Tom Lescher ~ Astrology Forecast for September 18, 2013

Astrology Forecast for September 18, 2013

Published on Sep 18, 2013

Sometimes it hurts when my bubble bursts,
I can no longer pretend,
I just am what I am,
And that’s all I can be in the end!

Let’s welcome in the Equinox with peace, love and all the joy that Libra can make happen! It may take mustering up some will forces with these kind of aspects going on, but that’s what the ‘ol spiritual path is all about now isn’t it? Creating a reality that is joyous within, by simply knowing you are in the right place at the right time or you wouldn’t be there! And, that Spirit has something good in store for you and whatever you are doing is on the path toward that….. yeah?
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Jennifer Hoffman ~ Can We Really Change the Earth’s Energy?

Q&A: Can We Really Change the Earth’s Energy?

Jennifer Hoffman
a message from Jennifer Hoffman
Wednesday, 11 September, 2013  (posted 17 September, 2013)

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Dear Jennifer:  I know that all of our self healing work has an effect on humanity and on the planet. It’s part of the role we play, as Lightworkers, to shift planetary dynamics and help with our evolution into higher dimensions and frequencies. But are our efforts really successful?

Is it possible for us to change the energy of the world and of humanity and how can we know that we have made progress? Sometimes it feels like no matter how much I think I, and others like me, are working, the results just don’t seem to be there. How can we know that we are being effective? Read more

Full Harvest Moon in Pisces & Autumn Equinox Energies

Tania Marie

Harvest MoonTomorrow morning, September 19th, the moon (a Harvest Moon) will be at it’s fullest and in the sign of Pisces (my native Sun sign). 🙂

Full Moons are times of illumination, revelation, and provide insightful opportunity for integrative healing. It is also a time to receive from the cosmic elixir of life and great for doing anything that supports your openness to that receiving. You may find yourself wanting to be still and going within to experience the fullness of your emotions and what they have to share. You may discover that movement, music, and dance help to feel into your body and move the energy through. Spending time in nature, creating, making art of any kind, going deeper into healing practices or into more intimate relationships with yourself and others will perhaps call to you at this time – all of this providing inspiration, insights, and epiphanies to revealing…

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