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Koyopa Rising

We are one. We are all interconnected. And whether we are aware of it or not, we experience many simultaneous lives, forms, and perspectives. This is what we learn as an experiencer. It happens instantaneously or it can happen over an evolutionary arc in time. Our messengers come in the guise of ETs, angels, apparitions, elementals and more. Whether we realize it in this timing or not, these interdimensional beings are all pointing to the same thing – Love.

Once we finally absorb it, there is no refuting it. It is pure knowing-understanding. However, what I’ve discovered over my lifetime is, whatever the modality or whoever the initiating messengers are for these Oneness events in consciousness, we find we still have to return to the dualistic world that the majority are living within. And this is what most humans mistakingly believe is the “real world.” Understand that experiencers are your…

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In Preparation… | The Creator

Rainbow Wave of Light

If you are still concerning yourself with other’s behavior then it might be time to look at why you are choosing to send your energy in that direction. If those actions have a direct impact on your existence, then act and state your boundaries. If not, then it is time to take a closer look within.

What is the trigger?

Why is it necessary for you to be wrapped up in the drama?

How would your involvement change the outcome?

Often, humans use drama as a distraction to avoid the inner work needed to continue growing. The Universe very gently stating that there are many things to be done in preparation for the huge wave coming your way. Use, rather than waste, this time to your best advantage and all will be well. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

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Welcome to Zero Point ~ January 19, 2020

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: Yes…it IS time to let go of the old, and accept the new. Where will like take you? Well…trust is the major issue perhaps to be learned at this time of new adventures! Please read this article, let go of the old, and then BE…



By Grace Solaris

What a dramatic prelude to 2020 has played off these first few weeks of January, since we moved thru the eclipse portals and the time-collapse 0-point convergence on 12/13th of January…. time-out, black-holes and a catapult pole reversal that has realigned us with our new trajetories, new purpose and relentlessly has pulled up a lot of collective as well as individual fears, anxiety, depressive states, all shaken up in a cocktail of bliss and states of ecstatic joy…. but there has also been this sense of purposeless-ness in the air, as we have been stripped down to…

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Coming ‘Home’: My Journey Away From And Back Again To Soul Family

SoulFullHeart Healing

by Kalayna Solais

I feel like I’ve arrived back ‘home’…

And in many ways, I have!

I have been on a journey inward for the last three months. I collapsed my relationship to my beloveds here in SoulFullHeart, my ‘title’ as a Facilitator/teacher of this way of life and process, and even my ‘role’ as a wife on a deeper level. I have been returning to myself. Returning ‘home’ to me so that I could feel what I truly wanted in my soul and what I was working, healing, and birthing on that level and beyond.

For me, this separation phase was never about completely severing everything that has made me ‘me’… this SoulFullHeart process has been the one thing that has ever worked for me, reaching deep into the heart and soul of my wounds and my gifts too. In fact, it was this process that held the steps…

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Trinity Esoterics | Daily Message ~ Sunday January 19, 2020

light swirls trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Sunday January 19, 2020

Energetic shifting is a process that simply can’t be rushed whether it is individual or deepening into a soul connection relationship.

Source: Trinity Esoterics | Daily Message ~ Sunday January 19, 2020