Elemental Transformation Meditation MANTRAS #solstice



Breathe it in cosmic surfers, celestial, LIT vibrations are permeating the material plane. We are moving in profound seas of transformation. Each day, each moment, each breath is dimensional realignment in the ascension field. We receive downloads in higher states of consciousness and upgrades during powerful gateways.

Meditation, dance, gratitude and mindfulness are the tools we use. Source love comes from heart spaces, it is the glue that holds the multiverse together. Love, divine, joyful, giving, compassionate and expansive, love is the vibration of the ascension.

Celsetial alignment has brought us into a sacred space of Elemental Transformation. We can align, harness and use these frequencies to Shift through Breathwork, Mantras and Light ritual. We reach for the stars.

Talisman, journaling, scent and song, gongs, bowls, bells, drums can help us reach a higher state of consciousness. In meditative ceremony we are Detaching from the material world in front of…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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