Gospel of Thomas with Doug and Noa: Logion 23

Cosmic Christ

Logion 23:  Jesus said: I shall choose you, one out of a thousand and two out of ten thousand, and they shall stand as a single one.


Noa:  two as a single one is here again.  unity, kenosis. But also, it seems like “they shall” is referring to the one and two thousand not the one and two out of them.  I see some kind of larger reference to the whole of humanity becoming one. Conscious unity of us all in some way??


Doug:  In order for Jesus to create the collective transformation of his religion, Judaism, and later he learns that his mission is for the whole world, he had to start somewhere.  One person here, two people there…. When those people from their different communities experience the kind of rebirth that happens from heart-field living, they go back and the fire of love spreads. …

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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