The Miracle is You

Mystical Journey

Wow! What a week!!! Did you feel it? This past week felt like two in one. I am so glad retrograde ends today. I’ve heard from so many that they have been sick, stricken with anxiety, fears, and loss. I’ve read a bunch of emails from different parts of Mama Earth and one thing has been a common factor: a massive shift forcing growth.

I am feeling it on many levels. I had a panic attack three nights ago and I had to truly take the Ego bitch, who was excessively chit chatting in my head, duck tape her mouth, tie her up and put her in a trunk. I refused her abuse. In the light of day nothing that was said in the middle of the night made any sense. I hadn’t experienced a panic attack in years. It took me by surprise how I allowed a lower frequency…

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trinity infinity

2020 Spiritual Vision


8/18/18, ohh I seem to be feeling this date as a series of 8/∞ energy.  Many of us need and are encouraging time/space now during this passageway.  Slow, simple, less is more, time to self, self-care, silence, meditation and… whatever brings one joy.  This is a natural process though so what is meant to happen/be… will.  It’s not that one needs to do something more/different/special… just continue to honor the process.  Many of us have been practicing this for some time now. 

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Good humans are not a scarcity

Druid Life

A rather toxic idea I’ve encountered recently is the notion that good humans are in short supply. Which leads to the idea that as good humans are in short supply, we should cling tightly to any half-way decent humans who cross our path. Even if we don’t really get on that well. Even if we’ve uncovered massive differences. Even if one of us has serious doubts that the other one even is a particularly good person.

If you accept the idea that good people are scarce, life is scarier. You may be more persuaded to stick with the people who you already have, regardless of how good they are for you.

It is a standard issue trick from bullies and abusers, to encourage the victim to think that they can’t do any better. No one else would put up with them, or understand them better, or care for them more…

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All Hearts are Welcome | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, there is no need for you to keep tabs on everything on Earth. The world turns with or without your urging it on. Earth life is not a horse that you put reins on to ride. Give to Earth. Enjoy Earth. Share Earth’s blessings, yet you aren’t the director of Earth obliged to set everything straight. Easy does it. Make way for all.

Of course, you contribute to the tone of life. You are free to sing your tune. We can say that you ride the chariot of life, yet, as in the Heydays of Rome, you are reminded, regardless of your nobility, that you are not yet the assigned ruler of Earth. Rather, you are a playmate on Earth. You contribute, yet you are not a corporate entity who bosses anyone on Earth. Earth is for you to applaud, yet it isn’t for you to stamp…

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Listen to Your Feelings ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You are the best judges of whether or not something is right for you, and yet we see so many of you asking others to guide you. We see you in your uncertainty, looking for answers from others, and you tend to look within very little for those answers. Here is a good indicator of whether something is right for you. If it would be impossible to talk you out of it, then it’s right for you. If it is right for someone to talk you into it, then it’s not.

You do not need to be convinced to do something that is overwhelmingly calling you towards it, but you do need to be convinced to do something that you’re not really sure about and you’re certainly not passionate about. If you need to remind…

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Gestation Period of The Divine Child


Cocoon_lrgI have been  shown the following two images:-

I was in  a what looked like a glass tunnel( like in underwater aquariums) and a multiple of timelines were shown to me floating over me and around me…all of beautiful high dimensional colours. I felt I could simply reach out and align with which ever timeline I felt like.

The Second image that I was shown was an Embryo in a Womb of The Golden Light  of The Goddess. The message was that the Potential is already WITHIN you, Faith, Patience and Nurturing will eventually allow the full manifestation of the Potential already encoded with.

My interpretation of what I was shown .

I had mentioned  post the First Eclipse of July 13 where I was told to focus on the White Gold Spiral of Platinum Light representative of the 3rd Aspect of the Trinity ( Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, Divine…

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