Shanta Gabriel

Move into New Dimensions of Love

The Gabriel Messages 

#33 – Be willing to face the fears of the past and move into new dimensions of Love.

Dear One,

You have come to a time when you know that the way you have always perceived your world may seem like it is no longer working.  It may even feel as though your childhood traumas or other things from your past you are not proud of, are crowding into your present awareness.  This is a very good sign, because all memories come into your mind to be released, so that you can live in the present.  We encourage this release of past memories and fear so you will be able to move on with your life.  Whether you do this through prayer, personal journaling, talking to a friend or going through counseling, the important thing is to be willing to face the fears of the past, hold them in the light of loving awareness, and then let them go.

When the healing light of love, compassion and acceptance is shone on old patterns and fears, they lose their power and are easier to release.  Once you let go of old habits of thoughts and feelings, you become free to turn your attention away from the past and to focus on creating the future you would like for yourself and for your world.

The veils between heaven and earth are thinner now.  This means that the desires of your heart and the focus of your mind can bring about the manifestation of that which is in your highest good.  Your thoughts are now creating your present and future reality. Continue reading “Shanta Gabriel”

Karen Doonan

high council of orion message for 23rd october

Greetings dear ones we come to guide and support and to help YOU move out of the illusion that dissolves as we communicate. Much is breaking down and dissolving across the planet and it is vital that this is detached from. Many are now realising that the images and sounds that their eyes and ears pull in from around them are filtered and contained and are not the whole TRUTH.

We guide that many more will begin to attune to higher and higher levels of communication with ALL realms as the old begins to dissolve and in its place the new heightened energies of TRUTH. Many are now experiencing various symptoms that herald the increase in frequencies and the anchoring into the human body of the new energies. Hearing “problems”, throat “problems”, stomach “problems” will all indicate and change in frequency of the human. Where there have been blocks, whether ancestral or related to this human life experience the energies will start to move them. Be aware of loss of voice, of upsets related to diet, of hearing strange noises in the ears, all will confirm that YOU go through what is akin to an “upgrade”. Continue reading “Karen Doonan”

Marlene Swetlishoff

October 23-30, 2011

Beloved Ones,

As the Cosmic energies keep building in intensity, many people on the Planet are beginning to awaken from their sleep and for many, it is a very uncomfortable process. It is not easy, as each of you all know, to face the true reality of life upon Earth that has been passing as life, and coming to the realization of how much one did not know before. As this continues to occur, there will at first be feelings of anger which in turn galvanizes many into taking action to change the World into a better home for all.

The protests continue to grow in every town across the face of the Planet. The good people of Earth are standing up for their rights as citizens of the World and in the Universe. As our team members of the Family of Light brigade, you are asked to maintain calm and peace in your every thought, word and deed. We understand that each of you are going through the final stages of cleansing and purifying and that there will be moments when you purge all that no longer aligns with your higher Self and your higher good.

We see, Dear Ones, that a lot of you carry a tenseness within your solar plexus, and this is the weight of the human consciousness grid that is manifesting at this time. It is difficult to completely transmute this collective energy at any given time because it is always in a state of flux. As you seek to maintain calm, it helps to create this in outer expression. You are each Radiant Ones and your ability to reach further from your home in ever widening circles is helping to keep a balance of the composite energies that are building. Continue reading “Marlene Swetlishoff”

Natalie Sian Glasson


Energy Wave Transitions by Archangel Metatron –

Channeled through Natalie Glasson 22-10-11

An abundance of love extends from the angelic kingdom through my being and heart, we wish for you to know that we love you
unconditionally; we are here for you always and will assist you in absorbing all the necessary energies to advance your spiritual
growth. There are energetic changes occurring on the Earth but the main focus is upon the spiritual advancement of humanity. Now is the time for you to progress beyond what you think is possible for yourself, allowing yourself to move into the truth of your being,
energy and reason for existence. The greatest gift that we wish to see humanity accept as this time is an accelerated spiritual growth, awareness, understanding and sensitivity; we wish to encourage you to take the next step forward allowing new spiritual lessons to unfold. Some of you have been feeling the expansion in your energy for some time now while others have felt stuck and motionless, as the energies of 11-11-11 enter into the Earth, each person will receive a wealth of energy which will project them forward along their spiritual path.

As with other energy waves that have anchored into the Earth previously, the 11-11-11 energy wave will hold qualities of light and
teachings for you to accept and integrate with to aid a more complete embodiment of the Creator’s light. Continue reading “Natalie Sian Glasson”

John Smallman

The most effective way you can prepare for your awakening

10/23/2011 by John Smallman

As humanity’s time for being lost in the illusion of its collective, imaginary physical reality rolls towards its conclusion, continue to focus on your intent to change your unloving attitudes for the divine one of indiscriminate, unconditional love, and practice that at all times, allowing it to direct all your thoughts, words, and actions. This is the most profound and effective way that you can prepare for your grand awakening. Until you release attitudes of judgment and blame, and until you stop nurturing desires to see those whom you feel have offended, hurt, taken advantage of you or betrayed you, taken to task and punished for their misdeeds you will not awaken.

The reason for this is that while you hold those beliefs you would feel totally out of place and extremely uncomfortable – even betrayed! – to be in a place where all are unconditionally loved. Continue reading “John Smallman”

Jim Self

The Waves Keep Coming

Posted on October 21, 2011 by Jean
by Jim Self | Mastering Alchemy
October 18, 2011

As the waves of light step up more and more, light, wisdom, and knowledge become increasingly available to us. The more you can anchor the light and re-member “you” the quicker the awakening will be and the more “play” time you get to experience. You will enjoy yourself and become more fluid and flexible in assisting others.

For many, the coming months and years will be very confusing and emotional. Those who rely on the emotional patterns of sympathy and empathy in order to understand or experience others will experience a charged emotional electromagnetic pull into those feelings, beliefs and thoughts of others. Let me say that again: If you rely on empathy and sympathy you will find these charged electromagnetic patterns will pull you into the feelings, thoughts and drama of those standing in front of you.

Reaction Vs Response

Most of us can clearly remember where we were and what we were doing when we heard about the events of 9/11. As the event unfolded, two waves of energy moved around the world:

  • A 3-D Reaction wave of energy, steeped in fear.
  • A 4-D Response wave that asked, “What can I do? How can I help?”

The people in New York got the first wave of fear in their space, followed by the second wave which moved many people into a 4th dimensional vibration of compassion that involved no thinking and no conditions. All that mattered was that well-being was brought back into balance. These two waves are moving again and you have the choice of moving between them on your terms. You need to stay observant, clear and purposeful and hold a vibrational tone that keeps you above the vibrations of the lower three chakras. Continue reading “Jim Self”