Gemini Full Moon 12.12 Twins Duality and Truth


Divine feminine and Divine Masculine Shift Update. Collective heart chakra activation.

We Shift again friends, less fear, more love. Breathe it out. Lean into energetic transformation. Lean into chaos cycles triggered by the cabal. Lean into chakra healing and expansion. Ride the tsunami of Light waves coming through. 12.12 Portal is key in our ascension. Duality illuminated in Gemini vibrations. Can we dissolve polarity, reset the matrix to light, free our souls from perpetual fear algorithms. We vote for compassion. We vote for an end to dinosaur politics. We vote for progress. As a collective we are Shifting from patriarchal pyramid politics to heart led, circular, sharing policies. 2019 has been a marathon of karmic clearing, accelerated chaos, downloads and upgrades. 12.12 is a marker, a kind of finish line for this phase of the awakening.

We have been seed sowing for a long time. 333 gateways offered opportunities to…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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