Healing the Father Wound

We Are Fatherless

father wound.png

We all come into the world helpless, dependent, needing acceptance, to be treated as worthy, and to be loved. Our father’s absence leaves us vulnerable and susceptible to psychological, emotional and mental health issues. This is called a Father Wound!

There is a real challenge to identify our Father Wounds when we refuse to simply consider the idea we needed him because of our loyalty to the love, perseverance, and strength of our single mothers. But nonetheless, the wound still exists and weaves its way into our hearts and subconscious minds influencing dysfunctional behaviors and patterns causing us to repeat cycles within our own relationships.

Father Wounds can be caused by:
πŸ’” Neglect
πŸ’” Absence
πŸ’” Abuse
πŸ’” Control
πŸ’” Withholding

The impact of a Father Wound is a deep emotional pain living and breathing within our subconscious creating a life of limitations, distortions, sabotage, low-self esteem, dysfunction, and…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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