Astrology November 19, 2019: Mars Enters Scorpio, Third Quarter Moon

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Cosmic Weather:

Activating Mars, which could be thought of as the kind of fuel we run on, enters “premium-grade” Scorpio, this morning (at 2:40 am), where it will remain until early January. In ancient times, Mars was deemed the ruler of Scorpio, but now, it’s considered to be a co-ruler of the sign, along with Pluto. So Mars in Scorpio is quite at home here, unlike when it was in appeasing Libra, a placement which was considered to be in its detriment for Mars, as Libra is opposite Mars-ruled Aries.

In Scorpio, Mars has tremendous staying power or resolve and doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable situations. In fact, Mars in Scorpio tends to embrace more difficult or complex scenarios because it has a natural affinity for whatever is hidden or swept under the rug. So, Mars in focused Scorpio can, potentially, really help us to achieve greater self-awareness or transformation…

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