When I fell into the abyss

I never hit the ground

I grasped upward into the darkness

Silence all around

I think,

A hand will surely come

As everyone has witnessed

My world…


I hear them laughing in the distance

With their salad forks

With their quick retorts

Their elegant events and attire

To their friends they report.

Their rhinestone entitlement

Moving them forward

Gift wrapping to perfection

Perfectly placed bows

Schedules adhered to

Friday night shows

Sunday painted fingernails and toes.

Marvelous and divine

These words repeatedly slide

Because your BMW and tuxedo

Do make everything



Your exquisite,

By your own terms,

Perfect lives.

My hangnails are picked

As are my cracked lips

I’m left without a quick quip

Devoid of banter or wit

I’ve no desire to play

Society charades

Nor participate in your parades.

I’ve watched from the sidelines

Of the arena

I’ve seen…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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