1.01.20 – 10.01.20 Cosmic Upgrade Gateway #groundzero #letitbreathe



Cosmic Upgrade Gateway activated 1.01.20 – 10.01.20 taking us to 11.01.20, the first 1111 quantum leap portal of 2020. Buckle up beautiful people. Stromz are coming cosmic surfers. As the light penetrates the matrix deeper, the dark responds with an aggressive offensive, attacking us on all sides. We stay centered in core light, living our lives like they’re golden, holding onto our freedom, sacred spheres of light, force field up. We are in deep people, deep underground. We are the infiltrators. Stealth mode. Made it. We. Are. Here. We got some planning, some strategising, some light weaving to do. Stay away dark workers, we burn. Trust only energy. Agents jump. Lizards are exposed by their cold, dead eyes. Demons glare at us from hosts oblivious to their cargo. Dark energies infiltrate our homes, friends. Cleanse, smudge, Klear. Don’t forget to breathe. Reflect negative, or all (depending on your vibe) energy…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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