Creating a Working Altar

The Life,Musings and Experiences of a Modern Witch

My altar

An altar is space dedicated to your practice, like a workbench. Some people have several altars for several purposes e.g family altars or altars dedicated to a particular deity. They are usually a table or flat surface. Most importantly they are sacred and personal to you. A dedicated place where you can do what is needed. They are observed across many religions.

There are some traditional tools witches have on their altars such as:

  • An Athame-a ceremonial double edged blade representing the nature of magic used to direct your energy.
  • A Boline- unlike the athame this knife is used as a practical tool, a knife used for working, cutting herbs, engraving candles etc
  • A Wand- serves the same purpose as the athame
  • A Besome- a Broom it can be homemade, the besome is used to sweep the place clean of negative energy. Miniature ones can be used for…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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