Christina Fisher



Be Audacious Master the Moment


Anticipation ~Big Island 2012

We are poised at the edge of a dynamic precipice. In our every action and thought we have an astonishing opportunity to maximize the moment. At this time we are feeling immense shifts which permit us to break away from the known, into a transformational experience not yet realized. We are invited to embrace our mastery during this compelling and unprecedented transition. Of all previous periods in our history, this is the time to look into the precipice with eyes wide open. Hesitation holds us in a grip of wearisome incongruity. We need not cover our eyes, for as we take note of what is awaiting us, we begin to fathom what lies beyond. A legendary opportunity beckons us, it is the ultimate invitation to outdo ourselves.

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Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Disseminating Moon Phase – Moon in Aries/Taurus

Wise owls are called upon today to bring balance and equilibrium to situations.  Things get out of control today and those who are able to keep their wits by understanding that we are in the last years of the Kali Yuga- the time of balance and enlightmentment – will be able to keep things on track today.  So you have a mission.  Nothing special is required other than being yourself and using your energy to sway things when they turn negative.  Most likely it will be important to bridge the gap or go against the status quo to bring in new and innovative elements.  Wise owls are nothing if not charming, and this is what saves the day today.  The Black Moon is in the last degree of Taurus.  It will move into Gemini on the night of September 11th.  Until then, fears about safety and security are dominant.  The Black Moon is traveling alongside the South Node right now, meaning it is bringing up things from the past (past lives even).  Situations that are happening now are hold-overs from the distant past that are trying to come to resolution.  It is important not to force things with this energy.  It needs to resolve itself without impetus from us.  (Today’s picture is from the auroras over the Yukon produced by the CME that is in effect.  Photo by J. Tucker from

Iréne Alomar




End of hanging on to fixed ideas,

actions and reactions,

based on ultimate opinions,

end of highs and lows

We are changing gear again,


zero point,

a still point,

the gear of neutrality,


from this vantage point,

we are allowing


From this more rested place,

which I call heart space

we can take another look.



Stay on stay on,

a little longer,

sweet you.

Let us watch the Sun




in purple, pink and violet


…and then sweet you,

I’ll stay a bit longer,

so we can watch the Sun



in orange and red





No name is needed,

’cause You know who your are.

Easy when we meet,

easy when we part.

You are always near,

where ever we are,

no distance at all,

since hearts speak directly

to other hearts.

You nourish my soul.*


*P.S. a translation from my Swedish book,

Efterdyningar. D.S.


Soluntra King

September is a big month; the core of the Earth is expanding and responding to the Solar Flares. The Solar Flares are pulling the Inner Earth Sun out of balance. This Full Moon we are utilising the Liquid Light Plasma and the fire into the core of the Earth September 5th. But for those of you who work in the bigger picture, and those who care about Earth, humanity, and themselves you might want to assist to balance the energies. Below I have inner work to do that will assist greatly, or you might tune in to do your own thing.
In order to assimilate and balance the Solar Flare influx; 
If each day up to Equinox we see the Solar Flares as lovingly embracing the Earth and the Earth responds in loving embrace of the Sun.
The electromagnetic grid needs to be kept balanced by visualising it absorbing the Solar Flares as the grid sparkles as Liquid Light Plasma comes from the Suns and Inner Earth Sun. Through the chakras then out through your Gold Body of Light as the same thing happens to the Earth.
Do your own chakras first with Golden Liquid Light Plasma coming down from the Source and Suns into each chakra. Then Platinum Liquid Light Plasma coming up through each chakra from the Inner Earth Sun, and then the Gold and Platinum Liquid Light Plasma balances in each chakra. Then aware of the Golden Sun in your heart out through all your bodies, one Golden Body of Light. 
Please see this link of the Liquid Light Plasma for full details and also link to connect first.
This will not take very long to do and once you have it you will be able to do it very fast.
Then imagine the same process for the chakras of the Earth. You do not need to know where all the Earth Chakras, there are different opinions re these anyway. But with your intention know that the Golden Liquid Light Plasma is coming from the Source into the Earth Chakras, then the Platinum Liquid Light Plasma coming up through each chakra from the Inner Earth Sun through all the Earth Chakras.
As they balance out the blocked and dark energies dissipate from the Earth and the inner earth Sun glows out through all of the earth and her outer bodies aligned through all the Suns. The Greater Central Sun, Central Sun, Second Sun, your Inner Sun, the Inner Earth Sun all one. 
When finished see a Diamond above your Cosmic Gateway Chakra and the Diamond comes down through all your  chakras and out through the Earth Chakras and Grids and touches into Inner Earth Sun as it becomes  Diamond bright through the Inner Earth Sun, Earth and Suns and Cosmos. If possible do everyday until the Equinox.
On this link is a journey to the Dark Universe, in the bigger picture the ultimate is simply be the Stillness. Continue reading “Soluntra King”

Talyaa Liera


bilding goddess September 2012: How To Build Your Future

The old way makes way for the new

This month marks a huge shift in how most of us respond and react to the world around us, to our personal inner worlds, and to the junctions of the two. This month is pivotal. It is the beginning of a new way of being for many of us, and it is essential to the formation of the foundation of the reality that we are co-creating.

The old way was reactive. If a stove was hot, we pulled our hands away. If there were tigers in the forest, we took a different path away from the tigers or we hunted and killed the tigers so our children could run free in the forest. The old way was also limiting. Often we did not act unless and until there was something to react to. We did not create our path from its inception but instead took the direction that made the most sense at the time.

Maybe you have judgments about the old way. If so, then drop them! There is no need to judge yourself and others harshly. This would be like judging an infant for crying because it is hungry, cold, or tired. Infants have a limited repertoire when it comes to responding to their environment. Well, so, too, do you. But that is changing.

The way of our future is co-creation

The new way is about co-creation. This is nothing more than feeling into the myriad possibilities in any choice point and choosing a direction based on the potential of the desired outcome. Continue reading “Talyaa Liera”



Reviberation…stay in alignment through raising your vibration


According to Quantum Physics, every single thing in the universe is energy. Vibration could be described as a rapid dance of particles in motion. Even solid objects are a form of energy expressed as physical matter; matter is composed of particles, energy is also particles. When two bodies vibrate at the same frequency, they are said to be in resonance, or they are attuned with each other.

Matter and energy are interchangeable, meaning one can “be converted into” the other. The amplitude and frequency of the motion of its particles is the energy difference between physical and non-physical. This is what is called “vibration rate” and what allows for the invisible to become visible when your inner vibration is attuned with the vibration of the intended object or result.

We perceive the world around us from the vibrations received through our senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell), which our brain and being interprets, on a conscious or unconscious level. All of these interpretations can create feelings and emotions which are also vibrations. For instance, imagine you are walking in a calm forest, in the golden hour, enjoying the warmth of the sunlight peaking through the trees and listening to the birds chirping in the trees, with the balsamic scent of pines….… how do you feel?

According to memories and prior experiences you may or may not like the forest; however, your feeling  still creates a vibration. If you enjoy this experience, you will raise your vibration. If you don’t your vibration decreases. Once you are aware of this, you can choose to create vibrations intentionally at will. We have to learn to take responsibility for our energy, and the vibration we are emitting. We always have a choice about energy and what we choose to uplift us and make us feel good.

Therefore discover and embrace the things that raise YOUR vibration and make you feel centered and connected. Here are some suggested activities or ideas to raise your vibration.

Write down 10 aspects of you that you love and re-read them as often as you can
Eat fresh fruit and vegetables or change your diet
Read a great book
Visit a place in nature you enjoy
Nurture yourself
Spend some quality time with yourself
Think about someone or something you love
Write down your goals and list reasons why you think you are going to achieve them
Go for a walk in the woods, or barefoot out in nature
Do something creative

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Jen Freer

My Akashic Journey

I began reading my own Akashic Records in January of 2010. Once I became comfortable with the records, I began reading them for close friends. Over the past two years, I have witnessed how these readings have helped change my friends and myself for the better. On this page, I will share some of our story, to show others who are curious how the records can help them better connect in a world that was once so separated, but is now finding its way back toward the light and unity consciousness.

What ARE the Akashic Records?

I first learned the term “Akashic Record” about four years ago, when I began studying crystal healing. The term kept appearing in various crystal properties. So, when a friend asked me about them, I knew what they were, but didn’t know how to access them, or why, exactly, I would want to. Shortly after she mentioned the Akashic Records, I began having dreams of my mother (who had crossed over into the spirit world) guiding me through tunnels or down long corridors. Eventually we ended up in some large, open room where the walls were actually enormous screens filled with data. I figured this was my cue to figure out a way to access my personal records.

Before I begin sharing my journey through myAkashic Records, I thought it may be helpful to first explain what they are in the very simplest of terms.

What they are

Maybe it’s best to start with what the Akashic Records are NOT. First, there is no physical place that holds these records. It’s a lot like cyberspace. There’s all this information floating around in cyberspace, but there is no physical place to find it. The only difference is that the records are not kept in online databases. I can’t even tell you where they’re kept. That’s, apparently, spiritually classified information.

In all seriousness, the records are most likely kept with your higher self. (That would be, basically, your “true self,” also known as the light being that you are outside of your physical body, which some folks may refer to as your “soul.”)

So, in the quickest summary possible, the Akashic Records are the archives of every soul and every detail of every physical life that soul has lived, is currently living, and will live. The lords of the Akashic Records and your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones (MTLOs) are there to help guide you from where they reside. Think of them as your personal Yodas, young Skywalker.

How to access the records

Personally, I use the Pathway Prayer that is provided in the book How to Read the Akashic Records by Linda Howe. However, I have read that we are bumping into our records all the time. Especially in our dreams. This is why we have those “deja vu” moments. Usually, we’ve had a precognition dream (accessed from our records) that has shown us a quick preview of those mind-blowing moments where we swear this has happened before, but it hasn’t. Sound familiar? I’m sure there are other ways to access the Akashic Records, as well, since more and more books and guides are becoming readily available as the levels of consciousness for everyone on the planet are rapidly rising. So, the choice is yours. Howe’s method works wonderfully for me, so I have not tried any other way.

How you know you’re “in”

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