Meditation: fields of awareness

Blazing Light, Love's Song

This morning resumed the online meditations. The focus is Awareness and (its or the) field of awareness.  We began with a few pictures and thoughts. With those in mind and in place, the rest of the week will not require much preamble.

Right now, close your eyes and center. Then sit briefly like that. (1-3 minutes)

If you did, you experienced Awareness. Momentarily, Awareness would have been pristine, pure, unsullied by thoughts, uninterrupted by personal controlling or coaching or desire. Momentarily, Awareness would have been simple, luminous (visually or vibrationally), peaceful and serene yet raw and fecund. Then, common mind would have stepped in or piped up.

With practice, one learns how to leave Awareness alone, not fiddle with it; and one learns how to relax into not fiddling. Though that probably takes lifetimes, that new propensity for simplicity and non-involvement will become part of the practitioner. It will be…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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