The Rise of the New Economy Movement

Activists, theorists, organizations and ordinary citizens are rebuilding the American political-economic system from the ground up.
May 20, 2012  |
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As our political system sputters, a wave of innovative thinking and bold experimentation is quietly sweeping away outmoded economic models. In ‘New Economic Visions’, a special five-part AlterNet series edited by Economics Editor Lynn Parramore in partnership with political economist Gar Alperovitz of the Democracy Collaborative, creative thinkers come together to explore the exciting ideas and projects that are shaping the philosophical and political vision of the movement that could take our economy back.

Just beneath the surface of traditional media attention, something vital has been gathering force and is about to explode into public consciousness. The “New Economy Movement” is a far-ranging coming together of organizations, projects, activists, theorists and ordinary citizens committed to rebuilding the American political-economic system from the ground up.

The broad goal is democratized ownership of the economy for the “99 percent” in an ecologically sustainable and participatory community-building fashion. The name of the game is practical work in the here and now—and a hands-on process that is also informed by big picture theory and in-depth knowledge.

Thousands of real world projects — from solar-powered businesses to worker-owned cooperatives and state-owned banks — are underway across the country. Many are self-consciously understood as attempts to develop working prototypes in state and local “laboratories of democracy” that may be applied at regional and national scale when the right political moment occurs.

The movement includes young and old, “Occupy” people, student activists, and what one older participant describes as thousands of “people in their 60s from the ’60s” rolling up their sleeves to apply some of the lessons of an earlier movement.

Explosion of Energy

A powerful trend of hands-on activity includes a range of economic models that change both ownership and ecological outcomes. Co-ops, for instance, are very much on target—especially those which emphasize participation and green concerns. The Evergreen Cooperatives in a desperately poor, predominantly black neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio are a leading example. They include a worker-owned solar installation and weatherization co-op; a state-of-the-art, industrial-scale commercial laundry in a LEED-Gold certified building that uses—and therefore has to heat—only around a third of the water of other laundries; and a soon-to-open large scale hydroponic greenhouse capable of producing three million head of lettuce and 300,000 pounds of herbs a year. Hospitals and universities in the area have agreed to use the co-ops’ services, and several cities—including Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Washington, DC and Amarillo, Texas are now exploring similar efforts.

Other models fit into what author Marjorie Kelly calls the “generative economy”–efforts that inherently nurture the community and respect the natural environment. Organic Valley is a cooperative dairy producer in based in Wisconsin with more than $700 million in revenue and nearly 1,700 farmer-owners. Upstream 21 Corporation is a “socially responsible” holding company that purchases and expands sustainable small businesses. Greyston Bakery is a Yonkers, New York “B-Corporation” (a new type of corporation designed to benefit the public) that was initially founded to provide jobs for neighborhood residents. Today, Greystone generates around $6.5 million in annual sales.

Recently, the United Steelworkers union broke modern labor movement tradition and entered into a historic agreement with the Mondragón Cooperative Corporation and the Ohio Employee Ownership Center to help build worker-owned cooperatives in the United States along the lines of a new “union-co-op” model.

The movement is also serious about building on earlier models. More than 130 million Americans, in fact, already belong to one or another form of cooperative—and especially the most widely known form: the credit union. Similarly, there are some 2,000 municipally owned utilities, a number of which are ecological leaders. (Twenty-five percent of American electricity is provided by co-ops and public utilities.) Upwards of 10 million Americans now also work at some 11,000 employee-owned firms (ESOP companies).

More than 200 communities also operate or are establishing community land trusts that take land and housing out of the market and preserve it for the community. And hundreds of “social enterprises” use profits for social or community serving goals. Beyond these efforts, roughly 4,500 Community Development Corporations and 1.5 million non-profit organizations currently operate in every state in the nation.

The movement is also represented by the “Move Your Money” and “bank transfer day” campaigns, widespread efforts to shift millions of dollars from corporate giants like Bank of America to one or another form of democratic or community-benefiting institution. Related to this are other “new banking” strategies. Since 2010, 17 states, for instance, have considered legislation to set up public banks along the lines of the long-standing Bank of North Dakota.

Several cities—including Los Angeles and Kansas City— have passed “responsible banking” ordinances that require banks to reveal their impact on the community and/or require city officials to only do business with banks that are responsive to community needs. Other cities, like San Jose and Portland, are developing efforts to move their money out of Wall Street banks and into other commercial banks, community banks or credit unions. Politicians and activists in San Francisco have taken this a step further and proposed the creation of a publicly owned municipal bank.

There are also a number of innovative non-public, non-co-op banks—including the New Resource Bank in San Francisco, founded in 2006 “with a vision of bringing new resources to sustainable businesses and ultimately creating more sustainable communities.” Similarly, One PacificCoast Bank, an Oakland-based certified community development financial institution, grew out of the desire to “create a sustainable, meaningful community development bank and a supporting nonprofit organization.” And One United Bank—the largest black-owned bank in the country with offices in Los Angeles, Boston and Miami—has financed more than $1 billion in loans, most in low-income neighborhoods.

Ex-JP Morgan managing director John Fullerton has added legitimacy and force to the debate about new directions in finance at the ecologically oriented Capital Institute. And in several parts of the country, alternative currencies have long been used to help local community building—notably “BerkShares” in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, and “Ithaca Hours” in Ithaca, New York.

Active protest efforts are also underway. The Occupy movement, along with many others, has increasingly used direct action in support of new banking directions—and in clear opposition to old. On April 24, 2012 over 1,000 people protested bank practices at the Wells Fargo shareholder meeting in San Francisco. Similar actions, some involving physical “occupations” of bank branches, have been occurring in many parts of the country since the Occupy movement started in 2011. Large-scale demonstrations occurred at the Bank of America’s annual shareholder meeting in May 2012.

What to do about large-scale enterprise in a “new economy” is also on the agenda. A number of advocates, like Boston College professor Charles Derber, contemplate putting worker, consumer, environmental, or community representatives of “stakeholder” groups on corporate boards. Others point to the Alaska Permanent Fund which invests a significant portion of the state’s mineral revenues and returns dividends to citizens as a matter of right. Still others, like David Schweickart and Richard Wolff, propose system-wide change that emphasizes one or another form of worker ownership and management. (In the Schweickart version, smaller firms would be essentially directly managed by workers; large-scale national firms would be nationalized but also managed by workers.) A broad and fast-growing group seeks to end “corporate personhood,” and still others urge a reinvigoration of anti-trust efforts to reduce corporate power. (Breaking up banks deemed too big to fail is one element of this.)

In March 2012, the Left Forum held in New York also heard many calls for a return to nationalization. And even among “Small is Beautiful” followers of the late E. F. Schumacher, a number recall this historic build-from-the-bottom-up advocate’s argument that “[w]hen we come to large-scale enterprises, the idea of private ownership becomes an absurdity.” (Schumacher continuously searched for national models that were as supportive of community values as local forms.)

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Gar Alperovitz is the Lionel R. Bauman Professor of Political Economy at the University of Maryland and co-founder of the Democracy Collaborative. Among his most recent books are America Beyond Capitalism and (with Lew Daly) Unjust Deserts: How the Rich Are Taking Our Common Inheritance and Why We Should Take It Back.


Embracing Pain as a Tool for Self – Transformation

By Cameron Day

Every person on Earth has lived through painful experiences.  Pain and emotional suffering seem to be unavoidable on this planet, but what purpose do they serve?  Is it possible that we actually choose to experience pain and suffering in order to overcome them?  If that is so, then how do we overcome our pain and what will life be like without the emotions tied to our past holding us back?  Hang on tight, because we’re about to go down a quantum rabbit hole, and if you make it all the way to the end, you’ll be glad you did. 

Evolving through pain

An examination of the spiritual teachers throughout recorded human history shows they all went through periods of intense suffering prior to achieving a state of full enlightenment.  Jesus, Buddha, Osiris, Horus, Krishna and many more all have extremely painful experiences and even physical death as part of their recorded histories and legends, yet they overcame these adversities to become greater beings.

“We all have our cross to bear” is a common phrase in western countries with strong Christian influences.  What this means is that every person is dragging around large amounts of unresolved pain, but it also hints to us that our own divine nature can transcend this pain, just as Jesus transcended his. 

Painful experiences cause us to question our lives and the reality we are experiencing.  If we question long and often enough, we may come to the realization that there is much more to us than our physical bodies, our ego minds, and the physical world.  These realizations usually only come about because of a disruptive (painful) experience that causes us to question reality as we know it.  By contrast, people who have lived lives of relative comfort, ease, wealth and physical gratification are normally not likely to question the nature of reality.  Why should they, when everything in the physical world goes their way?

When viewed from this perspective, we can start to understand that painful experiences help us to grow.  Don’t worry, you probably don’t need to experience new pain to stimulate your evolution, because we all have enough pain in our past that we can grow from if we choose to.  With this in mind, let us examine the role of pain as a catalyst for evolution, and the issues that arise when we resist and try to cover up the pain from our past.

What you resist persists

Resistance to any aspect of our selves, or against any past or present experience, creates judgment and painful emotions within the psyche.  When we judge ourselves or the events of our past as being “bad” or “wrong” and then suppress those aspects of ourselves, we create a division within the psyche where the pain is stored. Because our true state of being is wholeness, love and joy, any pain that exists within us must be addressed and “loved back home” so that we can once again be whole within ourselves.

Unfortunately, our egoistic desire to only view ourselves in a positive light and for others to always see us as “good people” automatically prevents us from admitting our own pain and limitations to ourselves.  Our desire to “not feel that pain anymore” creates a resistance point that will subjugate the memory of that pain into a “second class thought” that we attempt to banish from the kingdom of our minds.

This refusal to acknowledge our pain, faults and shortcomings prevents us from truly healing ourselves and our minds.  Most people automatically bury these thoughts as they try to rise to the surface of the mind for contemplation and analysis, choosing instead to rationalize “bad” behavior (self-judged, of course) or push away painful memories because “that’s in the past and I have to move on” or because they believe that “dwelling on the negative” creates more “negative” experiences.

If we can instead have the courage to allow painful memories to rise to the surface of our consciousness, then without judgment set the ego aside and allow ourselves to truly *feel* the emotions that are associated with the memory, an opportunity occurs to transmute the emotions of pain and suffering, which only exist due to judging the memory as “bad” and resisting it.

What does it mean to transmute an emotion?

All human emotional states are variations on two master emotions:  Love and Fear.  When a person judges an event in their life as bad, they begin to develop a fear of similar “bad” experiences in their lives.  This fear is attached to the event in the psyche of an individual, and every time they remember the experience, the judgment of the situation as “bad” and the fear of it happening again come immediately to mind.  This fear triggers unconscious self-protection mechanisms that suppress the memory so that the feeling of fear will go away and they can return their minds to thoughts about pleasurable things.

This innate desire to move away from pain and towards pleasure is an effective tool for preventing us from experiencing bodily injury — when a hand touches a hot stove, for example.  However in our own minds we must push past that reflexive protection mechanism and embrace our inner pain if we want to heal it. 

Every time we resist and suppress a memory because it triggers painful, fear based emotions, we use a portion of our own innate energy resources to “seal off” that emotional-memory complex so that it can’t easily return to our awareness in the future.  This compartmentalization of the mind increases over time to the point where most of us are putting more energy into suppressing and hiding from our pain than we are into daily life.   This state of fractured and suppressed self-consciousness is why people manifest disease, hardship and continual pain, which they attempt to “seal off” in the hope that if they just focus on the positive that their life will improve.

We transmute pain, suffering and fear back into a neutral state of energy by allowing a painful experience and the associated emotions to come fully into our awareness without judging it, resisting it or trying to bury it.  When the full light of our conscious awareness is focused on a limiting emotional-memory complex while we are in a state of total acceptance, the energy we have put into the pain and the resistance to the pain transmutes back to a state of pure energy that we can reintegrate into our consciousness.

The unknown vastness of Being

Our inner state of being is incredibly vast, although most people are only aware of the very small aspect of waking consciousness and daily life perceived through the 5 senses.  However, as every single sage, mystic, master, shaman, mage and spiritual teacher throughout human history has told us over and over again, we are infinite beings capable of infinite experiences, and we are, in fact, divine beings existing in multiple levels of reality simultaneously.  Most esoteric traditions also teach that we have a “Higher Self” or divine aspect within us that connects us to the nonphysical realms of existence.

Most people who hear such teachings only form a mental, ego concept of the divine aspect that is within each of us.  The ego imagines a cosmic big brother that will give us all the material “stuff” that we want if only we can figure out the right way to ask for it. This is a limited belief that must be transcended because the higher self isn’t really interested in our material comforts — it simply wants us to make contact with it so that we can consciously evolve.

Reconnecting to our own higher Self simply opens the doors of perception so that we can explore the vastness of our own consciousness.  Our higher self, once we establish contact, can be our personal guide on this journey of self-examination and self-healing.  (Go to page 2 for much more)

A bigger picture view of Karma & “Re”incarnation

Because our consciousness is unimaginably vast, it will compensate for our refusal to embrace the pain of our past experiences in such a way that the pain can be explored, understood in the context of creating wisdom, and eventually transmuted so that the pain AND the energy that was used to suppress it are freed up to be used in unlimited modes of expression.  

For example, a person who was molested as a child will usually suppress the memory of the experience and the painful emotions associated with it such as shame, self-hatred, hatred of the molester, etc.  Repeatedly suppressing these emotions for years makes them more intense in the psyche, and that person’s consciousness will seek an outlet so that the energy that is being suppressed can be released. 

Quantum Physics has shown that time and even physical matter are both simply manifestations of consciousness.  This means that consciousness can and does use the rich tapestry of physical human incarnation to gain wisdom through experience.  If a person refuses to work through repressed pain, then the vastness of their consciousness may create another incarnation, another lifetime to work through these issues.  Sometimes it will create more than one incarnation.

A portion of that person’s greater consciousness will incarnate into a lifetime where the suppressed emotions from *this* lifetime can not be suppressed.  Using the example above, in one lifetime they may incarnate as a serial sexual abuser.  Another lifetime may involve being serially sexually abused.  Yet another lifetime may be spent consciously being a “sexual deviant” with willing partners. 

All three lifetimes are happening simultaneously and in parallel with the current incarnation that “spawned” them because past and present are physical reality concepts based in the illusion of time, and our higher aspects of consciousness exist outside of time.  Indeed, our higher levels of consciousness mold time and physical matter as easily as children mold play-dough.

If a psychic “past life reader” were to examine this person’s psyche and other lives, they would tell the person that they have “past” lifetimes of being sexually abused and being an abuser, which is why they experienced abuse in this lifetime.  However, if the person can completely integrate the painful experience of sexual abuse into their consciousness, if they can take back all of the energy they have put into judging the experience, judging themselves, judging the abuser, and then reclaim the energy they have put into suppressing the emotional-memory complex, they will have no more need to process those emotions through other incarnations.  When that occurs, what happens to those other lifetimes?

Dimensions of time and erasing incarnations

Through bravely embracing our pain, holding it in our awareness and reclaiming our power associated with it, we can unravel the hidden fragments of our minds that extend out into other incarnations which exist solely as a means to process the pain.  Once every trace of the fragmented pain is reclaimed and brought into full conscious awareness, we will no longer “need” the other lifetimes that were created only for the purpose of bringing the hidden pain into the light of awareness, and those incarnations will simply cease to exist.

This concept of simultaneous incarnations that can be created and dissolved is challenging to accept and is impossible to “prove” with our current state of science and technology.  The mind boggles at how powerful we would have to be that an entire incarnation could be created to address an issue that is unresolved in our psyche.  Yet isn’t that the exact premise of reincarnation — that we “come back” to work through lessons that we haven’t learned?  The only real disconnect is our perception of time as immutable and ever flowing in one direction. 

The concept becomes clearer if we shift away from thinking of time as a linear force and instead imagine time as a board game where each square on the board represents a point in “linear” time.  In this physical lifetime we go through just a few squares on the board game of time, which is all our physical senses can perceive.  Yet the higher aspect of our self is outside of the game, and it can put a game piece (lifetime) anywhere on the board that one is needed.  This means that a “future” incarnation can be placed in your linear “past.”

If the game isn’t being played fully by one lifetime’s personality, the Higher Self that is overseeing the game will simply put a new piece (lifetime) on the game board of time that will “play out” the necessary acceptance of experience that is missing from the other game piece.  Should the original player elevate their game to a higher level and embrace their hidden pain, the supplemental game pieces are no longer necessary to complete the game and can be removed from the board.

How do I elevate my game?

The center of our universe of consciousness is simply where we place our awareness. Therefore, we become the prime creator of our own inner universe once we consciously engage our evolution through self-healing.  Any lifetime could have become the “master player” on the game board, but *we* chose it to be *this* lifetime.  We can know this because you are reading this article now and I have written it using a body experiencing time in the year 2008. 

The process of reclaiming energy tied up in fear based emotions and repression takes time, effort and tremendous patience.  The rewards, however, are vastly beyond anything we can imagine for ourselves in our present state of consciousness.  The “inner space” created by removing the walls of repression and resistance that we have built up around ourselves allows our minds to operate from a space of present moment awareness, awareness of the infinite, and awareness of the game of physical “reality” that we are playing. 

When there are no longer any secret compartments in our minds, we won’t need too many other players/lifetimes in our game of physical incarnation.  Through expanding our consciousness into an undivided focal point of our incarnation game, we elevate the way we play the game to a level where miracles occur.  In truth, we are simply allowing the infinite energy of creation to naturally flow through us, for a miracle is simply an event created by an undivided, unlimited consciousness, which the limited ego mind cannot comprehend. 

Don’t put your inner world aside when it asks for attention.  Choose your tools of transformation and set your mind to delving into the aspects of your life that you have been trying to forget.  Bring them to the surface, dive into their depths and bring those fragments of your self back home through self-love and forgiveness.
Cameron Day is a long distance spiritual healer and psychic explorer, with a focus on helping others integrate their “material mind” with their own higher levels of Divine Mind. He has created a system of self-transformation tools that anyone can use to clear limiting patterns and access their own higher wisdom. This system is available for free at He also offers one on one remote clearing sessions to help you get as clear as possible as quickly as possible so that your experience of life can be more abundant, loving and joyful.

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Freeing the mind from limitations in order to become a higher frequency human being

Ascension can be defined simply as raising one’s frequency of thought and emotion. When limiting frequencies are removed from the psyche, higher frequencies of thought can flow through a person’s mind, and higher states of emotion flow through the body.

As more and more people in the world raise their frequencies of thought and emotion, the rest of the planet is uplifted. When every person on the planet is thinking and acting from a place of inner clarity, love, compassion, integrity and giving, we will be able to consider our society and ourselves “ascended.”

Such a planetary transformation will require each of us to “clean up” our unresolved emotions and limiting thought patterns. The Ascension Help Self-Clearing System and personalized remote energy clearing sessions available through this website can help you to:

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This is a complete system of highly effective techniques with over a decade of development. You will feel great after just the first 10 minute “getting started” meditation and each progressing step in the Self-Clearing System allows you to go to the energetic core of “stuck” issues in your psyche and release them.

Also available are highly transformative remote (long distance) energy clearings that utilize incredibly effective, advanced methods of energetic clearing. Energy clearing sessions are done by Cameron Day, who has over ten years of experience in remote energy work.

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Reboot of the Grid Successful

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Reboot of the Grid Successful

Our mass effort was a great success. The critical mass has been achieved. Although not everybody was doing the exact meditation that was given, enough people were synchronizing their consciousness stream to allow the Light forces to put a computer virus into the artificial intelligence Matrix program on the etheric and astral planes.
This means that fuzzy logic program of the Matrix is now being busy within a closed loop, unable to repair itself and fill the cracks of clear space/time structure in the distorted etheric/astral Matrix electromagnetic field. Those cracks were created with our conscious effort on May 20th. They will never be closed again and Light will always shine through.
The Matrix will now slowly start disintegrating. There will be less and less dark entities on the etheric and astral planes and Light will shine through more and more.

The positive etheric leyline grid around the planet has been reactivated at the Reboot. This has prevented some quite strong earthquakes that would happen otherwise. It has also allowed an acceleration of the transformation process for this planet to reach a higher vibrational frequency.
The exact moment of the Reboot has initialized a timeline of events that will ultimately lead towards Disclosure and First Contact.

John Smallman


As the year 2012 flows calmly and steadily on, much has been occurring which will ensure that the divine outcome planned for humanity is put into effect. Enormous quantities of divine energy have been pouring into your hearts to prepare you for the magnificent celebrations that your awakening will initiate. You have been aiming for this point for eons, and yet your experience has largely led you to believe that humanity as a whole has been making very little spiritual progress.  However, this is not the case.  What has seemed to you to be constant strife — with very little learnt from the suffering that that has caused — has actually been an enormously successful spiritual education for you all. Continue reading “John Smallman”

Suzan Caroll Ph.D




Dear Mytria and Mytre,

We speak with you now about the beginnings of our ascension.

Once we arrived at our new home in the Pleiades, we were finally free of war and fighting. With this freedom from fear, we could hope for a better life. We Pleiadians are so involved with our Earth Family because we totally understand the state of mind of many of you. We know how it feels to be offered hope of a new life and not be totally sure that we could trust this possibility. How could we take the risk that life could be filled with peace and calm when there had been so much war and disruption? Continue reading “Suzan Caroll Ph.D”

The Oracle Report

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Moon Phase

Today we need to get back to basics and simple joys.  Things have become much too complicated lately.  The energy favors celebrations and gatherings with others, but radiating a spirit of joy is what is most important.  Connect with your inner sense of joy and this will naturally translate outward.  We can do this by celebrating the simple things in life – beloved pets, the beautiful expressions of nature, and acts of kindness.  My cat Max makes a return appearance on the picture today to remind us to keep it simple.  The energy is about connecting with others, so separating yourself out works the energy in the opposite direction and will create emotional issues.  The theme of forward vision continues also, combining the need to be thoughtful and cautious when planning the future, especially if you are involved with a something/someone that is shady, untrustworthy, or uncommitted.  Don’t be impulsive with this today.  Be strategic.