MEDICINE WHEEL: Eating Organic Cuts Cancer Risk By Up To 25%


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“…Skeptics also claim that there’s no direct evidence of dietary pesticide consumption and cancer. According to them, pesticides aren’t a danger because you consume them in tiny amounts..When pesticides are evaluated, scientists only look at one specific compound at a time. If they don’t see any effects at tiny doses, they say it is safe…In the real world, you are exposed to dozens of pesticides and countless environmental toxins every day…some toxins are known to synergize — meaning they magnify the effects of one another, creating a more pronounced toxic effect”

Eating Organic Cuts Cancer Risk by up to 25%

Everyone knows that organic is the healthier choice. Now, new evidence sheds even more light on just how important it is to eat organic food. A groundbreaking study suggests that you can significantly cut down your risk of cancer just by eating organic.
While organic food…

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