Why the Trees Lose Their Leaves

The Desert Path

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Why the Trees Lose Their Leaves

A Tale from the Cherokee Nation as told by Cat

In the beginning, and just as it is today, all creatures including the trees spoke to one another. They shared many things amongst themselves and with their neighbors, just as we two-leggeds do. But during the winter all the birds would fly south. It was warm there, and where the birds would stay until spring when they would return home with their families.

That year as winter approached, Sparrow was hurt. He wasn’t well and he knew that he was not strong enough to make the yearly journey with his family to the south. So Sparrow told them to go to the warm place without him. At first, they refused to leave him but Sparrow insisted and finally they left.

Because of his injuries, Sparrow knew that he would not survive the winter without…

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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