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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Embracing the new …..

The new has arrived, can YOU FEEL it?  It is the change that is in the very air that we breathe at this time on planet earth.   Everything is shifting and fluxing and rapid jumps are being made by many across the planet. As we open up to the new energies and begin to anchor them into our very BEing then all is changing and its changing rapidly.  Time has started to dissolve and this has proved a challenge for many.  The way to get through the coming weeks and months is to be open to change.  For the changes that are taking place are at a very deep level. We are changing down to our very DNA.

With this change comes new ways of BEing, perhaps over the past few days you have felt different?  More connected? more open? more aware of all that is around you?  Perhaps at times this has become too much.  I hear from a lot of people who tell me they feel overwhelmed as if its all crushing in on them. This is to be expected at this time of transition, for we are all transitioning. We are moving from the closed way of BEing into the expanded way of BEing.  Continue reading “Crystalline Sanctuary”

Lisa Whatley Kate Spreckley

Forgive or Else You are Shackled like a Prisoner to Your Past! – by Lisa Whatley

 By your choice of not forgiving, you have chosen to shackle yourself like prisoners to your past!  This holds you back from experiencing your true Divine Potential.  You carry the great weight of shame upon your shoulders, the burdens upon your back, the grudges and revenge reek havoc in your mind and the ball chained to your leg impedes your forward growth.  You hold the power and one of the keys that can potentially heal you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, ultimately setting you free!

When we carry grudges, resentments, old hurt and pains we end up hurting ourselves more than the ones that we perceived did the hurting! Being unforgiving is detrimental to our entire being! Coaches, counsellors and doctors attest to the damage that is done by failing to forgive ourselves and others. The majority of illnesses that are treated are due to emotional problems. Depression, anxiety and destroyed relationships are normally caused from carrying resentment and bitterness, which is unforgiveness. Continue reading “Lisa Whatley”

The Oracle Report

Thursday, October 6, 2011

4 Mirror/Flint
Gibbous Moon Phase
Mayan Calendar Cycle: 12 – Understanding

It is important today to take as many breaks as possible and give yourself time to think.  As we come to the close of the 12th cycle (tomorrow), we come to understand something about ourselves.  This may not be something new, exactly.  It may be that we see something from a much bigger perspective or dimension.  Don’t be too hard on yourself if what you are learning about yourself is difficult to accept at first.  Remember that we are in a momentous time in history and the Universe is working at a fast clip to bring us into resonance with people, places, and things in the future.  Take time out so that you can take full advantage of the opportunity. 

7:57 am edt

Soluntra King

 Comet Elenin is not a destructive, negative, fear based object coming to destroy Earth; Elenin is cleansing and triggering us in very deep levels of our being and through our Kundalini, DNA and RNA.

Our collective kundalini is rising and the comet flying through the heavens with its tail has been compared to Quetzalcoatl the winged serpent, the symbol of the kundalini fire flowing through us and the wings of ascent into the higher dimensional realms of existence that we are in. As we move beyond the realms of duality and become our Body of Light, and into a state of cosmic consciousness and Christ centered consciousness of love and compassion. Peace within and light, and the integration of the inner male and female, yin yang polarities.
We are all being affected by this flow of cosmic energy through us.

The Serpent, Kundalini Day is to celebrate and focus on the union within that allows the kundalini through the gateways, the Chakras and as it rises to fully illuminate our being on all levels as we become our Body of Light.
This day is to acknowledge the energy, be open to it, aware and allow it to be.
 The Serpent people hold the wisdom and love within the Earth and the Serpent is also within you. It is the life force energy, the kundalini, the chakras, the strands of the DNA as well as the portal vortexes of Earth and the doorway from the underworld to the over world and through the dimensional worlds.
We never make the kundalini move as it moves in its own time when we are ready, and to force it will bring a lot of pain. But we can go and say hi and see how it is and if it’s blocked in our Central Channel.
Sending a message of Love down our Central Channel to the Serpent and sensing where its head is, either beneath or in between chakras. Then ask it if it feels blocked and if so what’s blocking. Being aware of what it replies as this will be relevant to your life and creative energy.
Then breathing in golden light and love and acceptance and sending it down into the Serpent until the block/issue feel transformed into love and acceptance wholeness and golden. If the Serpent is ready to move it will do so of its own accord. Otherwise you have transformed another layer of the onion.
For more inner meditations and exercises with your Kundalini please see my book LIGHT CODE ACTIVATIONS

and a kundalini awakening from being birthed in the cosmic egg at the core of the Earth
in the Diamond Light Workbook.
The Children of the Sun have some good information on this with meditation mp3 as well
 MAYAN CALENDAR DAY; 5 (centre, core purpose, acceptance) BLUE (West – energise, transforms) RAINSTORM – CAUAC (transformation, lightbody, lightening path, purification)

Dana Mrkich

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

October 2011 Monthly Visions: Stop Waiting and Start Leading

October 2011 Monthly Visions: Stop Waiting and Start Leading
There is a constant heightened state of alert being felt these days, as if something big is just about to happen. Forums are buzzing with various angles on what this something will be. Imagining your best impression of the guy from Who wants to be a Millionaire?, the million dollar question is will this something be: a) A massive earthquake that sends the whole world into literal wobble b) Offical disclosure from governments, confirming that they’ve been in contact with other-planetary beings for a long time c) The culmination of the Mayan Calendar on October 28 triggering everything from Zero Point, a Pole Shift and three days of darkness or d) A blast of light that sends everyone into an instant awakened enlightened state.
            It feels like so much energy is going into wondering what is going to happen, that we seem to be missing the fact that ‘something’ is happening right now! So many of us are waiting for ‘the big event’, placing our lives on hold until we get the official program as to what’s happening next, meanwhile show after show is playing at the Earth Theatre giving us previews and new movies galore that we can choose right now.
            Have you been feeling this heightened state? Do you feel a sense of anticipation bigger than anything you’ve felt over the past 5/10/20 years of your awakening? Are you feeling adrenalin or even what you might describe as electricity running through your body? Do you feel a tad nervous or excited or a bit of both, as if you’re about to step into something completely new and unknown? Our heightened state is the direct result of the now daily influx of high frequency light showering all over Earth that is lifting our personal and collective vibrations to a new level. This light is simultaneously stripping away our old veils and illusions, and opening our eyes and hearts to reality as it really is. Our hearts are beating faster not because there is something ‘coming’. Our hearts are beating faster because that ‘something’ is here right now and on our deepest and highest levels of being we all know this. Continue reading “Dana Mrkich”

Children of the Sun

Every New and Full Moon, Equinox and Solstice

Participants share…

spiral“I could see something like a brilliant cobweb of light around the earth and my skin kept having goose bumps almost during the whole hour. I saw the smiling faces of people, some I knew; and others I didn’t know who they were. We were holding hands and smiling and the whole atmosphere was of love and peace…”  Sharn’a from Panama

spiral“During the unified meditation, I was encapsulated in what seemed like cylinder tubing and began to see geometries. I saw the whole group of us joining our light bodies and forming one large merkaba field, this looked like a huge spaceship of sorts.  I should say it was a quantum leap in consciousness and I could hear the music of the celestial spheres, I was trembling and shocked and felt such joy and incommensurate bliss.” Alicia from Buenos Aires, Argentina

spiral“I saw the ley lines of Earth very clear, and they were so brightly alive and light they were glowing and radiating far out into the universe. I also saw people all over earth communicating with each other  and smiling. There was a wonderful sense of peace and harmony on the earth and the earth’s terrain was so lush, alive, and vibrant…awesome stuff.”  Simon from Alberta, Canada

Program Description

The Crystalline Grid is powerfully reactivating as a new consciousness matrix and part of the New Earth template. This planetary grid is our new foundation and a spiritual “telecommunications system” to help us connect and remain connected to the higher consciousness of humans all over the world. By consciously aligning with and connecting to the Crystalline Grid on a regular basis, we strengthen our ability to receive and transmit higher dimensional energies… as one synergistic beam of Love and transforming energy.

Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation is radiating the call to people around the world to join this influential matrix and expanding forcefield of light. Serving as a Grid of Stabilization, this is a massive support system during this period of increased intensity in the Earth’s restructuring process. One of the main uses of this highly advanced crystalline structure is to bring balance to our and the Earth’s processes by providing a pure means from which to access and remain connected to pure energy source.

 It also profoundly assists us in developing skills of expanded consciousness. This includes greater sense perceptions, telepathy, energy transferences, receiving and decoding the languages of light, multidimensional communications, to name a few. These are very important skills for the now times.


moon cycles

Every New Moon, Full Moon, Solstice and Equinox

The Transmissions

These regular transmissions shower amplified infusions of light to assist in our personal transformation. As a forcefield, this amplified field supports each of us in releasing the old and embodying the new. We unite and link our collective light in a purified, highly tuned geometric field. This unified geometric field is also known as a group merkaba, or a spinning and ascending field of rarified energy which assists in our upliftment (ascension) into the new consciousness frequency.

Important to Build the Grid Networks

helpingServing as crystalline human portals and an extension of this powerful network, we each receive and transmit these New Earth energies to and from our intimate sphere of influence and the geographic locations in which we live. It is very important that we focus on building our own networks of light on this grid matrix. This is to help your friends, family and those closest to you. As we are all linked, what occurs in our field also affects those in our intimate sphere. 

The networks also empower and expand the matrix into greater fields of mass unification.

With aligned intent, we can accelerate transformation into specific areas of the world especially those affected by the planetary shift. In these times of tremendous change, we are assured of this unified forcefield and giant support system to be in place, every new and full moon without fail. Everyone is inspired to build their own networks of light. 

How it Works

The transmissions will occur over a full 24 hour period on each day of the new and full moon.

Unified Meditation/Ceremony is synchronized to four world times:

Sydney, Australia      8 p.m.
Country of India        8 p.m.
Paris, France             8 p.m.
New York, USA          9 p.m.

During this day, you may choose to go into meditation, connect to the Crystalline Grid and simply receive. If you have built a network or desire to assist with the unified planetary focus, you can also serve as a crystalline human portal in both receiving and transmitting.
Important Links

World Clock Calculator
To synchronize the global times of unified meditation/ceremony in your home zone.


2011 Schedule
Every New and Full Moon, Equinox and Solstice
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Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation