those extremes or not. As an experience, this duality will rarely be as chaotic or grief stricken as it was in earlier months of this year when the extremes come in. The shifts of 2011 are ingrained in us now, and we have adjusted to them. So little can surprise at this point, even if you are still dealing with sweeping up the debris in your lives or unhappy with your current life situations. Continue reading “Lee Harris”