The Earth Game ~ There’s No Stopping What’s Coming ~ November 18, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: This message feels very pertinent today as the world waits for the next step of truth disclosure in USA. We all know that the Dark have had an absolute stronghold on my country and when the Dark is defeated here, a domino chain will be set off releasing the rest of the world from the control tactics of the Dark!

It’s NOT a matter of if, but rather WHEN the chain of events leading to self-destruction of the Dark will manifest in our NOW. “Time” exists in the dense 3D/4D world, but not in higher dimensions. Thus, it’s hard to imagine, but the Earth and humanity have already ascended in terms of the multi-dimensionality NOW.

Please read this report, keep your eye on the news, KNOW we are already free, and BE…



By: Teri Wade


are extremely tough times for the people of Earth…

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