Maha Chohan: The Kingdom of God is Near ~ December 31, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: The message from a spiritual guide, and “awakened one”? “You find me in you” indicating we ALL have the power of Source Within US. This message, which has been repeated to us over and over again…Love Yourself (Self-Love) will release the human mind to accept the fact there is NO LIMITATION to the human soul.

The human body? Well, yes…the human body is typically restricted to limited sensations found in the 3D world which, for me, has been a YUGE stumbling block. But…once I decided to “LET GO” of Believing I was limited, life opens new doors. The main emotion connected with this new-found FREEDOM? This is the mental state of holding a “high vibe”, of BEing happy, of finding both within yourself, and everything around you.

This state is available for EVERYONE to enjoy, that is, find and love yourself, know that your perceived limitations…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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