When I Feel Powerless: A View on Living the Law of One

Cosmic Christ

An Article by Doug Esse
The following is taken from an email dialog with a friend regarding three things: 1) that all familiar feeling of powerlessness; 2) powerful base emotions such as grief, anger, and shame; and 3) ways to appropriate those two within the spiritual life based upon living out the Law of One
Three primary base emotions that can live right there at the core of ourselves are grief, anger, and shame.  They are often interconnected.  The one thing below that in our unconscious is the degree that we feel we belong. So many of us have wounds there. Brené Brown helped me to identify these and her work has been so healing for so many, myself included.  I often link many of her videos to clients and friends because they have been so helpful to me.
It is quite true that the Ra group…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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