Frequency Stabilizing 2020

Seraphim Joy Foundation

New Earth MANIFESTATION, FEQUENCY STABILIZING and Freedom Codes, January /March 2020 Forerunners/ Captains/ Architects/Frequency transmuters

Imagine you are dancing on a scene and suddenly music stops but your body still in cycle of movements and takes few more seconds to become still, stands at zero and open up to a new song.

In September 2019, we experienced a major reset and return to zero state, individually as well as collectively, followed by wiped clean of mind and any data regards our divine mission to locations or how and what of Being THE ASSIGNED AVATARS in New Earth Birth into Physical dimension.
Since then, October, November and December, were months for completion of inner merge of Monad God and OUR SOUL, OCEAN AND A DROP.
Many of awaken forerunners suddenly were unrooted from their template board ship and was sent to new geographic location, even their soul and human tasks changed…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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